Alpha king mutant mate

Alpha king mutant mate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Msblade
  • Chapters: 2
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 3.0
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Sarah Wayne(orphan)grew up with her aunt Maria & her uncle bane. After she turn 17 her mutant powers appear&she was confused/scares. Her uncle bane explain to her there are other like her at charles Xavier school. She agreed to go and stay finish her high school studies&her new power after few years of training and already done with her studies she decided to take a vacation at willow forest in a small town after she bought a cabin and settled she explores the town right before she head back she ran into him. Blake Knight(Alpha king) he became king of silver moon pack at the age of 18 the when his father passed the crown to him. Blake is 26 years old been waiting for his mate for years werewolf find there mate at age of 18 but he never found her. Blake got a notice a human is moving in town just bought a old cabin so he sent word out to the pack to be caution and well be have around the human. When his beta suggests to head to town to get something to eat but before they hit there destinations he smells chocolate and strawberries than when he finally found his mate (This is my 1st book I love marvel/dc&fantasy I'm making up as I go please bare with me on this journey no rude comments please)

Chapter 1

Sarah pov

My name is Sarah Wayne my parents passed away when I was little due to an car accident. My aunt Maria and uncle bane took me in and raises me and my uncle taught me how to fight for my own protection of the world since I am getting older. My uncle used to work for secret military base back in Pakistan. Today it's my 17th birthday I got out of bed,wash up, got dressed for the day. I walked to the kitchen saw my aunt and my uncle hold a cake.

"Happy birthday sweetheart," both of them said at the same time

"Thank you aunt Maria,thank you uncle bane. Can I get a slice now please"

"No" said my aunt Maria

"But why,it's my birthday" I said with a puppy eye look

"Dont give me that look,even though it your birthday,you have to eat breakfast.Meals come first than dessert"

"Fine". I grab my breakfast than head to school.My school wasn't far from my house so good walking distance.

(Hours later) when school was over I started walking home but I've been having a headache since lunch maybe I'm just tired. I finally made it home. Soon I walk in my uncle greeted me

"Hey darling, how was school?"

"Meh,it was okay I've been having a headache though."

"How about you head to your room, take a shower and come back have dinner than we can finally have some of your cake"

"Okay", I head to my room, threw my backpack in the closet, grabbed m clothes,took a shower,got ready than walk to get dinner from the kitchen but my head really hurting but I'm ignoring the pain

"Hey sweety,your uncle told me your not feeling well. Here is your dinner, and take 2 of these advil"

"Thank you" I took the medicine I ate my dinner than I saw my aunt passing out plate of cake front of me, than to my uncle than she served herself a plate. I didn't want to ruin the moment telling them I wanted to skip the cake and head to bed but I managed to eat the cake I said my goodnight to them and head to my room. I laid down on my bed hopping my head stop hurting,but It did not.i did somehow managed to drift off to sleep.

(2 in the mornin) I woke up the middle night In a se pain all over my Bodie specially my back and my head got worse I started screaming in pain. My uncle and aunt came rushing in my room

"Sarah! sarah! what the matter,talk to us hunny". Said my aunt in a worry tone

Sarah?! I kept screaming in pain and I finally managed to speak between pains" My Bodie hurts!! My head and back are hurting me,make it stop,make it stop hurting next thing I knew something was coming out my back..I saw the corner of my eye it was black wings and than I hear very faint voices from my uncle"sarah" than a darkness came over me.

Chapter 2

I open my eyes very slowly I looking up at the sealing than I look around I'm in a room but not my room?. I sat up look at my arm attached to IV and motors. That when it hit me I got up and ran to the mirror that was next to bed,but I didn't see black wings like I saw earlier before I past out. Than I heard the door open it was my uncle and aunt

"Sarah,your okay,thank goodness" my aunt said while she ran for a hug

"Sarah how you feeling you shouldn't got out of bed,let's lay down and rest"said my uncle in a worry tone.

I agreed and walk back to bed and rest," Uncle what happen?"

"I think it time to tell you that our world have secret that living among us." I'm looking at my uncle and my aunt very confused. "I know this sounds weird and crazy but, there people who aren't normal and there gifted such as a mutant and there are some supernatural creaters such as werewolf,Vampire,witches,e


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