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Fated Twins

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In "The Fated Twins," a young man's world is upended when he unravels his enigmatic heritage as the offspring of a forbidden love between a hunter and a werewolf. With a prophecy looming over him and his twin brother, one destined for peace and the other for war, they become targets in a world where vampires and powerful alphas seek their demise. As he strives to rewrite fate, he forges alliances and grapples with the complexities of love, all while confronting a ruthless vampire who holds the key to his past. With love, sacrifice, and redemption at its core.

Chapter 1

It was nearly midnight, the night sky was picturesque, the moon was hanging in the sky as it was gleaming across the woods, and a lot of stars were sprinkled behind it—a few large ones but mostly a multitude of little white pinpricks.

I was on my way to go and meet My Daddy; he was waiting for me at the edge of the cliff. I saw him looking up into the sky with his hands together and placed behind him, and I thought he was probably admiring the sky.

I walked towards him and stood right beside him. He stopped admiring the sky and looked down at me when he noticed my arrival.

"What took you so long?" He questioned.

"I ran into some hunters on my way here," I responded.

"Did they attack you?" Or did anyone of them slight you?" He inquired again.

"I hid myself from them, so don’t worry; none of them was able to see me," I answered.

He placed his hand on my head and rubbed his hand gently on my hair. "That is good of you; I am glad you know what to do when you see them," he said, praising me.

I gave him a half-smile and remembered what happened the other day when I got into a fight with some vampires. I was wandering around the woods as I was looking for the vampire, which I chased into the woods but got away from me.

I stopped walking when I began to notice movement around me, then I assumed he was probably close but hiding behind a tree or somewhere nearby.

"I know you are close by. Come out here if you ain’t scared of me," I said loudly.

"I can smell your fear," I yelled as I kept on sniffing the air.

He did not respond, and I smiled to myself, knowing he wasn’t going to escape from me even though he was going to keep hiding. "I just want to let you know that you can’t run away from me forever. I am going to make sure I catch your dirty little a*s and rip your heart off your chest," I shouted.

I guess he got really scared this time around and came out from where he was hiding; this made me smile at him; he was such a coward, I thought; my sharp nails were growing slowly as they were ready to rip his heart from his chest just like I had promised him.

"Hey, I guess you have been looking for me."

"Yeah, but you were busy hiding behind the tree," I said mockingly.

"By the way, I brought you some companies," he said.

I thought, "Which companies did he bring for me?" before I could realize the company he was referring to, I was already surrounded by vampires who were ready to feast on me.

They were all showing off their deadly sharp fangs. They probably thought I was just a normal werewolf, which they could defeat easily. They probably don’t know that a hybrid exists.

"You should have given it a lot of thought before you all agreed to fight me," I said, taking a deep breath as I let out my sharp fangs.

"Let the party begin," I yelled and dashed towards the one on my right side, then snapped out his head out of his body and he dropped down dead on the ground. They all snarled and dashed towards me. I grabbed one by the neck and threw him into the air, hitting his back against a tree.

I turned and took them for a run; they all followed me just like I had assumed; they were really slow and couldn’t really keep up with me. I came to a sudden halt all of a sudden after a while and turned back at them.

I flew into the air and gave one of them a kick in the face, which made him slam his head against the tree close by. I was suddenly grabbed by the neck, then felt my back slam against the tree behind me, which pinned me to the tree.

"What are you?" He asked, "I am sure that you are not just a werewolf."

I chuckled, "I guess you've got to notice; you obviously won’t believe me if I tell you," I responded.


I broke out of his hands and slammed his back against the tree he pinned me against, then bolted towards the other vampires behind him before they could all make a move; I dipped my hand into their chests and brought out their hearts.

I stood a few meters away from him with their hearts in my hands as he watched them fall to the ground lifeless; he was probably scared by now, I thought.

"Have you heard of a hybrid before?" I inquired.

"Hy…. Hybrid!"  He exclaimed stammering.

I threw their hearts out of my hand and snarled at him before Daddy suddenly appeared from nowhere behind him and ripped his head off his body before he could sense that he was in danger. His head flew out of his body and spun in the air before landing on the ground along with his body.

He looked up at me, and the only thought coming to my head was to run, even though I was aware that he wasn’t going to kill me, but he could really mess me up with some beatings before he locks me up in the basement, which is a scary place.

"I thought we once had a discussion that you shouldn’t reveal yourself to anything supernatural?" He asked as he walked majestically towards me.

"Yes... yes, we did," I responded, my voice shaking slightly due to fear; he usually looks scary when he is angry.

He inhaled loudly, then exhaled before he yelled at me, "Then what on earth are you doing here?" "Have you ever thought of the danger that you could put yourself in when they all realize that you are alive?"


"What are you thinking about?" He inquired.

"Hmmm... nothing just feels like smiling," I stammered.

"Are you sure because you look lost in your thoughts?" he asked chuckling and tapped me on the shoulder.

"I wasn’t lost in my thoughts, maybe you are just assuming that I was lost in my thoughts, and by the way you called me here, I assume that you wanted to tell me something," I said, trying to change the conversation. It was getting weird already with the way he was trying to find out what I was thinking.

"Oh, that is true, mhmmm, I guess I am going to tell you some other time; I can’t believe that I forgot what I wanted to tell you," he said and tapped me on my shoulder before walking out of my front door.

I looked at him as he walked away from me because I obviously didn’t believe what he said. He was probably trying to keep a secret from me, and it got me wondering what he could be hiding from me.

"Are you going to stay there forever? Ain’t you going back home?" He asked as he was still walking away.

"Hey!  "Wait for me!" I exclaimed as I ran to catch up with him.

Chapter 2

I was out for a walk, heading to the grocery store. The sun was sinking towards the horizon, and the pitiless white ball was now an angry orange. I had my earphones in my ears as I listened to music while walking down the road. I stopped by the roadside at the zebra crossing as I waited for the pedestrian traffic light to turn green.

I looked at the other side of the road and caught a glimpse of a suspicious-looking young man. He was wearing a nice black suit and looking directly at me with a smile across his face, which made him look creepy. I slowly took off my earphones and looked down to put them in my pocket. When I raised my head again, he wasn't there anymore. I looked around out of curiosity but didn't see him until the traffic light turned green.

I crossed the road, and when I got to the other side, a thought came through my mind, "What if he was one of those vampires that I fought in the woods the other day then heard when I called myself a hybri


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