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Ulrich shrugged off his shirt with a challenging nonchalance, revealing his muscular torso bathed in the dim light permeating the room. His golden eyes glinted with predatory intensity as he commanded Phoenix to do the same. "Take off your dress," he said, his authoritative voice echoing through the chamber. "And lie down on the bed." "Why?" she asked, her voice trembling. Ulrich locked eyes with Phoenix, his golden gaze sparking with determination. "Because it's an order, slave." ------------------------------------------ In the dark Northern Vale, Ulrich reigns as the cruel Alpha king feared by all packs. His sole desire is to conquer each pack and solidify his dominion, but a curse spoken by Gaia, the enigmatic Seer, casts a shadow over his empire. Ulrich can only have an heir if he finds a mate from his original pack—a seemingly impossible task after his pack was annihilated when he was still a young wolf. Disregarding the prophecy, Ulrich watches his chosen mates, one by one, succumb during childbirth, leaving him without descendants. Determined to avert the downfall of his empire, he calls upon his best werewolves to find a woman with black hair and blue eyes, a descendant of his ancient pack. Years of searching pass until hope arises with Phoenix, a slave from the plains of the kingdom. Phoenix is sold to the Alpha king, accepting her fate with resignation. Ulrich proposes a deal: if she bears him a child, she will be freed. However, fate has more in store for them than a mere arrangement of convenience. Will the Alpha King overcome his own cruelty for the woman he loves?

Ulrich is coming

The sun was beginning to set over the vast plain of Silver Fang, painting the sky with shades of orange and red as the wolf pack went about their daily tasks. It was a moment of tranquility, where wolves of all ages attended to their routine duties, enjoying the peace that reigned over the plain.

However, this serenity was suddenly interrupted when a wolf appeared running in the distance, kicking up a cloud of dust behind him. His tense body and panting breath indicated imminent urgency. The wolves of the pack perked up their ears, alert to what was happening.

The alpha, an imposing figure with a silver-gray coat, approached the distressed wolf, his eyes fixed on him with a mixture of concern and determination.

“What's happening?” he asked, his deep voice echoing across the plain.

The wolf took a deep breath, trying to catch his breath, before urgently replying:

“King Alpha Ulrich is coming.”

A tense silence hung over the pack as each wolf absorbed the gravity of the news. Ulrich was known for his cruelty and thirst for power, and his arrival meant nothing but trouble for those who crossed his path.

The alpha wasted no time. He turned to his pack, his eyes flashing with determination.

“Wolves, children, elders, run to the forest,” he ordered, his voice firm and authoritative. “The rest, prepare for what's to come.”

As the wolves hurried to follow the alpha's orders, the messenger wolf stared at him with a worried expression and dared to question:

“What about Peeira Gaia? Shouldn't we warn her?”

The alpha turned to face the wolf, his expression serious.

“Gaia is already aware,” he replied with conviction. “She always knows.”

With that assurance, the pack began to move frantically. She-wolves guided the young and the old towards the safety of the forest, while the stronger and more skilled wolves prepared to face the imminent confrontation with the feared King Alpha Ulrich.

As the sun slowly set on the horizon, the plain echoed with the sounds of preparation for battle. The pack knew they would face difficult challenges ahead, but they were determined to protect their home and loved ones, whatever the cost.


The twilight shadow stretched over the Silver Fang Valley plain as the feared King Alpha Ulrich and his army silently observed the frantic movement of the pack that lived there. Ulrich, imposing and cruel in his human form, watched with hungry eyes the preparation of the enemy wolves.

His loyal beta, Turin, approached with a serious expression, observing the pack from afar.

“It seems they've been warned of our arrival, my King,” he informed, his tone laden with anticipation for the approaching battle.

Ulrich raised a smug smile, his golden eyes gleaming with malice.

“Perfect,” he replied with satisfaction. “It's always better when the packs await us. That way, we can separate the warriors from the weak, recruiting the strongest for our army and eliminating the useless ones.”

Turin nodded, understanding his leader's strategy. However, he couldn't help but express his concern.

“This pack is particularly difficult to defeat,” he said, choosing his words carefully. “They have a Peeira among them, a priestess of the Moon Goddess. She might pose a formidable challenge.”

“A Peeira, you say?” Ulrich raised an eyebrow, intrigued, considering this new information. “Interesting. I've never faced one before. It seems we'll have a battle worthy of remembrance.”

The growing excitement in the eyes of King Alpha was palpable as he prepared for the imminent confrontation.

“You better inform the army,” he told Turin, his tone heavy with authority. “It's time for another conquest.”

Turin nodded, understanding the meaning behind Ulrich's words. It was time to fight, to subjugate another pack under the rule of King Alpha.

“Prepare for battle. Today, we fight in the name of our king alpha, Ulrich!”

With a deafening roar, Ulrich transformed into his massive black wolf form, his eyes burning with wildfire.

“To battle!” he roared, his voice echoing across the plain as he led his army towards the enemy pack.

The sound of savage howls filled the air as Ulrich's army advanced relentlessly upon the pack. The ensuing battle was fierce and bloody, with wolves fighting with sharp claws and fangs, while the moon shone in the night sky, witnessing the carnage below.


