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Alpha's Gifted Mate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Ayra
  • Chapters: 20
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 129
  • 7.5
  • 💬 2


"Chris." The said man looked up at his mate and beta. One look,he understood what had happened. Without further ado,the man behind her walked out of the door closing it behind him. He stood up and stalked towards her. Grabbing her chin he said, "Darling, do you badly want to go outside and get taken by those men? They would sell you to a pimp house?! Why don't you just understand that I'm just trying to keep you safe?! Why can't you just stay here quietly?" Isabelle looked up into his eyes. He was taken aback by her boldness. No one ever dared to look into this eyes but it was to be expected after all, she was his mate. His equal. "What good is this place? At least out there, I won't be confined like a f*ck*ng prisoner! I so much hate this place. I can't breathe normally. It's all so suffocating! There's no one to keep me company, no phone no nothing. You as well, oh yeah, you treat me like I'm some disease that you'll contract if you get close to me. Like a plague! But don't you worry, cause I'm very happy with that behaviour. But at least just let me live my normal life. Why can't I just do that?!" She yelled tears trickling down her face. Chris who couldn't bear to see her cry moved his hands from her chin pulling her into his embrace. She fought against him for a while before she later calmed down and just sobbed into his cloth. "I'll let you go out. I'll give you my phone to use for the meantime. Just please stop crying." He whispered his voice breaking. He leaned to his table and took his phone sliding it into her pocket.


-The heart knows when the search is over.-.                                          -Bliss

"Come on! It'll be fun!" Kaylee a girl of 20 years old sitting on her apartment bed said to her best friend sitting opposite her, Isabelle who was reading a novel.

"Can't we just celebrate it in here. I'll make cake!" Isabelle replied looking up from her novel.

"You're no fun! We've had your cake a zillion times. I'm tired of it. Let's just try it tonight. If we go, I'll make food for a month." She persuaded.

"Ugh! You know I can't say no to your food. Don't blackmail me." Isabelle said slamming her book close. It didn't matter anyways, the book wasn't entering her ears anymore.

"Then let's go!" Kaylee said dropping down from her bunk bed.

"Alright," Isabelle said and dropped as well walking towards their built-in bathroom.

"Wear your green dress," Kaylee yelled after her.

"I'm not going to wear it. It's too short." She replied.

"Like you have another one," Kaylee muttered to herself.

Isabelle soaked into the bathtub thinking about her life.

She was 23 years, worked at a comfy company, and got a good salary so why was her love life so messed up? She was a beautiful girl but no guy seemed interested in her, only her body whereas her friend she shared an apartment with dropped and picked up boyfriend like worn-out clothes until the last one turned out miserable. 

Her friend was actually a drug addict which was why she chose to go to a club to celebrate the 2nd year anniversary of their friendship. A better part of it had been spent apart from each other so they weren't that close.

Her friend became a drug addict when the guy she gave up her virginity to cheated on her. She had gotten pregnant around that time and had an abortion since she was still in her last year of college and didn't want her parents to know. 

Ever since then, she had been drowning herself in Alcohol and cigarettes to make herself forget the experience, and finally, things escalated to hard drugs; cocaine, marijuana, dried tobacco even Indian hemp. 

Isabelle on her part tried her best in making her stop which was why Kaylee decided to move out for a little while where she began her hard drugs unknown to her roommate. But when she got a taste, there was no going back.

She came back one faithful day with tears streaming down her face.

Isabelle remembered the scene like it was yesterday.

"Isabelle... Help me... I don't want to do it again... I missed you please help me." She slurred, she was obviously drunk. But didn't they say the truth comes out when you were drunk? And so she took her back in for the night and they lived together like that.

So one night, she started convulsing profusely with whitish foam coming out from her mouth. Isabelle jumped out of bed and ran over to hers then she called the ambulance.

She followed them to the hospital where they told her what was wrong with her friend.

"Your friend overdosed. We suspect she has been taking hard drugs into her system but she took too much today which is why her body is fighting against it causing the convulsions." The man in his mid-thirties explained to Isabelle. 

"Overdosed? No, she stopped... Oh, My God! Kaylee!" Isabelle whispered into her hands which she had used to cover her mouth.

