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Moren Shawdy

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About me

I'm moren, love to express my thoughts to my readers. Thanks to everyone who reads my novels


Beauty's Birthday Nightmare
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Everyone knows Beauty and Nick as the perfect couple, while her sister Brittany and her best friend Andrew has a say against her always but she always hoped for a love miracle. The tragedy all begins when Brittany throws a surprise birthday party for her sister willingly which surprises everyone. On that fateful day Beauty being gullible follows someone to the backyard where the mystery hits and her once blissful birthday became a nightmare, but then the mystery is just an eyeopener when the tragedy Andrew saw, led to his coma. Will he wake up? Who did Beauty follow that day? What nightmare follows? Prologue I stood staring at my bedroom mirror a little bit scared if i was being honest, trying to believe the words I'm spurting out. "You can do this" I said giving myself the final pep talk, then taking in a deep breath but those memories were long gone Your smirk, your eyes, your face, your eyes had me cringing with fear, you left me behind with haloes of darkness in my dreams. I can't breathe, My mind is screaming, My heart is quivering, My body is aching I'm bleeding, I'm burning with hurt from your betrayal. "Welcome to Rave Enterprise, Miss your office will be on the 20th floor close to the CEO's" a voice called and I was once brought into my reality

  • 👁 3.5K
  • 7.4

I always wondered what the world was like outside the walls of being an omega of a pack that i was trapped in until he came THE AlPHA KING. He made me want to forget and live, forget the position I was called everyday. He made me feel emotions I never felt before and made me feel like he cared for me so I fell in love with him. A love so deep, I wanted to hand over my life for him until the night he rejects me in front of the pack for the lady he said he only cared about as his friend. I was just a little waste of time those were his words. Broken, rejected, pregnant me strives and becomes the Alpha of Snowdew pack, Alpha Bella. Then the moon goddess makes our world collide again.


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