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Fall In Love With The Alpha Prince

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Rx
  • Chapters: 171
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 103
  • 7.5
  • 💬 6


Elisa murmured in agony, “I would like to die, but you will never make me bow to you.” Adam gritted his teeth and firmly clasped her face in his grip. “I want to see the strength of a simple hunter. Sweetie, you guys were born to be our slaves. So, accept your fate and accept me as your lord,” he sonorously whispered, leaving her with conflicting feelings. “Get her ready for tonight.” He said authoritatively, “I want to give her a wonderful night.” She was taken aback, and before she could respond, two omegas dragged her away to prepare for the night. She had never imagined the situation would turn out this way, at least not in this way, when she had never wanted to be his s*x slave. ……… Adam Kenner, the unstoppable werewolf prince and lord of the Wroclaw realm, falls in love with Elisa Virginia, an ordinary hunter. But her only possession is to murder the Kenner family and save humans from the werewolf’s clutches. She despises him more than anything else because his family murdered her beloved family member and left her all alone. This is a cat-and-mouse entrapment game—a war between humans and werewolves. Can true love break through the obstacles and bring them together?

Chapter 1

In the heart of the ancient, moonlit forest, two Omegas hauled a wounded girl who clung desperately to the fading embers of life.

With a forceful 'thud,' the two Omega werewolves callously thrust her into the opulent courtyard of their palace. The atmosphere grew tense as Leila and Erin, two elite beta members of the werewolves pack, locked eyes on the captive girl. Their brows furrowed with a mixture of astonishment and suspicion, for it was a rare occurrence for an outsider to be brought into the sanctuary of their castle.

Leila knelt before the girl. With a merciless grip, she seized a handful of the girl's disheveled hair, compelling her to meet her unwavering gaze.

"Another slave brought into our castle,” Leila hissed, her voice dripping with disdain.

"I am tired of them."

"It's hard to train human."

The air hung heavy with the scent of fresh blood, and the two Omega werewolves who had brought the girl to the palace spoke, their heads bowed in submission. The one with striking blue eyes spoke with a tremor in his voice.

"Ms Leila, please listen. She is no slave. She is a hunter, and it was she who vanquished our comrades," he declared, his words laden with sincerity.

Leila's expression darkened further, her anger seething beneath the surface. The audacity of this hunter, who had dared to challenge their pack with such unwavering ferocity, took her by surprise.


Leila turned to her friend, Erin, and with a subtle eye movement, they exchanged a meaningful glance. The doubts that swirled within Erin mirrored those in Leila's mind.

“We will look after her. You all are free to leave now,” Erin stated coldly. Those omegas went away from the passageway.

As the two men left, the atmosphere in the palace courtyard became charged with tension. Leila, her gaze never leaving the unconscious girl, couldn't resist a caustic remark.

"We must wait for her to regain consciousness before presenting her to our prince."

Erin's haughty glare pierced through the stillness of the palace courtyard as she disdainfully pushed the girl's body with her foot in their direction.

"She is so ugly."

The captive had clearly fought relentlessly, and her battered appearance told a story of fierce determination. Her body, despite the ordeal, retained a certain grace, accentuated by the striking black outfit she wore. Yet, it seemed she was destined for slavery, regardless of her appearance.

"Look at this unfortunate slave," Erin declared sharply. Her words dripped with disdain. "I doubt the prince will have any pity for her."

Leila sprang to her feet with fierce determination. Her response was swift and unwavering.

"She doesn't deserve pity. She took the lives of many of our brothers and sisters. Let's confine her to the darkest corner of our bunker, where rats will be her only companions."

Erin couldn't help but grin in response to Leila's words.


In the depths of the werewolves' bunker, Erin and Leila unceremoniously pushed the girl to the ground, confining her in a dark, filthy place. The sinister atmosphere in the bunker intensified as the girl found herself imprisoned in this forsaken corner of the world.

Erin, her eyes locked onto the captive, made a chilling promise as she leaned closer. "I promise you, if she regains her senses, something dreadful will be waiting for her. She has no idea how I plan to make her suffer."

Leila, equally resolute, offered her unwavering support.

"Don't worry. We'll show her what we're capable of," she declared, her grip firm as she shook Erin's shoulders.

"We have finally caught the person we were searching for."

With their ominous warnings echoing in the air, Erin and Leila emerged from the basement, leaving the girl behind in her dim, squalid cell.


The heavy door to the basement closed with a resounding thud, sealing the girl, Elisa, within the unforgiving darkness. The moment the door shut, her eyes flew open, as though she had been waiting for this opportunity. In a careful and measured motion, she turned her head, her senses sharpened.

Elisa sat up on the cold, damp ground; the distant sounds of rats scurrying around the cage provided a haunting backdrop to her plight.

With caution, Elisa slowly rose to her feet in the oppressive darkness of the bunker. Her eyes, adjusting to the dim light, scanned her surroundings. It was a grim and nightmarish place, a pit of despair where forgotten victims had been confined. She noticed a skeleton lying next to her. The somber truth dawned on her – nobody who had been locked in here had ever found their way out.

As she assessed her predicament, she gingerly touched her nose, feeling the warm stickiness of her own blood. It was a stark reminder of the brutal confrontation that had led to her capture.

Elisa's fingers moved to a stone, forgotten beside the long-deceased victim. She plucked it from the floor and examined the lock of her cage. With meticulous care, she explored every nook and cranny, attempting to understand the mechanisms that held her captive. But the lock was formidable, and her chances of brute force escape appeared slim.

She let out a long, shuddering sigh, her breath misting in the icy air. The tension in the cell was palpable, etched onto her face. Her thoughts whirled with uncertainty, and the relentless cycle of despair and determination gnawed at her.

Would she find a way to flee from this inescapable hell? Or would the cruel prince who had imprisoned her keep her caged in this dark abyss forever?

As Elisa's gaze settled on the cell door, she knew that her future depended on the choices she would make and the unforeseen challenges that lay ahead.


In the grandeur of the Castle of Wroclaw, the elite members, distinguished by their authority and power, sat in their designated positions. Leila and Erin, the envoys of their pack, stood with heads bowed, their gaze focused on the ornate floor beneath them. They had come to deliver crucial information to their master, the kingdom's alpha, the ruler of the werewolves.

To be continued.

Chapter 2

Leila, resolute and unwavering, turned to face the prince and began to speak.

"My lord, it is a girl."

Her words hung heavy in the air, and the reaction was immediate. The prince's grip tightened, and his visage contorted with anger. The girl they spoke of had brought immeasurable misery into their lives. She was the source of their suffering, the catalyst behind the loss of their families and countless conflicts. The mere mention of her name was enough to incite a storm of emotions within the elite members.

"Interesting," remarked Andrew, a member of the elite group and a formidable alpha in his own right. His voice held a chuckle, his amusement evident. The revelation had added a layer of intrigue to an already complex situation.

Eve, Andrew's wife and the prince's cousin, couldn't resist a mocking comment.

"Yes, did any of us ever envision that it would come to this? A mere human girl causing such turmoi


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