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Billionaire's Ex-Wife & His Hidden Babies

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Sophia Weasley decided to end her life after losing everything in her life, and she almost had said HELLO to the god when her sister-in-law saved her life by taking her to the hospital in time, and there, she found a new reason to live when the doctor told her about her pregnancy. Recalling all the pain that she suffered from her Ex-husband and also knowing that he had to do nothing with her or her babies, she decided to raise her babies on her own. Every time when her babies asked about their father, she made up a story because they were too small to understand the word ‘DIVORCE.’ It worked in the beginning, but as years went by, her white lies seemed to be playing out. Until one day, her babies decided to find their father on their own.

Chapter 1

Sophia’s POV


I was standing on the edge of the bridge to end my life. This was the place where everything had started a few years ago, and this would be the place where everything would end.

I wish I would have killed myself on the very same night before meeting him.

Only if I would never meet him, all these things would have been with my family members or with me.

I sobbed and looked down at the river.

I didn’t know how to swim, so I was hopeful that I would definitely die by drowning in it.

“Sophia.” I heard my name being called, and I already knew the person who was calling me. Well, that’s my brother, Oliver's girlfriend, Rebecca V. Cornell, and I’m … Nevermind. Soon, going to be a dead person, I guess.


How did she find me?

That reminded me that I didn’t have much time with me. I wasted not a single second more and jumped from there.

“Sophiaaa,” She yelled my name again, but by that time, I was already in the air, and after waiting for a while, I landed in the river. The wave in the river was too high, and my body started flowing with the water, and in the next waves, I started drowning already. I felt my consciousness giving up. I couldn’t see anything. I couldn’t breathe. My lungs were filled with water.


I heard the sound of a machine beeping around me.

Was this the sound after death? I wondered and tried to open my eyes. And the moment I did, I saw a white ceiling and too much light in the room.

‘I think I was in heaven.’

Yes, that could be the case because I didn’t remember doing any evil deeds to go the hell. Thinking about all this, I opened my eyes again, adjusting my eyes as per the light, and looked first at the ceiling and then rotated my to look around. I almost stopped breathing when my eyes landed on my raging brother, Oliver, and Rebecca, who was sleeping on the couch beside him.

Oh! No! No! No! No!

This was not at all heaven.

And seeing the angry face of my brother, I knew I was in living hell. I was so dead. My body trembled in fear, and I sat on the bed, ready to run away if I had to because he was d*mn too p*ss*d. He stood on his feet abruptly, not caring his girlfriend was sleeping. Because of the moment, Rebecca quickly opened her eyes, sensing movement around her.

“Oli, I can explain …..Ahh!” I placed my hand on my cheek when he slapped as hard as he hit across my face.

“Liv!” Rebecca yelled and ran toward us, and the next moment she was standing between him and me as a barrier. “She is your sister.”, She reminded him as if he had forgotten this fact in anger. Generally, my brother is not a violent person. In fact, this was the first time he had raised his hand to me.

“What the hell was she thinking when she decided to end her life?” he shouted, and I hid my face behind Rebecca so that she could protect me from his wrath. “Answer me, d*mn it.”, he demanded, and he didn’t look in a mood to leave me without getting his answers.

“I thought he killed you too.”, I muttered in a low tone.

Everyone here knew whom I was referring to by mentioning ‘HE’ over here.

Hearing my answer, he sighed and peeked to see his expression and found that he was now not at all angry at me. In fact, he was mad at HIM.

Rebecca stepped aside and let us rebound our relationship. Oliver sat on the bed beside me and touched my cheek softly, and I bit my inner cheek not to hiss in pain.

“Did I slap you hard?” he asked, caressing my cheek.

“No.”, I shook my head. I had been slapped harder than this before, and if I could handle that pain, then this pain was nothing in front of me.

“I’m sorry.”, he apologized. “I shouldn’t have slapped you.”

“I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have thought of killing myself.” I, too, apologized even though I had no idea why should I stay alive? The pain in my life was too much to take, and I had no reason to stay life. And even if I tried to live, I would continuously be haunted by the demons of my past.

“Exactly. It would be best if you hadn’t thought of killing yourself.”, There came the doctor in my room, holding a file in his hand. I thought he was giving me some regular lecture that any doctor gives to his patient who tries to kill himself or herself until I heard his following words. “Because you would have killed on more life with you.”

“Excuse me?” I asked in confusion.

The last time I checked, I had jumped from the bridge alone.

Hold on! I was here. It meant someone saved me from dying in the river by drowning in it.

Whether his or her life fell in danger because of me?

“You’re pregnant, Mrs. … Ms. Weasley”, The doctor said, widening my eyes. I was so shocked by the news that I didn’t know how to react.

I was about to kill my baby.

Oh my god! I could never have forgiven myself if that had happened.

I couldn’t believe that a moment before, I was wondering for the reason that I needed to live, and in the next moment, God blessed me with this.

Not to mention, now I wasn’t even MRS but back to MISS.

(‘I have them sign the divorce paper, and here is my black card.’, he said, pushing it into my jeans pocket. ‘You can leave forever. And NEVER EVER return back to me for any reason because the contract is already OVER.’ My Ex-husband’s words rang in my ear.)

“You should thank the future Queen for saving your life or both you and your pup …. I mean, your baby would have died.”, he said before giving that file to Rebecca and leaving the room.

