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His Wild Mate

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Noah Collins has always believed in second chances. Especially when it came to the turned-the werewolves whose human conscience has been wiped out by the humans. When Noah accidentally meets and saves his own turned mate, he knows there might be hope for her. But unwilling to risk everything he's ever worked for-his place in the pack, his home, his perfect relationship, he abandons her and returns to his pack. His world stops when his wild mate shows up at the border of his pack-all human and all intending to stay. Her appearance turns everything upside down, and soon, questions start clouding his head. Nothing is clear anymore. Not the enemies trying to kill her, not her presence in his life, and especially not the things Noah thought were right for him. Chained in the middle of a crossroad, he is forced to make decisions that could cost him everything. Including his life.

Chapter 1

His Wild Mate is meant to be read as a standalone book, but it's placed in the same world as my other four werewolf stories—The Lycan's Secrets, His Lying Mate, The Alpha's Bitter Truths, Her Wild Mate.

You will see some characters from these books, but you won't have to read them to understand or enjoy this one. His Wild Mate has a more tight connection to Her Wild Mate, as the main character here is important there too. But he's younger there, and you won't miss much if you don't want to read it.

This is a mature read, so expect some mature topics as intimacy, violence, swearing.

The order in which these books should be read is:

1. The Lycan's Secrets

2. His Lying Mate

3. The Alpha's Bitter Truths

4. Her Wild Mate

5. His Wild Mate


Getting up from the bed, I found my jeans we had discarded on the floor last night and put them on. I glanced at the clock on the nightstand and let out a breath. It was a good thing I was used to getting early because, otherwise, I would've missed the pack meeting. Where was my phone?

“Looking for something?” Eva's gentle voice made me look at the messy sheets she was hidden under. The warm smile on her face nearly melted my knees. More than four years together and every time I looked at her had the same effect.

“Morning, baby. How did you sleep?” I leaned over the bed and supported myself on my hands to give her a kiss.

Evangeline giggled in my mouth.

“I wouldn't say we had much sleep.” She weaved her hands around my head and pushed them through my brown locks. I needed no more help to be reminded of last night and the way we spent it.

“But it was so worth it.” I chuckled. “I don't know when I'll be back, so that was a great way to commemorate our last night together for this week.”

“What?” Eva pulled away and put some distance between us. There was a small crease between her brows as she peered up at me. I hated it when she stared at me like that. That accusatory look was back in her blue irises.

I sat on the bed and grabbed my tee that had obviously spent the night over the sheets in my feet.

“You know I'm going scouting to find the turned packs that have been causing trouble with a town's cattle. I have no idea how long it'd take me to find them, then decide if—”

“Why do you even have to decide?” She propped herself on her elbows, and the sheet slid a bit from her chest. I sighed but before I said something, she continued, “I know why you're doing that. I really do.” She lifted her hand, ready to stop me from arguing. “But do you really have to live with the packs that were used to nearly kill our kind off and be as close as possible to them?”

I scowled. “Of course I do. Don't you remember Blake—my brother? He is proof enough they deserve a chance, and if there are more packs evolving—”

“I know Blake! Of course, I know him, for God's sake! We see him at least a few times a month! But that's not the issue here! He changed because he met his mate! If it weren't for Casey...” Her square face shifted into a worried expression that made my heart tighten. “It's just too dangerous, Noah. You'd be alone there, among packs that might have and might have not developed a conscience.”

Again with this topic. We led this conversation at least once every two months. She could never stop worrying. But I didn't blame her.

“I'm used to that, Eve,” I said with a calm, strong voice. Sometimes, she needed my strength to go on while I was away. “I've spent the last three years constantly exploring the wild packs and giving information to the scientists' team and our Alpha. Don't you realize how much our observations during the years have helped us learn about these new evolved packs? We've also managed to create a map with the approximate locations the wolves occupy.” Her shoulders slumped, and my tone softened a bit. My words always made sense and convinced her of the right thing. This was my job, and I couldn't just drop it. Not when it could help get a family back together. Not when it could help our kind. “We have to know how to protect ourselves and the humans. We're doing it not to mess things up again.”

Eva nodded. “Yeah. I'm just worried about you. Why are you always the one doing this? There are other scouts too...”

Because I was the one to usually volunteer when the news about new packs arrived. My teammates were the ones to usually observe the wolves we had already found and were deemed to remain alive. I couldn't risk someone losing their family forever. There was still hope for the turned. If Casey hadn't brought my brother Blake back... I would've remained an orphan forever. That very familiar pain rushed back into my chest, and I fisted my palms.

Before Eve noticed, I stood up from the bed and sent her a tight smile.

“I've already packed my things. So I'll see you in a week or so.”

My girlfriend rose from the bed, her nakedness making my eyes scan her from head to toe, and approached me. She put her hands on my cheeks and pressed her lips to mine. Her touch was so gentle and caring, so comforting and loving that I lost myself in it for a moment.

“Be careful,” she whispered as I tightened my hold over her waist.

“I will.”


“The new location is five hours away by car,” my Alpha, Amely, said as she stood up from her chair, a bit hard because of her huge belly. I wondered. Was she expecting twins or something? She could barely walk.

“You could reach it faster if you shift”—she looked at me—”but I want you to attract as little attention as possible. As a human.”

