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Alpha Damien

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An Omega wasn't the most suitable title for a werewolf, and no wolf hoped to be one. However, things didn't always go as one wished, did it? Ariel was born an Omega, and although it wasn't the best, it was manageable. Everything changed when her father killed the pack's Alpha. Everyone in her family but her, was killed. Things took turn for the worse, disrupting her semi peaceful life. To punish her, Alpha Damien, the late Alpha's son took her as a slave and puppet. What happened when the Alpha who had been searching for a mate for sometime finally found out his mate was the daughter of his nemesis? Would he accept her? And would Ariel who had been abused and tortured at the pack accept him? Found out in this suspense filled story. Warning: This book is rated 18+, and contains matured scenes. A minor errors with the numbering but it is arranged properly. Just the numbers which would be edited as soon as possible Note; this book is currently been edited. Please, kindly overlook any error. Thank you

Despicable life

Episode 1: Despicable life

Drenched in sweat, water, and fatigue, Ariel exhaled a huge sigh for what ought to be the one hundredth time. It was way over that anyway, but sighing so much could not do a thing to change her circumstance.

Being a slave was her life now and nothing she did and no matter how many damaged bones she got, she was still what she was. It would repair and her suffering would continue.

She let out a sigh and wiped the sweat on her forehead with the back of her hand, then she stopped for a moment and stared at the sink.

The dishes kept coming in. The pack was hosting a triumph party, and they invited an abundance of people.

Not to add that the alpha had conquered a different and small pack and blended them into theirs, making the numbers available twice higher than what it used to be and she was the only one in the kitchen doing the dishes.

Her stomach growled, indicating how hollow it was, and her wolf whimpered in pain of her own.

It’s been how many days already? She thought to herself and smiled bitterly at her unfortunate life. Three days, three days and no food had been able to touch her lips.

She drank water till she could no longer entertain any more liquid. And why was that? Because she had bumped into another slave and made her break a dish.

The head maid had clearly not been a good one and everyone had despised her- Ariel, for a long time.

Who wouldn’t, when she was the cursed offspring of the rogue wolf that changed the fate of their pack? Their once harmonious pack, where she could laugh, play and be just happy, had turned into one filled with fury, hate, and rage over her and life itself.

Why? Her father. Her father had carried out the greatest brutality of all time and had slaughtered the one he shouldn’t have killed. The alpha.

He eliminated him in cold blood while the other rogue wolves he involved went into the village and eliminated as many wolves as they could, leaving that night a blood filled with one.

They cut her father off that same night, but even after his death, she suffered for his sin and so did the other slaves.

Her family was a big one and her father was the head, but when he had gone rogue and caused such a mess,causing the downfall to her family, the entire family was evicted and only her was saved, probably to inflict these pains on her. The Alpha must have planned everything years back; how to make her suffer for something she does not know about.

She suffered at the hands of everyone for being the daughter of a traitor and a murderer, even her fellow slaves treated her poorly for what her father had brought against them.

Ariel had thought that they were simply furious and that it would pass. She was a victim too and had suffered as well, she lost her father. But they were still family and would treat her better in the future. She was twenty-one now. It never changed.

So, when the head slave had seen that something had gone wrong by her hand, though it was as little as breaking a dish, she didn’t hesitate in punishing her.

She banned her from eating, tasting, or leaving the kitchen. She could stay and see food, dishes and even left overs, crumbs on the floor and the ones wasted at the dustbin, but she could not taste them. What a despicable life?

“What are you doing?” a voice suddenly barked at her, waking her from her numb mind, and she jerked.

Fierce dark eyes stared right back at her and fear gripped her heart. Ariel whiffed her head with fear and turned back to the dishes she was washing. They placed more on the sink and it was growing by the seconds.

“You sick little thing,” Courtney sneered with viciousness and hate. It dripped from her voice like the very air she breathed, and Ariel shuddered. Tears burned the back of her eyes as she cursed her life.

“Were you slacking off your duties?” Courtney grabbed a handful of her black raven hair and pulled fiercely.

Ariel screamed loudly and grabbed her hand to ease the pain and burning in her scalp as she shook her head at the maid.

“No… no… please I didn't...I..,” she pleaded.

The head slave pushed her off and wiped her hand against each other in disgust. She glared at Ariel, wishing that she could drop dead and die, but even that wish could not come to pass. Not when the alpha wanted to see her alive.

Ariel disgusted her.

“Don’t even think that you will have anything to eat when all this hasn’t been done with, do you understand?” she barked at her.

As tears ran down her cheek, she nodded her head vigorously and started with the dishes again. Ariel cursed her wretched life, she cursed her father and what he had done, she cursed everyone and, more importantly, she cursed that man and wish he could die, the alpha whose greatest pleasure was to see her suffer. She really wished he would die.

He was bent on making her life a living toture, Ariel fisted her hands into a ball. Until when would all this toture and torment end?

Speaking of which, a powerful presence suddenly washed all over her skin and fear gripped her heart as a sharp, icy gaze penetrated her skin and very bones, making them grow cold, numb and lifeless. Speak of the devil.

Alpha Damien!

Chapter 2 Torture

Alpha Damien, the great and prestigious Alpha of the red moon pack and one of the strongest, leading billionaire and business man of all time stood right at the door of the kitchen from which Courtney had just left.

His cold gaze, glazed against the body of that woman and an incomprehensive pain followed by rage, overwhelmed him. He wanted to just shred her into pieces.

Ariel immediately cringed, knowing absolutely what it felt like to be close to him.

It was like death, the hand of death clutching her, clawing at her and choking her. But instead of it to take her, it toiled with her.

She had suffered endless times by this hand, this traumatic mental torment to know instantly who it was who had entered her presence.

Her legs voluntarily carried her to the very edge of the kitchen, where her back hit against a wall. If she could run into it, she would. If only she could simply disappear.

A whimper escaped her mouth as her heart raced insi

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