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Hellbound Alpha

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The greatest war in history of werewolves, humans and vampires alike. Savior Half-Phoenix Laura should behead her mate, the King of Werewolves Lucien for the sake of humanity, on a condition that vampires will cease their attacks on humans every night. But Lucien was a tough match for her, he is a mutated alpha werewolf. "A monster like you should be beheaded for the sake of our race. Accept your defeat and let me behead you, Lucien." The King of Werewolves stared at his mate, crying tears of blood under the rain. "I told you...To not call me...A MONSTER!" And their great, decisive battle began. Two lovers were put up against each other. Her purpose was to save humanity. His purpose was to save Werewolves from going extinct. Will it be love? Or Will it be her sacrifice? Story of betrayal... the Mutated Alpha King Lucien and his mate, the Phoenix-human Laura.

Prologue: Karma of the young

It was the beginning of a tempest. Young Lucien along with his parents were on the ship, traveling with a few other crew members. Lucien had always felt bitterness towards the sea. It was not their terrain, he knows.

Something which isn't yours to walk on... it may pose grave danger.

The eight year old young prince of the Moonshine Pack arrives at the deck and points towards the horizon. The horizon, however was almost invisible to the naked eye. It was hidden behind the mist of the tempest. The boat was making him nauseous, but he still manages a smile onto his pretty face and points at the horizon in his vision.

"Ma! I want to go there! The sea is too... scary." The child calls. The mother, Luna of the pack, chuckles and brings her son's arm down as she bends to his height.

"Look, Lucien. This is a very important mission for us all. Your father is the one teaching you things while you are expected to learn by observation. Don't get me wrong, my little prince." Planting a small kiss to his forehead, the woman hugs him and takes a deep breath in.

She knew the sea was unusual today, unlike the rest of the voyages with tempests. She looks at the unrest of the clouds and orders the platoon to take care of the prince. That was their top priority. Command and subjectivity is what keeps the relationship between the royals and the workers. You are born with a rank to your name already.

Concerned for the change in his mother's attitude, the young prince allows himself to be dragged slightly— not by force but by worry— into the cabin where his father was facing a discussion with other lords.

"Village of weaponry are at stake—" his father was almost screaming. Lucien, wide-eyed, stares at his father until things have settled down.

"Take him inside." The middle aged man says. Inside the room was another woman. She was being attended by the maids and to his gentle surprise, he recognises the woman and her pregnant belly to be his aunt.

"Mother's sister!" He deliberately points his finger at the woman, making everyone laugh.

"I know that I am your mother's sister, Lucien. Come, sit down." She gently pats the place beside herself and he sits down.

"Is Richard still there?" He asks, placing his little face towards her belly while the aunt chuckles again. "As you can see, Lucien." She says simply, the child nodding his head and giving a grinned smile.

Out of the blue, there was a tremor that occurs within the ship.

"What is going on!?" The king pours out of the cabin and into the storm of the sea. The downpour drenched everyone outside, now including the Alpha. The alpha regards himself as a King of a smaller population, which includes taken rogues to increase their military power.

Lucien was held tightly by the woman beside him. The child was scared, he has been having that undying bad feeling inside him since the beginning.

"Throw in everything you have! Steer to the east!" The alpha of the pack tells to the captain sitting in the dock.

"We're trying, alpha!" The captain, he knew they were helpless. But at times like this, it was better to lie of hope than give up and say the truth.

However, a puny little ship cannot possibly resist the force of nature. The times were bad, including the post cold war era. This was somehow bound to happen to everyone.

Lucien couldn't restrain himself and starts crying. Looking at him, his aunt was beginning to feel helpless. Even if someone were to grant them that 'miracle' to come back alive from the tempest, it seemed like a fairytale.

Especially when the floor was starting to crack.

The winds and the force of the water was grinding the ship like in a mortar. The pattern was observed as the captain tells everyone to take aid inside the cabin, to increase the centre of balance of the ship. At least, there was hope in the formation of a plan.

Upon the word of the captain, the alpha presses everyone into the cabin. Even by force, because the cabin was far too small for everyone to fit in.

Claustrophobic, Lucien begins to hyperventilate and tries to escape from everyone. The situation was too tight and taking a toll on his little body.

Once the little boy was outside, his mother holds him close. He only calms down when he realises that it was his mother. The touch had such healing prowess.

Crashing into the railing by the force of the winds, the mother's back was stabbed brutally by the rod that was extended. Wounded around his arm, little Lucien stares wide-eyed and shocked at his mother.

What just happened?

Blood was spewing out of her mouth, but ironically... she was smiling.

"You... live strong, my son." Those happen to be her final words.

"Leave them be!" It was his father's voice. Lucien turns back and sees the guards trying to extract him back.

"They're better outside. We have no space anymore." The alpha says.

We have no space?

Was there space at all?

Did the alpha even consider them two as family? The eight year old Lucien kept thinking.

Was this their fate? It seemed twisted.

But before anything could happen, the father closes the door and something way too heavy hits the boy's head. He couldn't see his mother at all, for she was crushed under the main mast.

All these emotions... they were stirring inside of him.

His father had predicted that the boy cannot be saved because the mast head was downing straight upon him. He saved his people, choosing them over his own family.

Oh, how cruel was this world.

The child was saved by his mother even in her dying moments, and yet, his father hadn't taken a single thought towards his own family. Is this how the royalty works? Is this the meaning of being an alpha?

He hated it.

He hated everything.

And before he could realize, his half-dead corpse was floating around until sand of an unknown island reaches to his grip.

The Mutation

Prince Lucien hadn't known the consequences of dealing with a virus around the air. He was left to live all alone again, since none of the people he saved for building the pack of his own in this lonely island cooperated with him.

He demanded slavitude and subjugation from the five men and women, and when they irritated him, he broke their necks with mere efforts of his left hand.

The boy was hungry now, he hadn't taken the risk to enter deeper into the forest and land himself into irreversible trouble. The whole island seemed strange to the kid, like it was out of a science fiction movie but much worse, almost depicting all the bad parts instead of the good.

Hunger was an emotion, and a child can never resist such. With the blood smeared upon him of the many werewolves of his own pack, he sniffles in the snot and limps his way through the thickness of the shrubs which he planned on never exploring whilst staying here.

He might as well leave with t


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