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Alpha Queen: To Whoreship You

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Fukayna runs away from home when her Alpha King father wants her to marry Alpha Zygmunt to strengthen their alliance. She takes a potion that her witch friend procures for her to keep her identity a secret from other supernatural beings, so that she will not be traced easily by her father's pack allies and their enemies. And yet, she meets some vampires who hunt for sport and food along the way, as these malevolent beings happen to prey on a mother and a son. In her weakened state, Dragoș saves her from the vampires' fangs. As soon as their eyes meet, her male wolf recognizes the human as her mate. But the guy doesn't want to get involved with her, and they have to part ways. She thinks her wolf is mistaken, but the mate bond pull is getting stronger. Hence, she searches for him everywhere. Years later, she finds him at last. His feelings haven't changed though, so she chases him around and seduces him again and again, until he caves in, not only once. Little does she know that an enemy, the Vampire King from Ancient Egypt, wants her all to himself, and someone she thinks she can trust will soon betray her...



My feelings right now—more than two tablespoons of sadness, a rich dash of bitterness, and heaps of pain. 

Just earlier, I followed and watched her as she walked on the sidewalk and strode into a fine restaurant. Her vanillic daffodil scent teased my senses, and I loved to sniff it so much that I closed my eyes and basked in its fragrance, setting aside the other scents that tried to taint it. This scent—it made me feel so alive after two thousand years.

I thought my heart had long forgotten to beat, and yet it seemed to be resurrected inside my chest. It was beating so fast and hard, almost wanting to destroy my rib cage. 

No, this can’t be. My wife is dead. A long time ago. 

But here she was, in flesh and blood, walking and talking to a young man whom I didn’t know or recognise. I balled my hands into fists and gritted my teeth. My fangs grew larger and longer, piercing my lips, and I tasted my own blood.

“I want her,” I whispered into the air. I could feel myself go rigid. Just by watching her while sitting in the backseat of my limousine had aroused me. 

“Your Greatness,” my vampire butler and driver said, bowing his head slightly. Still sitting behind the wheel, he dialled someone’s number on his phone and instructed them to get the woman I loved.

I, on the other hand, watched through the restaurant’s glass walls. The lights inside were bright, seemingly blinding, as her great beauty alone lit up the entire place. But seeing her clinging to another man’s arm made me seethe. She shouldn’t do it. She was mine and mine alone.

I watched as screams of panic and fear filled the air. The diners were attacked by hungry and aggressive vampires. Tables and chairs were upturned, creating a series of crashing sounds. Food, drinks, and utensils were scattered everywhere, and fresh blood splashed on the floor and glass walls.

Slowly, the corners of my lips lifted into a smile. “Habibti,” I whispered, calling her with my favourite endearment. “Just when did you learn how to fight?” I continued to whisper in the air. Exhilaration and excitement bloomed in my chest as I watched my beloved woman fight against my sires’ sires.

My eyes narrowed when I noticed that the young man she was with was no less a warrior. He beheaded a few vampires using a chopping knife in his hand. The knife was stained with dark red blood in no time.

I ground my teeth, wanting to join the party and take my wife myself. I opened the car door and stepped out. For some reason, the chopping knife got through the glass wall and was heading fast towards my neck. My butler hissed when he caught the knife just an inch away from my neck; his fingers were cut and fell to the ground. I roared in annoyance while my butler grunted in pain. My fiery red eyes darted to the young man that my wife was with. Clearly, he saw me standing outside his restaurant, and our eyes clashed.

Silver arrows whizzed past me, cutting the immaculate sleeve of my black trench coat, prompting an Egyptian Arabic expletive to escape my lips. The arrows embedded themselves in the car door behind me. Had it not been for my vampire speed, they would have pierced my flesh and bones.

“Your Greatness, we must go!” my butler advised urgently, pushing me back into the black limousine.

I scanned the vicinity and noticed several shadows of vampire hunters surrounding the restaurant. Ibn al Kalb (son of a dog)! Why were they here? Were they working with this pack of dogs? Were they protecting my beloved wife?

I swallowed and retrieved the knife from the ground. With a swift motion, I hurled it back towards its owner. Fortunately for him, he managed to dodge it. Was he lucky or merely as agile as those hunters?

The limousine accelerated, leaving the scene as more vampire hunters gave chase. I cursed under my breath. How dare they separate me from my wife!

Chapter 1: Identity Concealer


Aşa este? (This is it?)” I asked my eighteen-year-old witch best friend as I eyed the little crystal vial, which contained a glowing peach-coloured liquid.

We were in a small cave, our meeting place, located in the northern slopes of the Central Eastern Carpathians. It was in Bucovina, Romania, although we didn’t live near each other, given that my kind and hers were sort of enemies. 

Ho-kay, not just sort of. They were indeed enemies, much like vampires were our enemies, though the latter were on a distinctly higher level. Perhaps the highest among others, they were vicious, incredibly cruel, and no one would willingly submit to their fangs. After all, who would willingly become their food?

Nevertheless, Relia Ciobanu and I had been friends for more than a couple of years, despite our kinds not being on good terms. It all started when we accidentally crossed paths one night in this area. She was running


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