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Chosen Mate

Chosen Mate

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The Crescent Moon Ball was what every wolf of age looked forward to. The possibility of finding your mate was what made everyone buzz with excitement, but I wasn't like everyone else. I didn't want to find my mate and I didn't want to go, but when my best friend begs me to go with her for support, how can I say no? The future heir of the Half Moon pack has other plans for me and he refuses to let destiny choose for us. Shane always knew who Adea was and knew that she would only bring him two things in this life: heartbreak and death. He's lived it for 7 lives, but in this life, her brown eyes demand his attention. He swears that this time he'll be the victor, this time, he'll make her fall in love with him before she can meet the bastard that cursed them all. Content Warning: Graphic sexual scenes. *Readers of TFA, please note that Chosen Mate is an alternate storyline for The Forbidden Alpha*

A note from Jp

Dear Readers,

Please note that The Chosen Mate is a Paranormal Romance. While it's not as dark as my other works, there are a lot of sexual graphic scenes and forced proximity. Chosen Mate is an alternate storyline for The Forbidden Alpha. The main thought that plagued us by the end of The Forbidden Alpha was, "If only they had more time in the beginning. Things could have been different." In Chosen Mate, they get that time. My goal is to grab you by the ankle and force you to feel every emotion my characters feel. If I'm not giggling, squealing, crying, or getting angry, then this wouldn't be a good read. If you are new here, welcome! I appreciate you taking a chance on my book baby and I thank you from the bottom of my book nerd heart! This is the perfect book to start off with if you are just getting started with me. This will also be the lightest book you ever read by me. If these situations are triggering, while I appreciate your support, I hope you will stop reading if it damages your mental health. Thank you for coming on this journey with me.

If I could post a dedication here it would say:

This is just a comfort read for the #tfaers to read when they want to lie to themselves. xoxo

Forever thankful,

Jp Sina


Prologue: A dream

My feet propel me forward and the spiral stairway seems to go on and on. I feel as if I have been running forever. When I get to the bottom of the stairs I dart across the sitting room and charge toward the exit. I push with everything I have in me and beg that the Moon Goddess will grant me the strength I know I don’t have.

Please, please, please.

When the door fails to open I steel myself for the pain I know I’ll earn. I charge the door a second time, but this time I throw my shoulder into it. This time, miraculously, it opens for me. My victory is short lived as I’m blinded. All I can hear is the ringing in my ears. A wolf’s bane grenade had gone off. I squint my eyes, hoping to see through the blinding light. Finally the fog clears and everything is moving in slow motion. My first instinct is to find him, to pick up his scent.

No matter how much I call out to Mavy she doesn’t answer. I can’t hear her and I


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