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Alpha Queen's Destined Hybrid

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“Nothing could stop me, no one could, Kamilah, and I know that you know that. But unless you say no, then I’ll quit right here and there.” He said, his dark brown eyes melting my own. I avoided his heavy gaze, "Just leave, Magnus." He gritted his teeth, gold hues circling around his eyes, “No, let’s fight together. Me and you. Having you by my side gives me peace, Kamilah.” --- It’s taboo to have a female alpha, but what more when the alpha queen gets together with the unwanted hybrid? Chaos. Kamilah Ziraili was born as omega and has been obsessed with the son of the Alpha, Darian. But when the most feared Alpha Magnus, suddenly took an interest in her, things took a turn. Kamilah broke the werewolf rules, gaining her own power and making her the target for enemies for disrupting the balance. Finding out that her mate is Alpha Magnus himself, and what more, a hybrid, who offers to help her, chaos erupted in the world, along with her heart. And with her past love coming back into life, she’s forced to choose. Her past, identity, or her own pack? “You can’t lead, you’re a female who can’t have her own pack.” He said, and I gave him a smirk. “No one loves a female who could lead. They want someone who would be willing to submit and don't expect me to do that. I won’t kneel down before any man no matter what." Book 1 of Destined Series (can be read as standalone)

Chapter 1 The Ceremony Night and Bloodmoon

There were times that I just wanted to disappear. To escape from everyone and escape this reality. Ah, how I wish that I could do that..

But I couldn’t. Instead I am forced to face imbeciles.

“Watch where you’re going, bitch!”

I cringed as I heard Jessica’s high-pitched voice yell at me. I was just walking on my way to my house, but she took it as a chance to bully me. She flipped her ash-gray hair with blonde highlights that cascaded down her back, batting her eyelashes at me with her ponytail, as always.

She knew she could get away with that, just because she was the daughter of the past beta of the past alpha, Beta Drake… much higher status than a lowly omega like me.

I gulped, forcing my mouth to bear it for now. Never in my life did I expect to live worse than I had imagined. I mean, I had always been treated like shit, but most of the time it was bearable. I couldn't even count the times I was pushed to my limit, but I had managed to live because of the very thing that kept me living.

Darian Barnes, the son of the Alpha of our Shadow Pack. My heart fluttered at the thought of him and Jessica noticed my expression so she chuckled. “No way, are you thinking of your knight in shining armor right now?” she taunted. “Darian! Come save me! I’m scared!”

She said it in a tiny voice, as if mocking me. My eyes instantly snapped at her, now irritated. Gritting my teeth, my hands instantly met her cheek and she released a gasp, not sure if I had hit her.

“Did you just-“

“Yes. I did. And I will do it again if you won’t shut up. I’m tired of dealing with your bitchy ass.”

Out of everything, I didn’t want anyone to mock Darian. Mocking me like that was like mocking him.

She gasped, “Do you realize the situation you’re in? I can tell this to my dad.”

I snorted, “Go ahead. I don’t care. Continue licking after your dad’s shadow.”

Her dark brown eyes filled with rage and her hands were about to hit me when a hand stopped her.

“Quiet, Beta Drake’s bitch.”

I heard Darian’s deep voice beside me. He was hovering tall over my 5’3” ass. His earthy scent lingered on me, tickling my nose. Darian is 6'1 in height, almost the same size as his dad now. His cerulean eyes seemed to drown my soul whenever we made eye contact. His shiny blond hair, that he kept in a neat style, and his exuding aura shone wherever he went, attracting and intimidating everyone around him. He was ready to take his role as the future alpha now. He looked drop-dead gorgeous and ravishing.

As much as I want to be with him, I am in a situation right now. I glanced at him and he flashed me a concerned look. “Are you letting this bitch torment you for life, Kamilah?”

I shook my head, wanting to defend myself. “I did fight for myself, Darian…”

He glared at Jessica. “Are you going to slap my friend, beta’s daughter?”

Jessica was breathing heavily. “She started it, Darian. And I have a name!”

Darian loomed over her, raising his eyebrows. “Are you talking back to your future alpha?”

“I-I,” Jessica stuttered before glancing at me and snapping, “You ugly bitch! You won’t get away with this!”

I smirked as she left us, and I could hear Darian’s deep sexy laugh thundering from his chest.

Darian offered his hand for me to high-five before laughing out loud. “Did you see her reaction?”

I accepted his hand and we both burst into laughter. “She was completely mortified by you.”

Darian looked at me. “It’s the first time I saw you slapping her like that. How does it feel?”

I bit my lip. “Satisfying.”

“Good. Now  do that often, I want to see you defend yourself, Kamilah.”

He ruffled my hair and I looked up at him. “Thanks for the backup, Darian.”

He put his hands on my shoulders to comfort me. “No problem, you know I always got you. Go home. You have to prepare for tonight. I’m busy preparing so I’ll see you later?”

He flashed me his boyish smile before leaving me.

I watched as he walked away from me. It was not just Jessica who would treat me like this. When I was still a pup, Darian saw me weak from being bullied, all bruised up from head to toe. I thought he would also join in bullying me but instead, he yelled at them and frightened them off with a protective stance.

He helped me up when I was at my worst, which let me be able to live comfortably for a while, but when everyone found that Darian and I became close, they tried to let me experience hell and did everything for me to get banished from the Shadow pack.

But unfortunately for them, I was tough. I held on. Held on every day… hoping for Darian to see me not just as more than friends…

All that mattered to me was Darian…

I smiled at the thought of him, realizing my infatuation for him was growing. I should know my place as an omega, but I couldn’t deny his charms. I instantly went home and as I was about to enter my room, a yell from inside surprised me. I rolled my eyes as I saw who it was. Valentina. The only female I managed to befriend in this pack. Her family just moved here as they had trouble from their past pack, and our alpha took them in. I guessed that was the bright side of our pack, we had a nice alpha.

