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  • Author: Rx
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  • Age Rating: 18+
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I’m Elena. My mother died when I was 10. After that, my dad married my mom’s friend, who was his secretary too. And now I’m lying on her son’s arm. I never thought he would do it with me. Paul was on me while I was staring out the window of the car. He was quietly sleeping. I was stroking his hair and singing a song that had previously been recited by Mom. Suddenly, the surroundings lit up slowly. It was going to be dawn soon. I put my voice down. He was still clutching me tightly in his sleep. I attempted to loosen his grip. In anguish, I closed my eyes. My lower back and lower body were in excruciating pain. I gently put his head on the seat and smiled at him. I softly called his name, “Paul.” “You know how much I love you." “But now it’s irrelevant to me,” I said as I stroked his hair. “Are you sure you love me?” “Then you gave me the ability to hurt you, too.” I kissed him on the lips right after saying. I got out of the car after giving him my farewell kiss. I didn’t feel any pain. The wound on my back had already turned black and crimson. I made my way to my room. ** Paul Wilson is a boy with paranoid disorder who falls in love with Elena D'souza, who was his childhood friend. But it appears that their fates do not have to be tied together. For various reasons, they begin to break apart. She despises him more than anything else, but Paul desires complete possession of her. Because of his nature, he hurts her, but if someone else harms her, he doesn't hesitate to hurt them as well. Can his paranoid love overcome the barriers and unite them? Can Elena change him for the better?


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