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Ebunoluwa Ademide

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Alpha Vins Bond’s Hated Mate
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ALPHA VINS BOND’S HATED MATE (Beauty and the Beast) Vincent Bond-Smith, a vampwolf. Half-Vampire...Half-Lycan; a deadly cross breed. He possess the powers of both species, making him twice as powerful. He is the Alpha King of all the notable supernatural societies. Out of cruelty, he created a tradition, humans are made sex pets and slaves in his imperial. Vins Bond had longed to have a mate again. Table turned, his second chance mate turned out to be the object he detested more than anything. A human. Kiara had worked up the courage to leave an abusive marriage but she still cries herself to sleep every night. She is a cosmetologist who runs a beauty salon with little to no excitement in her life. She is bruised, broken and scarred. Not long though, she found herself in an entirely different world and mated to the rarest and deadliest hybrid. Being Vins Bond’s mate, hating him and the whole imperialism system disgusted her so much but it changed after inching a little to closer to his heart, what’s left of it at least. Will the broken, scarred human take up the courage to show Vins Bond what it feels like to be in love? Or will his dark world snuff out what’s left of her light and shatter her completely?

A Deal With The Billionaire
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  • 7.5

Can second chance ever have a chance? Christopher Crawford is the perfect combination of good looks and wealth. He is the rightful heir to Crawford Corporation but to claim his possession, he had to do one thing — Get married. It was easy, he had a girlfriend. The love of his life, so he thought. But she turned his proposal down thus crushing his soul. He vowed not to love again, but still needs to get married in order to get the company. Desperate and eager, he heeded an advise from a friend. A simple and easy contract marriage. Raven McKenna is a smart, hardworking, ambitious and kind single mother of one. She loves two people more than herself — her mother and seven years old son. She loves them and can go any extent for them. So what could a poor twenty six years old single mother offer to a thirty years old corporate heir? Raven has to get married to a stranger because she needed money. She sold herself to a rich heir to save her son’s life. She signed six months of her life to help him claim his possession. Raven never knew a deal with a billionaire would change her life forever. Can he bring himself to love her after being burned so badly by his ex girlfriend? Can a marriage based on contract ever survive or last forever? And what happens when they have to battle rivals from their past? Will their love become what is worth fighting for? Find out in this story about love, heartbreak, betrayal, misunderstandings and drama.

Alpha King Special Soulmate
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  • 7.5

ALPHA’S SOULMATE Avery Lance is a sweet innocent girl that everyone believe can do no wrong. She is the last child of Alpha Lance. Avery has never been interested in romantic relationship and she prays to never meet her mate anytime soon. But fate surprises her by bringing her mate in an unexpected way. Will She Reject Him? Will She Accept and Love Him? ! ********* ALPHA KING AND THE WITCH Finally, Alpha King Sky found his mate. He ought to be happy right? Yes! But Alpha King Sky couldn't bring himself to accept his mate. Why? His mate turns out to be the child of the greatest enemy of Donia Kingdom. And he blames the moon goddess for pairing him up with such a mate. The Enmity between Donia Kingdom and Crescent Pack won't let the Alpha King Sky think twice of accepting his mate. But what Alpha King Sky doesn't know is the fact that there is a secret enemy who also wants the Donia Throne. Will he ever let go of his grudge against his mate’s pack? Will he ever accept his mate?  Find out in this stellar series.

A Baby For Billionaire Knox
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  • 7.5

A BABY FOR BILLIONAIRE KNOX (The Clumsy Mermaid) His hands covered her boobs and she began to tremble. “You are so beautiful." Knox said with his eyes on her just studying her body. "Knox...I think we...shouldn't...” Eretia paused. "Do you want me to stop?" Knox asked. Eretia stared at him. Her nipples going hard and her belly quivering. "Why do this?" “I want you to have a desire to comeback here when you return to your world." Knox answered with sincerity in his tone. “But—“ He brushed his mouth against hers cutting off her intended words. His hands gently cupping her breasts. “This is your first right? Or am I wrong?" He asked amidst kisses. “ haven't...done it with anyone.” Eretia stuttered. “Same here." Knox coaxed. Meet Knox Martins, a billionaire and who also happens to be a big time celebrity. You see, Knox Martins is stone-headed and cold-hearted. He hates to hear the word “love.” He despises his mother for just one reason - he believes that she killed his father even though he had crashed in a plane that had killed a thousand of people. Eretia, a mermaid, a lady of the ocean who has special singing powers that is enough to hear the words of the sea. She washes up to the shore of a sea, injured and alone - far away from home. She is found by a young surgeon who is kind enough to bring her into his home. And soon enough, Knox Martins meets Eretia who happens to be a hired maid by his mom after she makes a deal to reconcile both mother and son. Will the relationship between the earth and the sea ever get the chance to bloom? Or will it whither away when they are apart in their separate worlds.

Blind Billionaire Bride
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  • 5.0

Ria Robert can only see the dark, she is trapped in the dark and not to mention that she has a past she is trying to forget and run from. Her perception of men is cold and cruel. So how can she possibly love a man when she is bruised, scarred and physically blind? Love is the least of her concerns. She only wants her sight, with that she can be a famous designer, the only thing she ever truly desired. As impossible as it sounds, she is ambitious and optimistic. Her life changes when she meet a man and his goal is to bring her out of the dark. Ian Bryant, a billionaire whose business is rated top one in America. He has everything; striking looks, intelligence, riches and women pooling at his feet. What more could a man want? He wants her - The blind lady who intrigued him. The woman whose eyes are filled with pains yet manages to push on. The billionaire finds himself in a roller coaster fighting his primal desires for her, he has a thirst that only she can quench. How will their story play out?

A Son For A Billionaire
  • 👁 10.4K
  • 7.1

Ivy Rivera, eighteen years old was known to be the girl from the wrong side of the river. Everyone in Winslow, Arizona, a small town where she grew up looked down on her and she was labeled a jinx. Ivy Rivera life changed after spending a whole night with a stranger who showed her love and attention she had never received even from her parents. Soon Ivy found out that she was pregnant, and to avoid being mocked by people, she left the small town to start a new life in Los Angeles. Ivy Rivera locked up her past life to focus on her career as a photographer. Her top priority was to give her child the life he deserved and the love she never received as a child from her parents. One day, Ivy found the the stranger she had a night with ten years ago. Feelings would stir up but would Ivy be willing to let the stranger near her son? Would she set things aside and let love overpower the doubt and fear she has been keeping for years? An eye-opening love story and family drama.


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