Ugh, she still remembered the last time I ran out in my wolf form. I hadn't caused that much trouble, had I? I had almost gotten caught by poachers, attracted the attention of a turned pack... Nah, I didn't want to remember. I didn't have to.

“Yeah, I know, Alpha.” I rolled my eyes as she turned her back to me, struggling to pace the room. Why was she even trying? She was just dragging herself on the carpet.

The gaze of someone on me caught my attention, and I swirled my eyes to Kevin. He was smirking at me, probably thinking the same things as me. I smirked back and raised my brows, ignoring everything Amely was speaking now. As my best friend, he never missed a moment to mess with me. When he gesticulated with his hands, imitating the dirty deed, I groaned and leaned back on my chair.

We both stiffened, realizing his b*llsh*t had told on us. Great.

“Attention, please!” Amely slapped her hand on the big table between us, and we jumped. Even as pregnant, sore, and swollen as she was, she was still a beast. Her authority was unquestionable.

“If you two dare to even jerk while I'm explaining the base of our plans and further actions, I'm going to send you to Mrs. Hoff! Or even better yet—demote you!”

I battled the flinch that conquered my body, hating both of the options she had given us. Mrs. Hoff was the leader of the scientists, and demotion... it was out of the question for me. I hadn't taken Casey's role just to be fired four years later. I had spent so much effort just to prove myself and start working as soon as possible. I was probably the first scouts' leader that took his position at the age of sixteen.

I pursed my lips, remaining silent. Kevin's figure in front of me also didn't dare breathe as we carefully listened to our Alpha.

“Good.” Amely crossed her arms after her lecture and stared at us. Victory was swimming in her eyes, and she wasn't afraid to show it. No matter what a good leader she was, she loved winning. “You can go now.”

We stood up to leave, and I nodded at Alpha, giving her one last look.


“Wow, Amely's a savage. We hadn't done anything—” Kevin started when we left the town hall, but a slap on the head made him meow in pain. “Hey!” He glared at me, and I gave him an annoyed look.

“What was that in there?” I snapped, standing to my full height, which was a bit taller than him. “We aren't kids anymore! Why are you acting like one?”

“I haven't done anything wrong.” He shrugged, looking all bored and composed. “I just saw you leave Eve's house this morning and, as a good friend, feel happy for you two. You've always been the perfect couple. Our high school's Golden couple.”

I blinked at him. Here he was, trying to change the topic again. But flattery wasn't going to get him anywhere.

“Thanks, but that's not the point. You're twenty already, you shouldn't do stuff that seemed fun when we were thirteen or fourteen.”

“I don't think the things that interest me now interested me back then too. I mean, sure they did, but I couldn't do any of that as I was still a kid.” He laughed like a fool, but his goofy smile reminded me of the one he always gave me when we used to play together in the orphanage. Kevin really hadn't changed. Not that much.

“You sicko.” I barked a laugh and headed to my Skoda. Much to my surprise, he followed me.

“What?” I lifted my brows and turned to face him.

Kev's jaw worked for a moment, and his nostrils flared nervously. Something in my guts churned.

“I still have her photo, bud. Dark brown fur, black eyes, if she shifts—dark olive skin, black eyes and hair. Around 5”1' tall.”

He looked at me for a moment, and his head bobbed up and down.

“Yes. She might respond to the name—”

“Cecilia,” I finished with a rough voice. “I have her image engraved in my mind. If she's alive, I'll find her. I promise, Kev. Your mother will return to you.” I put a hand on his shoulder and squeezed lightly. His serious expression bothered me so much. He wasn't usually like this. I loved seeing that crazy, perverted friend of mine who joked around all the time, not this stiff man.

But that's what losing your family did to you. It had done it to me too. At least until Blake came back. That's why I was going to do anything in my power to find his mother and get her back. Healthy and rational. A silent prayer to all the possible gods that could exist out there passed through my mind.

“Thanks, Noah. Take care of yourself.” He also patted my shoulder, and I chuckled.

“You too. If you're going to the west, know that the Alpha of area 15ca is a bit too suspicious of any animals roaming around its territory. No wonder so many carcasses were found there last year.”

“A wild Alpha doesn't scare me.” Kevin winked and pointed a thumb to himself. “You know I'll deal with them. I'm the strongest scout around.” He started stepping back, all proud of himself, and I opened the door of my car.

I turned it on and made the engine roar.

“And I'm the fastest for a reason.”

Chapter 2

The five-hour journey turned out to be only four hours. I didn't have a sport's car, but the engine was powerful, and I knew how to drive it. I had cut the pit-stops short, just to reach my destination faster.

Lately, finding rumors about new wild packs we hadn't discovered before was getting harder and harder. I knew their numbers were rising up, faster than the rational werewolves due to their mating every season, but why were they disappearing? The old packs we'd found had started dispersing, just like that, in the middle of the night. One snap of the fingers and they were gone. Was their developing consciousness making them hide deeper in the mountains and put a stronger barrier between themselves, the humans, and us—the species they had been stolen from?

I pulled over to the side of the road and examined the trees around me. Numbers of colors mixed into one, creating something like a cozy rainbow of autumn. I both loved and hated this season. It had always held a sp


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