Night fell upon the battlefield, painting the scene with shadows and mystery as the wolves clashed in a brutal fight. The air was thick with the smell of blood and sweat, and war howls echoed through the Vale of Eternal Night Shadows.

In the midst of the carnage, the feared King Alpha Ulrich led his army with relentless ferocity. His black fur shimmered in the moonlight, his golden eyes sparking with fury as he tore through his enemies with sharp claws.

On the other side of the battlefield, Alpha Gray, leader of the enemy pack, faced Ulrich with equal ferocity. His silver fur gleamed in the moonlight, his blue eyes shining with determination as he led his wolves in a last desperate resistance.

But despite Gray's courage and that of his pack, they were clearly at a disadvantage against Ulrich's powerful army. The wolves of the King Alpha advanced relentlessly, overwhelming the defenders with overwhelming force.

Finally, Ulrich and Gray met face-to-face in the center of the chaos. The two alphas stared at each other, their eyes sparking with rivalry and challenge.

“Why are you attacking my pack, Ulrich?” Gray asked, his voice resonating with authority.

Ulrich smiled arrogantly, baring sharp fangs.

“Because I can,” he replied simply, his voice dripping with contempt.

Without further words, Ulrich launched himself towards Gray with relentless ferocity, ready to deliver the final blow and claim victory over his rival. However, as he was about to attack, a mound of earth rose before him, blocking his path.

Surprised, Ulrich turned to face the source of this new obstacle and found himself confronted by a mysterious woman. Her long, brown hair cascaded in curls over her shoulders, while her eyes shimmered with ancient and wise light. She wore a brown leather dress that echoed the earth beneath her feet. The cruel king regarded the woman with interest, instantly recognizing her.

“So, you're the Peeira of this pack,” he murmured, his voice tinged with a mixture of curiosity and challenge.

The woman smiled at Ulrich, her smile radiating imposing calmness.

“Yes, it's me,” she replied serenely. “My name is Gaia.”

Ulrich studied Gaia with curiosity, recognizing the power emanating from her.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, his voice echoing across the battlefield.

Gaia returned his gaze with firmness, her expression calm and determined.

“I'm here to protect my pack from your cruel rule, Ulrich,” she replied, her voice echoing with silent power.

Ulrich let out a scoffing laugh.

“Nothing and no one can stop me,” he said, his voice full of confidence. “No pack, and certainly not yours.”

Gaia approached Ulrich, her posture unwavering.

“I know everything about you, Ulrich,” she said, her eyes fixed on his. “The conquering king alpha of the Northern Valley Kingdom.”

Ulrich smiled at Gaia, his smile filled with malice.

“Then you know that this pack will be mine,” he said, his voice full of certainty. “And there's nothing you can do to stop it.”

With a quick movement, Ulrich lunged towards Gaia, but before he could reach her, his feet were bound to the ground by an invisible force. He struggled angrily, his eyes burning with fury. Ulrich snarled in anger, fighting against his invisible restraints.

“Release me,” he ordered, his voice filled with rage.

But before he could advance towards Gaia, his beta, Turin, approached the scene, his expression worried. Gaia stopped him with a gesture of her hand, raising a barrier of earth around herself and Ulrich.

Now, with Ulrich trapped and Turin with the army on the other side of the barrier, Gaia approached slowly, her gaze fixed on King Alpha.

Gaia looked at Ulrich seriously. “Now we can talk,” she said, her voice calm.

Ulrich regarded Gaia with suspicion. “I won't negotiate with you,” he said, his voice dripping with disdain.

“I didn't say anything about negotiating,” Gaia shook her head with a gentle smile. “I said talking. The Moon Goddess has sent me to tell you about your future. It only depends on what you choose to do with this information.”

Ulrich frowned, his expression becoming grim.

“I don't believe in prophecies,” he said, his voice harsh.

Gaia approached even closer, her presence emanating a mysterious power. With a gesture of her hand, she transformed Ulrich into his human form, anchoring his feet to the ground with her magic.

“Perhaps you'll like one of these two,” she said, her smile enigmatic. “Now, allow me to tell you about your future.”

My destiny is mine to determine

Tension hung in the air as Ulrich and Gaia locked eyes within the earth barrier erected by the Peeira. Their gazes sparked with determination, each aware of the power they possessed and the consequences of their choices.

Gaia broke the silence, her soft voice echoing in the confined space. “As I said, I know everything about you, Ulrich. More than any adversary you've ever faced, even more than your own allies.”

Ulrich growled impatiently. “Get to the point,” he ordered, his voice laced with anger.

Gaia held Ulrich's gaze, her expression serene and unwavering. “The Moon Goddess has revealed to me two destinies for tonight's battle, and both are directly linked to your future,” she explained. “Only you can decide.”

Ulrich raised an eyebrow, his curiosity piqued. “What the hell are these destinies?” he asked, his voice now calmer.

Gaia took a deep breath, preparing to reveal the options. “The first path you can choose is to end this battle now,” she began


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