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In Between the Alphas

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Charlotte has always been the spare one. The second daughter, the invaluable one. She hasn't minded even though it hurts. It gives her the kind of freedom that her sister can only dream about. The freedom that has to be taken away when she is promised to the notorious Alpha Hunter. She won't do that not when she realizes she has a mate out there so she runs away. And where does she run? Straight into the arms of her mate? Logan has never really put that much thought into having a mate. Now that he does he will do anything to keep her safe even if battling a crazed and much older Alpha who wants to keep his mate for himself.

Chapter 1


“Father,” Liana said and he briefly glanced at her, “There was an argument in town today and I was able to calmly resolve it and there were no casualties at all.”

Liana is everyone’s definition of perfect with her high cheekbones and thin lips, perfectly slim body and of average height at 5’4 compared to my towering 5’9. Her slicked jet black hair stopped right above her shoulders and her eyes were a vile shade of green; almost like poison.

“At least you won’t be a totally useless Luna in future.” He said with a glance at Carmen and I saw her face fall.

I felt my heart clench in pity for Liana. She has tried so hard to get my father’s attention but he completely disregards her and as if she read my mind her eyes snapped up to mine and narrowed.

“Father did you know that Charlie is a bit fond of paint?” she asked with a snarl and my eyes widened.

“For the last time you will not call her by that ridiculous boy name,” he growled, “It is Charlotte.”

“Yes father.” Liana said softly.

“Now what were you saying about paint?”

“Liana has taken a little liking to blue paint,” she began and I begged her with my eyes not to spill, “She even has some in her room.”

I am so upset that Liana would even think about telling father about the innocent paint splatter that’s on my wall. Well then, two can play at that game.

I saw dad open his mouth to ask so I spoke before he could, “How’s Frederick Lia?” her mouth tightened into a flat line, “Did you talk to him today?”

Frederick is Liana’s secret boyfriend. Father would flip if he knew she had a boyfriend; much less if he knew that Frederick is human.

“Who the hell is Frederick?” you could practically see the steam coming out of father’s ears as he whirled on Liana but she stayed quiet. “I asked you a question.”

He slammed his hand on the table so hard that his wine spilled all over Carmen making her jump.

“Who is Frederick Liana?” he asked and I saw her swallow deeply. I went too far; I have to fix this.

“Frederick is just her imaginary boyfriend father,” I said and I saw him turn to me, “She likes to imagine what her future would be like and she just used the name Frederick.”

He sat back in his chair and Carmen handed him another glass of wine.

“Dreaming about men,” he spat, “That shows how unfit you are to be Alpha.”

Liana shot me a hard look but I rolled my eyes at her. She should be thankful that I just saved her from a week’s worth of whipping.

The rest of dinner went by quietly, no one dared to even breathe too loud. As soon as we finished Liana and I jumped to our feet and started clearing the table.

“After you’re done with the dishes I want everyone in my office,” father said, “I have something important to discuss.”

“Yes father,” we said in unison and proceeded to clear the dishes.

When we got into the kitchen Liana grabbed my arm, “Never do something like that again.”

“Do what save your *ss?” I asked and she rolled her eyes.

“My *ss wouldn’t need saving if it wasn’t for you.”

“You were the one who brought up the paint issue,” I scoffed, “Now you’re blaming me? You caused this Lia, not me.”

“You were over there looking so smug while father spoke to me like an imbecile.”

“How was I looking smug?”

“You know all your life that you have been destined to die in the shadows.” She spat, “I was destined for greatness and it’s all being taken away from me and you couldn’t be happier.”

“You know what? F*ck you Lia,” I spat as I rinsed off the last of the dishes, “I will not sit here and let you blame me for something that was obviously your fault. You started it and all I did was finish it.”

I made to leave but she grabbed my arm, “Even if I started it, couldn’t you be a good sister and just take it?”

“Excuse me?”

“Couldn’t you just take the fall for the paint?” she asked.

“You mean the one that you did deliberately?” I asked and she just huffed.

“Why can’t you ever just act like my sister?”

“You like to remind me that you’re older,” I said jerking my hand out of her grip, “So start acting like it then I’ll start acting like your sister.”

I left her in the kitchen and made my way over to father’s study. I could hear her footsteps behind me but she made no move to bridge the gap or speak so I ignored her. I stopped at the door and knocked on it softly. When I heard father’s gruff voice I made my way inside.

Lia shut the door behind us and we sat on the couch next to Carmen who was keeping a perfectly stoic expression on her face but when she looked at me I saw the anger and hostility. What did I do?

“Now I’m sure you’re all aware that we have a small party that we are hosting for a few Alphas,” he began.

I’m sure we’re all thinking the same thing; we don’t know about any party because he doesn’t tell us about work but no one dared to say it out loud.

“A few Alphas are coming in; Alpha Logan is among them and so is Alpha Hunter.”

I gasped in my head as he said Alpha Logan. It is so hard to get to him because his pack is so far away and he generally keeps to himself. He has the largest pack in the world and is rumored to be a psychopath. Some people say that his face is as disfigured as his mind.

“The party will also serve another purpose,” father said bringing my attention back to him, “We managed to secure an alliance with Alpha Hunter.” He said, “He will give us the piece of his land by the stream for a meager token.”

“That is amazing love,” Carmen said but he frowned at her.

“I didn’t say you could speak,” she went quiet, “But since you already started you may as well finish.” She remained quiet, “Does anyone have anything to say?”

“What did you give him?” I heard Liana ask in a small voice, “In exchange for the land?”

“I’m glad you asked Liana,” he said and I saw that greedy smile take over his face. The same smile I’ve seen a million times over and I have come to associate with bad news.

I muttered a silent prayer for Liana under my breath. She will hate whatever news father has for her.

“At first I wanted to give him you,” he began, “You are my first child and it is my duty to make sure that you become successful and powerful.” I saw Lia gulp, “But he didn’t want you.”

I saw relief flash across her face and if I did then so did father. Before I could blink a huge book hit the side of her head and the metallic scent of blood filled my nose.

“Don’t look relieved,” he spat, “If you don’t mate well then you will remain nothing, just like you are now.”

She gulped but held her hand to the side of her head that was bleeding and said nothing.

“As I was saying,” he continued as if nothing happened, “I wanted to give him you but he refused and opted for something different.”

Father turned to me and I knew what he was going to say before he even said it but I couldn’t help myself. I prayed I was imagining it.

“He wants to marry Charlotte instead.”

Chapter 2

“I’m sorry, what did you say?”

I looked around for the source of the voice and when I saw Carmen and Liana staring at me in shock and disbelief I knew it came from me.

“Are you suddenly hard of hearing now Charlotte?” father asked, “I said that you will marry Alpha Hunter, it has been arranged and decided. The party will be used to announce your engagement.”

“But father why didn’t Alpha Hunter want me?” Liana asked.

“Because you’re a useless, ugly fool who talks way too much,” he spat and she whimpered slightly, “How am I supposed to know why he wants Charlotte? I don’t care why he wants her but he can have her as long as I get what I want in return.”

“He won’t have me.” I said shocking myself and everyone else. “He won’t have me because I am not going to marry him.”

“What did you just say to me Charlotte?” father asked and the room went deathly quiet, “For a second there it sounded like you refused me and said no but that can’t be possible.”


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