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Alpha King Special Soulmate

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ALPHA’S SOULMATE Avery Lance is a sweet innocent girl that everyone believe can do no wrong. She is the last child of Alpha Lance. Avery has never been interested in romantic relationship and she prays to never meet her mate anytime soon. But fate surprises her by bringing her mate in an unexpected way. Will She Reject Him? Will She Accept and Love Him? ! ********* ALPHA KING AND THE WITCH Finally, Alpha King Sky found his mate. He ought to be happy right? Yes! But Alpha King Sky couldn't bring himself to accept his mate. Why? His mate turns out to be the child of the greatest enemy of Donia Kingdom. And he blames the moon goddess for pairing him up with such a mate. The Enmity between Donia Kingdom and Crescent Pack won't let the Alpha King Sky think twice of accepting his mate. But what Alpha King Sky doesn't know is the fact that there is a secret enemy who also wants the Donia Throne. Will he ever let go of his grudge against his mate’s pack? Will he ever accept his mate?  Find out in this stellar series.

Chapter 1 Bumblebee



Chapter 1 Bumblebee


"Bumblebee! Breakfast is ready!" I heard my dad's voice behind my bedroom door.

"I'll be right out dad!" I screamed as I wore my last piece of clothing.

"Okay! I'll be waiting Bumblebee!" he said. I ran a comb through my hair quickly and packed it up in a bun.

Bumblebee? Wondering what that means? Well you might find it funny if I tell you. But I will anyways. Bumblebee is a large bee. He likes calling me Bumblebee because he thinks I'm so sweet like a honey from a bee. And he also mentioned something about me bringing peace to our Pack.

I don't know too much, but I was born at war times, a time when there had been a Great War between our pack and two other packs. It was a fight for territories and who would be the strongest Pack in the country. But the war ended as soon as I was born, making our own Pack the second strongest werewolf pack in the country.

Blah! Blah! Blah! Argh! I hate war stories!

I am Avery Lance, the last child out of four. And I am a werewolf . The voice you heard earlier belonged to Alpha Lance. He is the leader of Moonlight Pack. And he is basically the strongest in the Pack.

I moved out of my room and motioned towards the dining section of our enormous Pack House. I was welcomed by the smell of cinnamon toast in the air.

"Good morning mom." I hugged my mom and she placed a kiss on my hair.

"How was your night?" she asked.

"Fine mom," I said with a bright smile. My mom's name is Elizabeth Lance, the main woman of the house. She is the Luna of Moonlight Pack.

"Good morning family!" I greeted everyone seated at the long table cheerfully.

"What took you so long Avery?!" James growled.

"Don't start on me James. It's pretty early to start fighting and I don't have any strength for that." I rolled my eyes before settling in a chair. The long table was laden with all kinds of food. But I'm gonna settle for the toast.

James is my brother. The third child. He's just three years older than I am. We are always fighting like a cat and mouse. And sometimes I feel he doesn't like me. Why do I have this kind of feeling? James is jealous dad loves and cares for me better than he ever did to him or any of my siblings. He always bullied me and loved to play his silly and scary pranks that would make me freak out.

I was so afraid of James when I was little. But not anymore. I'm old and strong enough to look him straight in his eyes and confront him.

"Don't pay attention to him Bumblebee," my dad said. I stuck out my tongue at James.

"You should learn how to defend yourself Bumblebee," James scoffed.

"I can defend myself James Lance. Remember I beat you up in the fist fight," I said.

He laughed. "That's because I let you win on purpose. I didn't want you to cry in dad's arms just like you did when I defeated you in the hunting game," he reminded me with smirk on his face.

"That's not true!" I gasped.

"What—?" He was interrupted by a Juan.

"Please James let us enjoy our breakfast and head out to our daily activities."

James bit his lower lip as we exchanged stern glances.

Juan Lance is the first child. He is next in line to lead the Moonlight Pack. My dad already gave him the Alpha title at a tender age of nine. Not because he lost his mate but he gave him the title so no one would try to raid our Pack whenever he was far away from home.

