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Hybrid Alpha's Naughty Witch

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“Young master...” “What?” He shot me a gaze. “I can’t wait for you to f*ck me” I blurted and he was taken aback, I’m sure he was never expecting those words from me. I crawled towards him gently, licking my plump lips. “I can’t wait for your c*ck to fill my tight hole, I’ve been dreaming of this day for such a long time” I continued and his breathing intensified. I couldn’t tell if my plan was going great or bad... all I wanted to do was try to act like a sl*t, worship him and make him feel disgusted like I was cheaply throwing myself at him. But from the look of things, my act seems to be making him much more happy and aroused. I knelt on the bed, using a finger to draw lines on his chest, his hot breath fanned my hand, his chest vibrated and it sent chills to my body. ........ Brielle didn’t think life could get anymore fun until she kissed two brothers on the same night. Things turned around when she was taken to their world, a world far different from the one she knew and had grown in. Amidst the steamy nights and strange incidents, She starts discovering secrets about who she really is, what was inside of her, the great positions awaiting her and who her lover truly is. Nikolas also discovers the dangers that lies ahead with the great position and woman he has by his side. You wouldn’t wanna miss this steamy, funny and suspense filled novel of a strange alpha and his reincarnated witch.... Watch out!!

Kissing two clones

Brielle Parker

She stood in the dark alley, staring at the huge figure in front of her.

She had seen a thief who was holding a gun and screamed. Swiftly, someone came to her rescue.

The broad shoulders that stood in front of her had glided to her side suddenly.

She hadn’t seen his face but she could stare at those shoulders all day without getting tired! This was wrong!

She had to stop staring at her savior, but those shoulders were making her brain foggy.

Relief came over her and she almost leaned back, he turned to her and Brielle gazed at the most amazing eyes ever.

She wasn’t much of a looker but d*mn, she got captured in his shiny emerald eyes, they held different emotions, secrets, pain and lust...

She so much wanted to kiss the pain away, be part of the secret and pleasure him...

His long raven hair made her fingers ache, Brielle wished she could run her hands through his hair.

What! This was absurd, they were in a dark alley and she needed to go home now.

He glided over to her, taking light steps towards and she moved back, unable to take her eyes off his face.

She couldn’t see his face clearly but his eyes had trapped her already.

He sniffed, held her neck and she got startled for a moment.

“What if he was more dangerous than the thief? What would he do to me?” Thoughts ran in her mind as she continued to stare at him.

She glanced at his lips and melted completely, his touch had sent shivers down her spine but his lips made her limbs weak and body ache.

He moved close to her, lips almost touching her face and she did the only thing that came to her head...

Kiss his lips... He uttered a low growl, tightened his hand on her neck and took over the kiss, his tongue preying her mouth and dominating.

His lips tasted of blood and honey, he rolled his tongue alongside hers and wrestled for dominance with it.

His lips touched every inch of her small mouth, tasting and basking in the pleasure of having a taste of her.

Brielle’s body shook with need, her legs became shaky and her thighs were flooded.

He broke the kiss, kissing her neck, sucking lightly on the hollow and she moaned with pleasure.

She wasn’t one to fall for strangers but with this man, Brielle was gone completely.

She moaned relentlessly, her voice and his little slurps echoing in the dark alley.

She felt different kinds of sparks in her body.

The pleasure felt unbearable and his kisses were driving her to the edge, he grabbed her breast and she screamed.

He flicked his finger around it, watching her reaction.

He smirked, obviously enjoying the way her face scrunched when his fingers plucked at her hard rosy nipple.

He stopped, turned his back to her and exited, making her pant and curse.

He had left her at the brim of my orgasm, f*ck him!

She heard a low growl from the right side.

She needed to go home fast, this was enough drama for a day and she was surely gonna get punished for being late.

Her legs still felt shaky from the breathtaking kiss and as she stepped forward, the same figure came from the right side.

This time a bit smaller or she must have imagined his shoulders to be too broad.

In a swift motion, he pinned her to the wall, his hands felt cold and she wondered whether the temperature had changed.

He lifted her jaw, staring at her eyes with different emotions clouding his.

Strangely, his shiny emerald had changed to a gentle silver and his hair seemed dark red...

Had they changed or she had imagined it? Nevertheless, she wasn’t given time to think as his lips touched hers gently.

His lips felt soft, this kiss felt very gentle unlike the first, the feeling was of strange pleasure and she didn’t give herself time to think as she responded to the kiss, wrapping her hands around him.

He drew her closer, grabbing her waist and grating his hard-on on her waist.

She cried with pleasure, deepening the kiss, he mumbled a groan and drew her limp body into him.

He cupped her *ss, spanking it gently.

“Ahh, yeah” She muttered wantonly, wanting everything that came her way.

He moved to her neck, licking the same hollow spot before raising her top, being naked in front of this stranger who toyed with her body felt right and when his mouth laced onto a nipple, she cried out with excess joy, rubbing his head.

He s*ck*d lightly, running his tongue in circles before biting with his lips.

This made her legs give way and he wrapped them around his waist just when she was about to fall.

She held onto him, enjoying the pleasure and forgetting about every damned thing.

She also wanted to be in control, she could feel his boner pressing onto her entrance and nodding its head.

Pushing his lips away from her n*ppl*s, she kissed his jaws, moving down slowly as she got to his breasts, she s*ck*d lightly on each nipple.

Making slurpy sounds and grazing her teeth on them lightly.

He groaned, holding a fistful of her hair, encouraging her as she kept sucking his nipple.

He raised her up, his eyes clouded with total lust and bloodshot red.

He fell on her shoulder, licking a spot and making her blood dance in her veins, she felt his teeth on her skin.

It felt ticklish and she wondered how someone could be this good at pleasuring a woman....

She was at the height of her climax, waiting for just one touch before a volcano of pure pleasure erupted in her.

“How dare you!” She heard a low growl which broke the whole trance.

The stranger turned and she saw another man come out from the darkness, his eyes held pain and anger.

Most importantly, they were shiny emeralds and it dawned on her that she had just been pleasured by two men, probably twin brothers.

“What do you want?” The second asked, dropping her slightly and she bowed her head, unable to stare at any one of them.

Both had taken her to the peak of pleasure and it felt awkward standing between them, though they had left her hanging at the very edge.

“Let her go!” The emerald eyed one ordered, she could feel the heat and tension brewing between them and he stepped aside.

She smelt a dark aura around the emerald eyed one and couldn’t tell why but she felt pity for him.

She adjusted her clothes, feeling conscious now as she walked past them.

She didn’t forget the sorrowful and distressed eyes that glanced at her closely as she left.

“Why did I just behave like a sl*t?”

There must be something about these guys that got her attracted to them.

Something seems to be pushing her towards them.

Dripping all day

“Where the hell is Jace!” Irene yelled at her maid.

Her face was full of venom and her auburn hair flowed at her sides, her eyes staring daggers.

“He went in search of prince Nikolas, we tried to stop him...” The maid explained when a force pushed her to the wall furiously.

She coughed, slamming her back into the wall.

“He went after Nikolas? And you didn’t inform me earlier!” She thundered, making the other maids tremble with fear.

“Let her go, Irene” Cassius, the prime minister ordered and the maid fell to the ground roughly.

Irene’s eyes were red with fury and she paced around, trying to calm her nerves.

“Why did he go after Nikolas?” She demanded.

“The king ordered him to get his brother... There was nothing he could do..”

“What! How could the king send him? Of all the warriors in this kingdom, he chose to risk the life of my son!” Irene raved and Cassius stroked his jaw.

“This is his plan to eliminate Jace and make the


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