The man looked at her weirdly which she saw and frowned immediately.

"I've never tasted it. Don't look at me like that. You wanna run a full examination of my body? I've only drunk alcohol which is normal for every person in America!" She said glaring at the man and sitting on one of the blue chairs in the corridor.

"Alright, ma'am. Your friend can be discharged tomorrow. You should advise her to stop it before it takes her life. Thank Goodness you acted fast and called the police, if not I can't seem to imagine what would have become of your friend right now." The man sighed slipping his hands into his lab coat pocket.

"Thank you very much. But aren't you in the perfect position to do it? You're the doctor, you can advise her." She replied.

"I'll see what I can do." The man said sighing. He then walked off bidding her goodbye.

That was the last time her roommate did any of that stuff. Or so she thought.

She sighed and closed her eyes unknowingly falling asleep. 

She couldn't see anything then a blinding light shot up. She squinted her eyes and in front of her was a majestic brown wooden house with a big black dog at the entrance staring into her soul. The black dog gave her something like a lopsided grin if dogs could do that. Suddenly there was the sound of breaking of bones in the air and standing before her was a man. She looked up at his face and had almost seen the man's face when...

Kaylee knocked at the door waking her up. She groaned and got out of the now-cold water, slipped on her bathrobe, and walked out.

"How you fall asleep in that bathtub is really beyond me." Was Kaylee's first sentence when she got out.

"I don't know, it's just so comfortable." She replied rummaging through her clothes.

"You'll have to wear a green dress. There's no other one. See you later." Kaylee said instead and dashed into the bathroom.

Isabelle sighed and brought out the knee-length green dress to examine it. The dress was a straight one that clung to her curves whenever she wore it. It at least had long sleeves and reached above her knees.

She slipped in on, it was either it or her business clothes but who would want to wear business clothing to a club?

"You just look better every time you wear this dress!" Kaylee exclaimed excitedly.

"Yeah yeah." She replied drying her golden yellow waist-length hair.

"Such a party popper. Either way, I'll be done in five." Kaylee said moving to her clothes.

Isabelle nodded, picked up her novel, and continued reading. Her mind then drifted over to her dream earlier. She always saw the brown house but not the big dog which made no sense whatsoever.

How could a dog even turn human? She picked up her phone and asked Google where she got her answers. Apparently, it was a werewolf.

But there was something weird about her in the dream. First, she didn't look surprised, she feared the man and was angry with him at the same time with an emotion she didn't want to admit. They were after all mixed feelings.

"Alrighty. Let's get moving." Kaylee said.

Isabelle turned around to look at her roommate.

She was dressed in a similar dress as hers except hers was black and it was sleeved in one arm, the other one was sleeveless.

She put a bookmark in her novel, got off the bed, and slipped on her flat black shoes. She had and wore no heels for a certain reason. Even Kaylee didn't know the reason. 

Kaylee wore her heels and the two friends set out to the club. They called for a cab and off they went.

"We're getting out of there in 1 hour." She said once they had gotten halfway to the club.

"Two." Kaylee bargained.

"An hour and Fifteen." 

" An hour and Forty-five."

"An hour and... Thirty. That's the least, don't push further." She said finally.

"Yes, mum," Kaylee replied mockingly.

Isabelle shook her head and leaned against the car window.

Her parents and her younger sister had been murdered by a woman in heels.

"I'll go hide... You seek me out alright?" 5-year-old Isabelle said to her 3-year-old younger sister.

"Hmm." Her younger sister Matilda nodded her head vigorously grinning from ear to ear her ponytails swinging to and fro as she did.

"Alright. Cover your eyes, count to ten, and then seek me." She said.

"One..." Matilda started covering her eyes with her little hand.

Isabelle smiled and ran to their parent's bedroom hiding in the closet. Her sister would never think to seek her out here.

"Hey, we reached," Kaylee said shaking her out of her thoughts.

"Oh. Let's go then." She replied slipping out of the cab. Kaylee paid the man and both walked towards the entrance, showed security their IDs, and then into the loud music.

Kaylee immediately started dancing with some random guy and Isabelle found her way to the bar.

