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Tired of all the blood and Gore , he dropped out from military, he found a job as a security guard in a big consortium, life is as peaceful, and he do like it , until one day , he saved a beautiful woman from a group of thugs . She's the CEO of his company , and the press has shot several photos of him holding her tightly in that alley way. Gossip spread fast in the city , and the stock of the company he work for, as dropped 10%. The CEO found out that he work on her company, she threatened him to marry her to stop the rumor or he would be fired on the spot and also paid for her lost in the company. Being a lowly security guard and the son in-law of a huge consortium is not as fun as it sounds. And his name is " ARYAN" A 25years old guy , who has been in the street for years now, he doesn't have siblings, mother non father . " What a sad life huh " he would always say. The lady who rescue him from the forest were he was lost , died by cancer when he was just eight years old. So from then, he has being struggling to care for himself, he doesn't remember anything about his past, non how he ended up in that forest ... After rescuing the arrogant CEO from the group of thugs, she threatened him to marry her to stop the rumor going on in the city or she would fired him and he will also pay for the loss of the company. He declined it at first, but when he gave it a second thought, as a lowly security guard, he have no choice than to accept to be the husband of the arrogant Mrs CEO .... They both made a deal , that if the rumor is over, they would sign a devoice paper, which means the marriage is over. Would they be able to sign a devoice paper?? Who is ARYAN?? Why can't he remember anything about his past ?? Follow me up !!


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