Juan is gentle and cool but strict in some ways. He is overprotective when it concerns his family and Pack affairs. But he loves me the most and that's why I love him too!

"Hey! Stop the Stern Glance Contest right now!" Aubrey growled angrily, making everyone at the table jump a bit. "Sorry mom, dad," she apologized. "Don't you guys get tired of fighting?" she huffed.

"It's her fault," James said. And I shook my head.

"That's enough James!" She smacked his head.

"Aish! That hurts!" He rubbed his head.

"Serves you right" I mouthed and he eyed me.

"Now eat up," Aubrey instructed. I picked up my fork to eat my food, satisfied that she had smacked James.

Aubrey? Who is she?

Aubrey is the second child. My only sister. She's married to Donald who had been declared a Beta to Juan when he becomes the main Alpha of Moonlight Pack. A Beta is the assistant leader. But of course not as strong as the Alpha and must give respect to the Alpha. Aubrey has two children. A boy and a girl—Caleb who is four and Caroline who is just one. Caroline is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen and she's so adorable whenever she's drools and tries to play with your thumb.

We ate in silence for several minutes before dad spoke up. "Juan what's the update on our contract with Black moon Pack?"

Juan cleared his throat. "I and Donald are still working on it. They haven't responded to the last note we sent to them."

"Something that has to do with Alex?" Dad asked and Juan shrugged.

"I don't really know dad."

"It's obvious Alpha Alex doesn't want any relationship with our Pack," James said.

"I think Alpha Alex still sees us as an enemy and not an ally," Aubrey said.

"But we need his help. I really don't know why he's refusing to sign the contract and help my Pack," Dad mumbled. I looked up at him. Anger was clear in his expression.

"Why do you need the Black moon's help?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

My mom reached out and place her hand on dad's to calm him down when he clenched his fist. "What's wrong with our pack?" I prodded. There was no response. Then I knew something was wrong when no one said anything. They all fixed their gazes on their plates.

I watched my dad relaxed a bit and his expression softened. "Dad—"

He interrupted me. "Our pack is fine." A half smile displayed on his lips. I wasn't going to buy his response. I mean, I know they are all hiding something from me! Something that has to do with our Pack!

"Dad," I called him again.

"Bumblebee it's not something you should be concerned about. And our Pack is fine." His response was too sharp and immediate. And I knew there was no arguing with him. I wouldn't dare pester him about it. So I let things slide.

"I'm full." He pushed back his chair backwards and stood up to leave.

"I'm joining you honey." Mom followed him.

I breathed out heavily. "Can anyone please tell me what's going on here?" There was no response again. "Hello, why did you send a note to the Black moon pack?" I asked Juan but he didn't answer. He pretended to be busy with his phone.

"You? I know you know something about it," I turned to face Aubrey but she avoided my gaze. I sighed in disappointment.

I knew asking James won't favor me. He would end up saying bad words to me for not knowing anything about our Pack. Hey! Whose fault is that? Everyone’s—Dad's, Mom's, Juan's, Aubrey's and James'! And not my fault!

Chapter 2 Pack Affairs

Chapter 2 Pack affairs

Chapter 2 Pack Affairs

(Avery’s Point Of View)

I had been interested in Pack affairs since I was little but they wouldn't allow me close to it. Dad thinks I'm too young. Juan says running the Pack or a portion of it would stress me out. Mom wants me to stay at home and learn how to be a good mama for the future. James says Pack affairs belonged to the males. Aubrey says I'm a sweet innocent girl who needs nurturing and proper care. She thinks interfering in the Pack affairs would taint my innocent image and corrupt my clean heart. And so she always drags along with her to some silly dancing classes. Or she persuades me to help her take care of my little nephews while she's dancing!

Argh! So annoying! No one sees me as a twenty-one-year-old! I don't want to be a sweet innocent girl!

"I can help you kiddo," James said. I slapped his hand away when he placed it on my head.

"What do you have to say?" I asked.


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