"What can I get for you?" The bartender said winking at her.

"Juice please." She said sitting on one of the high-end stools.

"Here you go." He said making sure his hands touched hers while she collected it.

She frowned and pulled the drink then got up and walked to the couch. She was halfway there when she noticed they were either grinding on each other or they were sniffing hard drugs.

"This place is so stupid." She said turning back to the bartender. She sat down looking over the sea of people getting wasted and dancing. She shook her head and downed her drink in one go.

"No alcohol?" Kaylee yelled over the music sitting down beside her.

"I'm fine." She replied.

"One glass of scotch for me," Kaylee yelled to the man.

He just nodded and grabbed the bottle off the bar. He poured it into a cup, added ice, and gave it to the woman who collected it and turned to her friend.

"Let's make a toast to our friendship." She said raising her cup.

"Mine is empty. Hey, another cup of juice." She said to the man who gave it to her again.

They made a toast and drank a few more times. Isabelle kept drinking her sweet juice while Kaylee kept ordering glass after glass of Scotch.

"I'll be right back... I wanna use the restroom!" Isabelle yelled to her friend who simply made an ok gesture with her hands.

"Where is the restroom?" She asked the bartender who was mixing drinks for a man.

"Right over there." He replied nudging his head over his shoulders.

Isabelle nodded and dashed towards the bathroom. At least this place was quiet, she might even spend some time here before going to the ear-deafening music again. She was on the way there when she felt eyes on her. Whipping her head, she saw a very beautiful man dressed in a suit, surprisingly, staring at her with another man whose back was turned to her sitting in front of him.

The man kept staring at her like he was staring right at her soul. This man is so creepy. She instinctively moved to pull down her dress her cleavage showing in the process.

She immediately pulled the dress back up. Her thigh is a better show than her breast showing. The man's eyes followed her every move. Pervert! 

She thought and walked off to the bathroom. She walked back out to see the man still sitting there and as if noticing her presence whipped his head up immediately.

She rolled her eyes and walked off. He was literally undressing her with his eyes. She got to the bar and sat back down.

Her friend was nowhere to be found. She looked to the bar to see her juice already filled up while the man attended to someone else.

She skipped the drink, slipped five dollars on the bar, and walked out remembering to drag out her friend.

What she didn't know was, thankfully she didn't drink that juice. Kaylee had asked the Bartender to pour a sleeping drug into it. But since she didn't drink it, she'll have to find another way. First, let her play drunk.

Isabelle called for a cab, dumped her friend in it, and entered as well. She dragged her into their two-bedroom condo and her bed. She slipped out of the small dress, took a shower, and finally into her pajamas. She dropped onto the bed and fell asleep soon.

Kaylee peeked at her friend and grinned. She stood up and walked to her bag. The fools at the club had used this injection to drug themselves but she sterilized it by dipping it in alcohol.

All she did was when Isabelle had gone to the bathroom. She mixed the powdered sedative in water, pulled it into an injection, and then into Isabelle's arms it went.

She smiled and walked back to her bed sleeping back. By tomorrow, the job would be done.

Isabelle woke up the following morning in a dark place. She groaned and moved her hand to rub her face but her hands had been bound really tight that it hurt.

Light shot in suddenly and she squinted her eyes trying to adjust to the sudden light and then looked up at the person she least expected. Relief and fear washed over her at once.



"Hey, Kaylee. Thank Goodness you're here. What happened? Were you taken as well? Anyways let's get out of here first." Isabelle said rushing. All Kaylee did was look at her with cold and distant eyes. When she heard the last sentence, she snapped out of whatever reverie she was in. She frowned at her friend and without further ado, pulled her to her feet.

"Can you untie my hands? I can't run with it being tied." Isabelle asked disregarding the cold distant look in her friend's eyes.

"Shut up.", was all Kaylee said in a low whisper.


"I SAID SHUT UP! You think you have the "perfect life" don't you? You can spend the rest of your "perfect life" with them." She said using her hand to gesture air quotes whenever she said perfect life.

"What are you talking about? I don't have a perfect life, you know this. Why are behaving like this?" She sa


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