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Alpha King's Rejected Mate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Ivonne
  • Chapters: 100
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 5.7K
  • 7.4
  • 💬 129


After being rejected by her mate the alpha of her pack because she was weak, losing her baby and almost getting killed all on the same day, Lena vows never to return to the Quarry pack and to make herself stronger. Eight years later, Lena is a lawyer and runs a law firm with her best friend Kate and she's engaged to Jeremy the beta that saved her life. But her happiness ends when she runs into Killian the alpha who rejected her and has vowed to get her back. Will Lena finally learn the truth about why Killian rejected her and be able to forgive him for all the pain he caused her or will she choose Jeremy.

Chapter 1

—Lena— “Shift,” Killian commands. My bones instantly obey, cracking again, even the broken ones, snapping back into place. For a few seconds, the pain dims everything. Am I going to pass out? Oh, please, let me just fade away. Too soon, my shifter healing kicks in, and I’m snatched back from darkness. I can’t escape. My wolf mewls for him. Help. His lip curls in disgust, but his eyes flicker blue to gold. “Stand up,” he snarls. I can’t. I don’t have the strength, and everyone will see everything. “Stand up, or I’ll drag you up.” Killian growls a warning. It’s a question. You dare defy me? Summoning every scrap of energy I have left, I roll to my stomach and push up on my good knee. I can’t just stand; my bad leg won’t let me. I stagger to my feet, exposing my butt, my belly, the wicked scars on my thighs and calves. The shame scalds as hot as fire. "I, Alpha Kelly, Reject Lena Hayes as my Luna and Mate. I never want to see your face again, you're dead to me." Lena could not believe the words she was hearing. She looked at the man who loved her, but in his eyes all she saw was hate. "How can you do this to me? I'm carrying your child!" Killian looks at me with nothing but disgust in his eyes. "That is no child of mine, I know all about how you've been sleeping around, pandering yourself around like a wh*r*." "What are you talking about? I never slept with anyone except you." "I'm tired of hearing you speak, Lena. Get her out of my sight. You are banished from my pack from today henceforth, I never want to see your face again." Lena couldn't believe what she was hearing; this was not the man she loved. "How could you do this to me Killian? You said you loved me! How can you do this to the woman you love! If you turn your back on me and your child I will never forgive you." I yell out in anger, sadness and pain. But even with everything I said he still walked away. I fall to the ground, tears running down my face, I look at my family and friends that are supposed to be by my side and protect me but they turn away from me. The only person that comes to my aid is my best friend Kate. "Don't worry, I'm with you. We'll get through this together." Kate tells me as she helps me get up. Everyone stands aside as I'm led towards the pack boundary. Once we pass the pack boundary I immediately break down and start crying. Kate immediately wraps her around me as tears flow down my cheeks. "Don't worry it's okay, me and you are going to survive the outside world on our own." I'm about to reply to her but then I feel a stabbing pain in my abdomen, and then I feel a liquid running down my inner thighs. With shaky hands I reach down and when I bring my hands up I see blood. I scream in pain "No, please not my baby." —THREE YEARS LATER— I twirl my necklace. Today is the anniversary of the day my life changed and I lost everything. I wince in pain remembering everything that happened to me that day. "Lena, are you okay?" I look up and see Kate staring at me with worried eyes. I manage to smile up at her. I look around the office and wonder where everyone is. "If you're wondering where everyone went, I told them to go home and I rescheduled all your meetings for tomorrow and I'll be representing Mr. Simon at court today instead of you." I smiled up at her and hugged her "What did I do to deserve a friend like you." "I know this day is always hard on you and I didn't want anything to stress you out. So why don't you go back home and get some rest? You don't look so good." She's right I don't feel so good. "Ok, I'll go. But are you sure you can handle the court case on your own?" I ask her. "There's no need to worry Lena, I've read all the documents and case files, I'm ready. Just go home and get some rest." She practically runs me out of the office. Kate was like a parent to me, always worrying about my health and how I was feeling and I loved her for it. She's literally the reason why I was willing to stay alive after what happened three years ago. After we left the pack three years ago and moved to the human world Kate and I went to law school and now we run a law firm together. "Ok then I'll see you at home." I shout out as I leave the office. ______ As I walk down the cobblestone road that leads to the cemetery my mind goes back to that fateful day. When I saw that I was having a miscarriage, Kate and I walked as fast as possible to get to the nearest human hospital and we even met someone who drove us there. But by the time we got there it was too late, my baby was dead. Snapping out of my thoughts I look down at her grave and I can't hold back my tears. I put down the flowers. "Hi, baby girl." I sit down on the grass and try to wipe my tears but they just keep flowing. "I promised myself I wouldn't cry today, but I can't because the pain is just too much. I'm so sorry Mummy couldn't protect you, please forgive me." I just sit there for like an hour talking to her about everything and anything, and when I'm about to leave I place a kiss on my hand and lay it on her headstone. "Happy birthday Lyanna, mummy loves you." As I leave and close the cemetery gates behind me, a car stops right next to me, I'm scared wondering who this might be and then Jeremy comes down from the car. "Hello gorgeous." I smile not believing that he's really here and run up to him and hug him.

Chapter 2

Chapter Two —Lena— "What are you doing here?" I asked him, still smiling. In case you are wondering who Jeremy is, he's the one who took Kate and I told the hospital when I was losing my baby. We later found out that he was the alpha of the Crescent wolf pack and also the CEO of Lex Crescent Corp, a multinational company. After he took me and Kate to the hospital that day, he continued to help us. He helped us find a house and also enroll in law school. He's been a really great friend, and as of five months ago my boyfriend. "I knew what today was and I didn't want you to be alone." He says, smiling down at me. Oh goddess, what did I do to deserve such a sweet man. "You're the best." I told him. He smirks, "I know, now come on get in, I freed up my day so we can do anything you want today."


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