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18+ Erotic Werewolf romance book Olivia Sold to pay off a debt, sinfully hot Matteo has thrown me into his dark mansion, with no intention of letting me go. He’s dominant, ruthless, cold… And he’s also something wicked—a s*xy as hell alpha male. I should run the second he puts his rough hands all over my innocent body. I shouldn’t let him tear my panties off. But I do. He’s going to break me, turning me into his slave. He demands complete obedience, and I want to resist. I do. But my dark, rebellious heart won’t let me. Matteo I’ve never wanted to ruin someone as much as I want to ruin her. She’s the picture of innocence. Soft skin free from the toil of real work, pretty lips for sucking and the defiance in her eyes. I can’t wait to break her. To make her beg for mercy. To cry out my name when I steal the one thing she’s never given to another man. She thinks she can charm me into letting her go. But she doesn’t recognize the way the devil dances in my soul. I never expected her to become my obsession. But she is. And now I need to get rid of her before she consumes me.

Chapter 1


The call came for the umpteenth time and I knew I had to go check it out. As soon as I saw the name on the phone, I braced up, ready for what was to come.

I exited the library and got into the hallway.

“Happy birthday!” The screech could tear my ear drums apart. I flinched, taking the phone away from my ear to prevent any damage.

A smile graced my lips as the croaky birthday song entered my ear.

“Thank you, Leah.”

“Guess who the latest adult is?”

“Excuse me? I'm 21,” I said.

“That’s the point. Right now, you can join me in hitting the bar and drinking all you want.”

“Not happening. You know it.”

“Oh, let's see,” she said and I chuckled. “Anyways, what’s the plan? Where we gon' hit?”



I rolled my eyes, knowing what she was going on in her mind. “We gonna hit the bed. As in get to sleep.”

“Geez. Why do you have to be a party pooper? Of course, we aren't doing that. Listen, this is your twenty-first birthday.”

“I know, mommy.”

“So, we gonna make a memory. 5:30. Hit me up.”

“I guess you’ve forgotten, Officer. My sh*t starts by 5.”

She muttered a cuss word. “Then, we go as soon as you’re done. It makes it much better.”

I rolled my eyes. “Bye, Leah.” I cut the call.

Signing, I walked back into the library to finish up my reading.


Glancing at my wrist watch, I realised it was 9pm. Finally, my sh*t was over. I got one more order ready for a customer, then went into the dressing room and untied my apron. I got my things ready and left the café. When I stepped outside, I couldn’t believe what or rather who I saw. Leah, leaning on her pickup truck. This girl wouldn't cease to amaze me

“How long have you been here?”

She glanced at her watch. “A little over an hour, thank you,” she said and then squeezed her face. “Yikes, you look…pathetic.”

I followed her gaze and appraised myself. Sure, a faded t shirt and blue jeans wasn’t quite a statement, but that didn’t give her the right to call me out on it.

“Hey, watch it.”

She rolled her eyes. “Hop in.”

I got into the passenger side of the car. I was expecting her to start off the car, but when she didn’t, I looked at her. She was staring at me. I knew that look.

“No, Leah. I’m not going to watch Bama for you.”

Bama was her Chihuahua. Leah used to ask me to come take a look or parent him whenever she was away for her very many seminars. I always declined the offer, as not only did I not have much free time, but also, I wasn’t a pet person per se.

She rolled her eyes. “I know you enough not to trust you with my puppy, but that’s beside the point.”

“Okay, what’s the deal? “

Her smile grew wider till she gave a titter. “Awwwn. I still can’t believe you’ve reached the age of accountability. “

I sighed. “For God's sake, Leah. I’m 21, which literally means I got to that age of accountability some three years back.”

She chuckled and I felt like slapping the smile off her face.

“Yeah, right.”

“You know, I don’t take it well when you rub my size on my face.”

She laughed harder and I immediately regretted my words. I sat silent, frustrated as she continued guffawing.

“I’m so—” More laugh. “I'm sorry. Come on, we all know how cute petites like you are.”

When I didn’t say anything, she sobered up. “Okay, I’m sorry. For real.”

I shrugged.

“That's my baby girl. Anywho, I got something for you.”

I glanced at her as she stretched her hand to the back seat. She brought out a ribboned box and gave it to me.

Immediately, my anger disappeared. As much as Leah could be annoying, she was the perfect definition of a friend. She always had my back and I couldn’t have done anything without her.

I took the box. “Thank you.”

She smiled. “You’re welcome. But I bet you’d be more enamored when you find out what stuff is inside.”

“Come on, are you tryna tempt me into opening it?”

“Oh, no no. But I can’t wait to…you know what, forget it,” she said. “To the bar!”

I sighed. Here we go again.

“A'int gonna run away from this one,” she said, as she started the car engine.

Chapter 2


Slowly, my eyes peeled open. I stared at the ceiling at some time, before finally rising. I perched on the edge of the bed and ran my hand across my hair.

I stood, walked to my closet, opened it and took out my bathrobe. When I turned around, my eyes met something…noteworthy. A dent on my floor. A scrowl grew on my face as I stared at the pile of littered clothing. A bra, a panty and a gown. I took my eyes to the woman on the bed. Her legs spread apart, the blanket unable to give proper coverage to her nude body.

I stared at her for a while, before leaving to brush my teeth. I walked down the hallway, into the balcony.

“Good morning, sir,” a servant said.

I took the newspaper from him and made myself comfortable on an armchair. Soon two other servants came and prepared my poison. Fruit salad and a cup of tea.

As I read the newspaper, I pierced my fork on the fruit salad. Taking one bite at a time.

“Send Ricardo for me,” I said.

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