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I always wondered what the world was like outside the walls of being an omega of a pack that i was trapped in until he came THE AlPHA KING. He made me want to forget and live, forget the position I was called everyday. He made me feel emotions I never felt before and made me feel like he cared for me so I fell in love with him. A love so deep, I wanted to hand over my life for him until the night he rejects me in front of the pack for the lady he said he only cared about as his friend. I was just a little waste of time those were his words. Broken, rejected, pregnant me strives and becomes the Alpha of Snowdew pack, Alpha Bella. Then the moon goddess makes our world collide again.

Losing Her

Bella's Pov


"Stay quiet my little wolf, don't make a sound Bella, mommy will be back to get you."

I sobbed, reaching out my hand for the battered, bruised woman, not wanting her to leave me alone - not wanting her to go out there and face the horrors happening in our living room.

I was terrified, my body shaking,tears streaking my cheeks, my bottom lip unable to stop trembling. I was scared I'd never see her again,that we'd both die and I wouldn't be able to find her in the afterlife.

"D-don't go mommy, stay w-with B--ell please," I whimpered, grabbing a hold of her fingers with little hands no where near the size ofher own.

A tear slipped from my mother's brown eyes, over her ebony skin to drip offher chin. I watched it fall with a broken heart.Mommy never cried- that's how I knew that this was bad, that she was in trouble. It made me cling to her tighter.

"Shh baby, mommy has to go. You'll be fine. You'll be okay. If..." she swallowed hard. "If mommy doesn't come back. I want you to run as fast as you can. Can you promise me that?"

"I'll c-come and help you mommy. Bella will save you,"I denied, trying to call my wolf to the surface. If i shifted, then maybe I could defend us.

"No," Mommy looked panicked at my words. "Promise me you won't. Promise you'll stay hidden. Remember what we said about your wolf Bella Your wolfis special and delicate. You can't protect mommy darling. Mommy has to protect you."

I sobbed. I couldn't call my wolf even if I tried. Amelia was curled up in a shivering ball right at the back of my mind, refusing to even help us. She stayed where she was, shaking her head, hiding her eyes with her paws.

She was my wolf, we were supposed to be strong, we had to try but she wouldn't. She was too scared.

I hated her for it.

Mommy looked behind her, her disheveled afro bouncing around her ears as she did so. "I have to go Bella ," she turned back frantically before leaning forward and kissing my cheek.

She kissed me roughly, her chapped lips scratching at my skin as she pressed kiss after kiss on my cheeks, as though she didn't want to let go...

But she did.

Mommy pushed me back into the floor, covering me up with floor boards and dumping the carpet right back over the top. I was enveloped in darkness, panting hard as I panicked inside the tiny space. But I knew I couldn't make a sound. I couldn't move, I couldn't do anything.

That night, I heard my mother being murdered.I heard them shouting horrible words and beating her.I heard her screams until I couldn't anymore.I knew they killed her.

They didn't know I was there.

Nobody did.

Until a few days later whilst I was on on the verge of death.

And during that time I lay curled up inside the floor, I knew that I could never trust my wolf again. Amelia let us down and I hated her hated what we were. Because if we were stronger, if we were brave,we could've saved mommy together.

Princess to pauper

Bella's Pov

My heart was pounding in my chest,I was sure it would explode from my chest cavity.

My mouth was dry and scratchy, mu hands trembled by my side.

Fear, I hated it, but it controlled my life.

Fear,my constant companion with me every waking moment and haunting my sleep.

When would it end? The suffering, the torment? What had I done to deserve this? I could hear their taunting laughter in the distance.

The things they were going to do to me echoing in my head.

The blaring music faded into the background as a fist connected with my jaw. I felt the pain, likeshards of glass shattering through my body. I blocked it all out. Pain was my friend. It assured me I was still alive, that there was still a chance.

Each time ,I no longer want to live, I just want this nightmare to end.

The blows kept coming, the taunting laughter and insults growing louder.They hated it when I did not react.

Pain,it was becoming a bac

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