“What took you so long?” she asked, then clicked her tongue, realizing the answer. “Let me guess, Jessica the bitch bullied you again?”

I shrugged.

She heaved a heavy sigh, as I propped against my table. “You should fight back!” she said in exasperation.

“I did. Darian came, and I won.”

Her eyes lit up and she hugged me. A huge banquet would begin, celebrating our alpha stepping down and the new alpha, Darian, taking his place. Plus, the expected time of the Blood Moon was also tonight. Blood Moon enabled us to sense our mates nearby and it only happened once every year, and since I will be eighteen tonight…I had to take the chance. It’s now or never. I prayed to the moon goddess to let me be Darian's mate, hoping that my suffering was just a test and Darian was my end game.

I grabbed the red lipstick from my table and put it on my dry lips, staring at my reflection in the mirror. I also grabbed a concealer to hide the bruises that were left from my training every day. Since I was one of the lowest ranks, my healing abilities were almost nonexistent and I was practically a human, so wounds would stay with me for months. Geez, being an omega I never had a break.

“It's finally tonight,” Valentina said.

I pouted, realizing I was getting ready for nothing. “Well, I’m on a patrol.”

Sadly, as an omega, I had a bad schedule. Everyone would be at the packhouse, where the ceremony would be held. They got to enjoy everything, except me. Great.

“Good luck, my friend. I’ll make sure to bring some food to you,” Valentina offered nicely, breaking me away from my thoughts.

I grinned at her. “Don’t you know that you are the best and great friend out there?”

“I know,” she replied cheekily. Locking my room, we went outside and parted ways midway as she was going in the direction of the packhouse while I was off to my night shift on patrol.

I was wearing the best outfit I could find, a pair of black leather jeans and a black top with a red flannel over it. My hazel brown hair, and ocean blue eyes that shift to red whenever I transform, are as glowing as ever. I wore my black, heeled boots and wore the necklace I had been wearing since I was a child.

I was not even sure why but I felt safe whenever I wore it. I felt like the necklace had some magical powers as it gave off a warmth that kept me calm and I felt I was somehow connected to my parents.

I mean, since I was just an orphan as a baby, I couldn’t even remember if I had any parents left alive. I’d like to think they were killed in the war and hadn’t abandoned me.

“Hey, you’re late!” said our delta as he saw me going to the tree, my resting place every time I was on guard duty. I flinched, expecting him to hit me but he didn’t. Instead, he just shrugged it off and left the area. It was kind of unusual but also I won’t complain. Another night, another fight for my survival.

I got on my favorite tree branch, which overlooked the whole packhouse and I was able to see a glimpse of the bright lights and loud music stretched from afar. I wished I could go there and witness the happy moment…

“Hey, have you heard that someone who came to the famous necromancer is now dead?” I heard one of the she-wolves say from below. I didn’t know their names since I was not always exposed to all the members of our pack. And even if I was exposed to them, I might just be an unimportant member to them.

“Yikes, that necromancer gives me chills. You know he could give you everything you want, but fail to give his conditions and there is a price to pay,” responded her friend.

“Hmm, about that necromancer, that rumor has been going on for decades now. I’m quite intrigued…”

“Oh, you know what, let’s stop talking about that necromancer, but instead I want to talk about Alpha Magnus. I’m excited to see if given the chance!”

“Gosh! That man is drop-dead gorgeous. Such a shame that he is not invited here…”

“Be careful what you wish for, you know how his and our alpha’s current state is...”

My ears perked up at that. Alpha Magnus? I’d never seen that man, so all I knew was that he had a large scar on his left cheek, was charming and drop dead handsome with a sexy and muscular body, according to the she-wolves. He happened to be flush with the women as he was a womanizer who had different women every day.

The two gossiping she-wolves then walked to the packhouse, and my eyes followed them. Despite my weak abilities, my eyes were still able to see clearly in the night, which I was thankful for. Well, I would have been driven away in this pack if it wasn’t for my white wolf. As the elders said, a white wolf was a blessed wolf that the moon goddess gave. I didn’t even believe that crap since I didn’t hold any special abilities, except being a big white furry animal when I transformed.

The cold wind brushed past me and I shivered slightly. I was a damn wolf but I couldn’t even give off natural heat. I sighed. Suddenly, a branch of a twig snapped and I immediately turned in that direction. No one.

I blinked, not trusting my eyes. Hmm, it might be a rat or some night owl but then I heard some weird sloppy noises, sucking and then spitting some saliva behind the tree, twenty feet away.

I frowned, knowing everyone must have left for the celebration.

“Who is there?”

Chapter 2 Mates and Surprises

Catching my breath, I feigned courage and spoke up, grabbing the branch of the tree tightly for support. Silence fell instantly, and then a woman came out from the tree, looking at me with an irritated look, huffing before walking away.

Okay? I know damn well everyone is irritated with me but I kind of do not know the girl.

Just then, the bushes opened and a tall figure revealed himself, his black suit and red necktie were messy as his buttons were popped open. I sniffed the air and a trace of blood was on his chin.

I froze, realizing I also did not recognize the man before me. With the woman coming out from where he is standing, his lips all swollen and his suit in a mess, it's so obvious what they were doing there. Goodness, I was alone here, why did they have to do their lovey-dovey thing there? I cringed in disgust.

He looked up at me and formed a smile, acting as if nothing happened. “Oh, did the party already start without me?” his deep husky voice aske


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