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His human mate

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Arizona Andrew, a young girl of 12 years encounter a wolf in a forest due to her ignorance She felt it's right to go to the forest at night until she lost her best friend in the process during an attack from a rogue wolf She returned home with the help of another wolf, who later happened to be her mate He came to claim her but he later changed his mind after realizing she's too young but gave her a locket and mark her as his mate with the promise of coming back for her when she clocks 20 After he left, her parents took her to the city to start a new life as a new family They erased her memories of her best friend and her werewolf mate And now she must work hard to regain her memories What happens when she clocks 20 but does not recognize him? What happens when she went to find her the truth of her nightmare at the village forest and get kidnapped? Will she believe him or stay far away from him?

Chapter 1

Arizona POV

I sigh for the uptenth time since I woke up wondering why mom will ask us not to go out today.

It's night time already and the bored me wouldn't stay at one place but here I am stuck in this room

I'm Arizona Andrew, I'm 12 years old and I'm in kiddle school, final year though.

I'm stubborn, troublesome and I don't listen to people easily.

My parents and sis had always been so overprotective of me so I dont have the privilege to play around like other children, once I return from school, I'm always locked in though I do sneak out at night which I'm about doing right now.

I dont care about any d*mn rules, yea, there was a rule which came out earlier this morning that no one must come out tonight.

I asked my mom about it and she tild me not to worry but instead locked me in since morning, she said I shouldn't go in.

I only have a sister, Arielle, she's in high school and has all she want.

Freedom, beauty and all, she has unlike me.

I once overheard them talking about a wolf taking someone as his mate which I shrugged off thinking they are talking about one of my story which I do read.

I love reading supernatural stories a lot which made me knew a lot about supernatural beings, werewolves and witches to be precise though I dont believe they exist.

I mean how is it possible for a big animal twice as tall and huge like a lion exist and then it has the ability of transforming to a human.


I tied my clothes making it very long then threw it across the window, it landed on the floor

I smile then went to lock my door from behind, I climb down the window and jumped the last step carefully trying not to cause any noise.

I tiptoe out of the compound and when I got outside, I smile widely.

"Now I'm free" I smirked then started walking into the nearby forest.

Living in the outskirts of the city made me had lot of experience.

I get to explore the forest a lot and I found out something amusing last night but I couldn't talk to him that much when I noticed the sun was going up slowly.

As I walked more deeper, I felt cold and strange, I felt as if something was following me from behind but when I looked back,I couldn't see anything.

"Perhaps that's because of my thinking " I thought shooking my head

I heard a loud snarl behind me and jumped up in fear

"What the f*ck was that" I gasped, okay mom asked me never to say cuss word again

I shrugged the sound off and continued my journey.

For some unknown reason, I felt uneasy like something was trailing me behind.

I soon got to him and met him sleeping just like last night.


"Little kid" I tapped him

He stood up rubbing his eyes sleepily

"It's me, Arizona" I said and smile as he opened his eyes wide

"Ari" He called in his baby voice

"How are you doing?" I asked cheerfully

"You aren't supposed to be here" He said showing a concerned face

"What do you mean I'm not supposed to be here, why are you here then?" I roll my eyes dramatically

"Listen Ari, I'm older than you..."

"No you aren't little kid" I interrupted him frowning

"I'm 18 in the human world if I'm not mistaken" He said rolling his eyes

"18" I said with wide eyes

"And you look 15" I scoffed

"I'm saying the truth" He said

"I'm not leaving here if you don't follow me" I frowned

"This is my home Ari, you should try to understand" He said

"How can forest be a home?" I laughed

"Ari now" He frown

"No" I said adamant

"See that's my home up there" He points at the cliff

"I just need to walk a little while and I'll be there but yours is different, your house is far from here and your villagers are not supposed to be out by this time today, that was the rule given Ari, you need to go now, I don't want to hurt you" He said

"What do you mean you don't want to hurt me?"

"Why do everyone refuse to tell me why we shouldn't go out?"

"What's happening tonight exactly" I shouts frustrated

"I'm not the one hurting you"

"I meant I don't want you to get hurt, you'll understand everything soon, you need to go" He said


"I can only see you at night, how will I meet you in the afternoon" I asked

"You can't see me Ari, you can only see me in the night Ari and I doubt we will be able to meet again so please" He groaned

"You havent tell me your name though" I shrugged glaring at me

"You don't give up easily do you?" He chuckled

"Yea I don't "

"Now your name?" I said

"We aren't gonna be meeting again so I'll tell you my name" He said

"I'll still find you here tomorrow" I said

"Don't look for me Ari, you won't be able to find me after today" He frowned

"Okay fine, just tell me your name already" I groaned

"I'll surely come to find you tomorrow" I thought smirking inwardly

"The name is Levi, now go, I can sense him near already, go" He said

"But Levi..."

"Now" He shouts making me flinch in fear

I ran away from him going home

I stopped running when I felt I'm near home

"Why did he shouts that way" I frown stumping my feet on the floor

I heard the snarl again and flinched

I looked back and saw a huge wolf looking at me

"Arrrghhh" I screamed running away

I didn't stop running till I got to my room window, I looked back and saw nothing behind me

I climb up to my room and shut the door quickly

Chapter 2

Did I just see a wolf

No, no, I must be hallucinating, I mean wolves doesn't exist

"But wait, will Levi be safe?" I thought scared and didn't know when I slept off


I felt cold air rushing in and shifted on my bed uncomfortable, I can feel a figure staring at me but I was too cold to open my eyes

"But wait where is the cold coming from" I thought turning towards the direction of my window, I opened my eyes and found the window opened, I jumped up on my bed and looked around but found nothing

I quickly went to close the window scared and shocked

"What's going on this night" I thought

I should have just listened to mom

I lay back on my bed after making sure there was nothing wrong and slept back

I felt the usual stare and opened my eyes, it met with a pair of green eyes staring at me

It looks green and beautiful


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