I shook my head, trying to grab the incident that had just happened.

What did he mean by Queen?

‘Pup? Only one creature uses that word for any babies.’

“You are a werewolf?” I asked in shock and fear.


“Out of all the people in the world, you chose a werewolf as your girlfriend?” I asked my brother this time. “They are our enemies.”, I pointed out.

“Accusing the one who got impregnated with her hunter’s boyfriend of our own clan, who ditched her before marriage and then married to another hunter of another clan, on a contract basis because of whom she is now laying on the hospital’s bed.”, he snapped. “Not to forget, it was my mate who jumped in the river to save. Otherwise, you had made a full-proof plan to get yourself killed.”, he added.

“Instead of being grateful to her, you are reminding me that she is my enemy. BRAVO.” he clapped his hand.

Tears started brimming in my eyes after hearing his rude words. No one in the family knew about the contract part of the marriage except Oliver. I had told him because he was, and he was the closest to me out of all my siblings. Never did I think that he would use my secret to apply against me.

“Shut up, Liv. She’s pregnant.”, Rebecca scolded.

“Pregnant,” Oliver repeated that word. “It was a contract marriage then this baby ……. Did he force himself on you?” he asked, looking straight into my eyes.

“No!”, I shook my head. I was in no mood to go into detail, and I was sure neither my brother wanted to hear my s*x maths too.

“Okay then! If this baby is not out of love, then there is no use in keeping him or her. I won’t suggest you abort him or her, but when they are here in this world, you can give it up for adoption.”

“What did you just say to me?” I looked at him in horror. How could he say so? “You are suggesting giving on my baby after taking care of him or her for the next nine months? How easily you asked me to do something this cruel when on the other hand, you’re taking care of your girlfriend’s baby, who was born out of marital abuse?” I asked him and then looked at Rebecca.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you by raising this topic, but I guess my brother needs a reality check. Your baby, I guess, his name is Steve! Can you ever imagine giving him for adoption?”

“No!”, She replied. “He is innocent, so he shouldn’t be the one to suffer for the mistakes that he never did.”, She added.

I turned my gaze back to my brother before speaking, “Don’t worry. I won’t be a burden on you or anyone. Because I know neither you nor my half brothers will support me in raising this baby because you all will have to explain to everyone why the husband of your sister left her. That’s why I will leave from here.”, I said to Oliver. “Thank you again for saving my life and unknowingly for saving the life of my baby.” I thanked her before leaving the bed.

“You can wherever you want, just answer yourself some questions. How are you planning to handle your baby without money, food, a roof under the head, a job, and most importantly, without anyone's support,” he asked, folding his hand around his chest.

Well, he had a valid point.

What, now?

He opened his mouth to speak something but all of a sudden his phone started ringing. He checked his phone, and his body stiffened. I could already imagine the name on the display because only our elder brother had the power to leave such an effect on us.

He swiped the phone and answered it. “Hello”

“Yeah. I’m still here.”

“Yeah! I know. This is the second time I didn’t board my flight. But I promise I will be there by tomorrow.”

“Hmm,” After talking with Big B. He disconnected the call and then looked at his mate.

“Becca, I ….”

“Don’t worry. I will arrange a place and every necessary thing for her.”, She said, cutting him in between. I knew her girlfriend or, say, was Richie rich, so this work would be too easy for someone like her. I was not a werewolf so staying in the pack was out of the question, and I wouldn’t be questioned a lot if I would go to my hunter clan with a baby bump but not with his or her father, so I couldn’t go there too.

“I… I don’t want to stay here.”, I said because this place would always remind me of my pain, suffering, and the death of my daughter, Caroline.

Rebecca looked at me with a knowing look, as if she could sense my pain; well, she could. After all, she was a werewolf and future Queen, to be precise.

“How about Manaus, Brazil?”

“Fine with me.”, I agreed, even though I knew that would be an entirely new place for me.

“Perfect then. I will also send the werewolf couple with you so that it will be easier for you to cope of up with the pregnancy and the rest of the things.”, She said those things about which I was worried. I hugged her tightly and sobbed in her arms.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much, Rebecca.” I would forever be in debt for the help she did to me. She wasn’t just rich in terms of money, but also her heart was of gold.

“Don’t be. We’re family.”, She said, on which I felt Oliver hugging both of us.


I didn’t stay more than a day in that city and left for Manaus the very next day, leaving everything behind to start everything fresh and with a new beginning.




How was the part?

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Chapter 2

Sophia’s POV


Two months later!


“Wow! Congratulation.”, I congratulated Rebecca. “Now, three newborn babies are going to join our family.”, I added with a big smile. If you guys have guessed it right, then it is well and good. If not, then let me share one of the most fantastic news of my life, i.e., ‘I’m pregnant with twins.’

‘I’m so nervous, Sophia. I mean, this pregnancy is totally unplanned, and I don’t know when Oliver will keep this child or not because he is busy making his career.’

“I know my brother. He will be the happiest man in the world after knowing that you’re pregnant. Planned or Not.”

“Let’s see. I’m going to inform him. Hopefully, I’m expecting a positive response. By the way, how are you doing? And your babies?”

“They are doing great till now, but I could sigh in relief only after everything their birth.”

“Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Just let me know if you need anything, okay?”

“Sure. But th

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