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Alpha Aires;My Bully Loves Me

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"I love you, Aires" "Who wrote this letter?" Aires asked, bending to pick the piece of paper that has fallen at his feet, his eyes pinned hers and she swallowed, "you love me?" His voice sounded strange to her ears but she couldn't fathom the emotions behind it. Timidly she nodded finally voicing out her feelings. His gaze raked over her and she stood absolutely still, "flat chest, flat bum, teeth filled with braces and clumsy as hell, I can never love someone like you so get lost" and so she ran, with tears streaming down her cheeks like rivers of water......

Chapter 1


Ariana, the Luna of the blood moon pack had just put to bed when the shocking news came that their pack was under attack, there was chaos everywhere, the attackers knew just when to strike, their pack has been formidable for years and there was peace after they had removed the pack's last leader and her husband, Alpha Dylan has taken over the leadership, with a witch as his Luna, no one dares them, so, she must commend their attacker, they knew just when to strike and they hit unexpectedly, her husband Dylan rushed into the room where she had just pushed out their baby, his face etched o worry but softened when he beheld their baby boy, "my boy, his name will be called Aidan" his tone was soft as he trailed his hand on his son's face, "Alpha, they've broken through the barriers and are inside already, our men are dying"

"Go!" Ariana whispered softly taking the child from him, "we'll be fine, your pack needs their Alpha"

Dylan choked as he placed a kiss on her forehead, he stood up, his eyes taking on a look that she knew all too well, he would protect his people even with the last drop of his blood, Ariana watched him leave with a heavy heart, there were screams of terror all over as their weapon shook the building, the midwives with her had scampered away for safety, she can't just stay here and watch everyone die, first, she needed to protect her son, just as she was about to stand up, Samantha, her sister rushed in, she was still in her wedding dress for she had just gotten married to her love, Damien, in fact, they were still at her reception when Ariana's water had broken and she entered labor, it was supposed to be a joyous day, first, her sister had gotten married, second, she had welcomed her son with Dylan but instead of celebration, here they are, facing attack, "are you okay?" Samantha asked, concern written all over her and Ariana nodded, "we should move to the secret room, it's not safe here" there was worry and fear in her tone, she has the right to be afraid, she had left the human world to start a new life with her werewolf husband in his pack and on the day of her wedding, they were under attacks, both their husbands were at the battle front, Ariana, stared at her baby and placed a kiss on his forehead, she would rather die than let any harm come to him, "let's go to the secret room" she and Sam went to where they thought they would be safe but got a shocker instead, everyone in there was dead, all slain, Ariana looked at the child in her arms as it dawned on her that they might not leave here alive, but she won't leave her husband, never, neither will she allow her child to be harmed, a thought formed in her head, there is still a way out, a passage that only she and Dylan knew about, the decision she was about to take is indeed a very tough one, but she had no choice, she would have to do it, tears formed in her eyes as she nodded for Sam to come with her, they passed through the passage, the other side was a river, she would have to let her baby go, it's for the best, she grabbed the amulet she was wearing and placed it on him, "this will keep you safe my boy, mom will look for you, I promise"

"What are you doing Ariana? You should go with him, you're not strong enough to fight"

"No Sam, I can't leave my husband behind, he needs me and I won't bail when he needs me the most"


"I'll stay and fight with my love, but what about you, this is your chance to escape " Samantha shook her head, "I won't be leaving my husband," she said fiercely, "he has thought me how to use a sword, It's time to put it into practice " Ariana stared at her sister and nodded, the life of a werewolf is one rugged and not for the feeble-hearted, Sam was far from feeble-hearted, Ariana was proud of her sister's decision at the same time scared for her, "let me give my nephew a kiss before you send him away, after kissing him, Ariana gently placed him in the safety boat and pushed gently, tears gathered in her eyes as she watches the boat float away, "I'll find you" she whispered tearfully. Sam hugged her and she sighed, time to go to her husband.

"What are you doing? you should not be here " Dylan shouted amidst the cries of battle, "my place belongs with you" she replied as she went to him so they were standing back to back, "where's Aidan?" He asked just as he dodged a sword, aiming at the person's chest, he did what he knows to do, in a heartbeat, he has the person's heart in his hand, "wooo, not bad" Ariana praised, "Aidan is in a safe place" she responded with some feelings, not allowing herself to think about him, she needed to be strong right now, Dylan glanced at her briefly, he knew all his wife's unspoken emotions but now is not the right time to analyze it, he first needed to save his pack from the onslaught, from the corner of his eyes, he saw someone aiming at his best friend, Damien, who was busy fighting three others all at once, "Damien, watch out!!!" He called out to warn him but as the attacker raised his sword, Samantha, blocked it before it could reach him, Dylan was relieved, he was glad his friend now have someone in his life, they would protect each other, it's ironic to watch the two of them fighting in their wedding attire, from his side, his wife fought alongside with him, after taking out her last opponent, she held her head and would have fallen but Dylan caught her, that moment distraction was enough for their bloodthirsty opponent to pierce him an arrow, it was just an arrow but his blood started burning, it contained wolfsbane poison, he made Ariana seat on the floor and stood in front of her, he would protect her with his dying breath, he was able to take on three more at a time before he fell on his knees and chains was made to go around him, seeing their leader down made his people lose hope.

Ariana, watched as they were putting those chains around her husband, it showed they don't want to kill him right away but would rather torture him first, well, not if she could help it, she was weak and dizzy but she have to do this, she started chanting and one by one, they started holding their head and falling, she felt strength leaving her but she didn't stop, she can't stop now, and so she continued until they were all dropped, with the bit of strength remaining in her, she placed it on Dylan and continued her chants, blood was streaming from her eyes and ears but she can't stop, Dylan's life depends on her right now, she can't let him die, so she kept chanting and smiled when he was able to break the chains from around him, she did it, she coughed out blood before falling to the ground unconscious.

Dylan carried her and rushed inside with Damien on his tour, he can't lose her now, he'll be lost if he loses his wife, she's his Luna, his mate, his everything, Damien tapped him on the shoulders, "she'll be fine, let me take a look"

Dylan paced, they have won the battle, but why does it feel like he lost instead.



From the other side of the river, a little girl was playing alongside it when she sighted the safety boat and drew her mother's attention to it, "a baby boy" what could have happened that would make a mother leave such a cute baby, she decided to take care of the baby as her own and she gave the child's name, Aires.



N.B: to read more about Ariana and Dylan, please read "the rejected alpha's slave mate" .

Chapter 2


Author's POV

"Aires, wake up sleepy head, you're gonna be late for school" Jasmine called out, walking into his room without even a knock, Aires groaned as he turned over in his bed, "next time I'll remember to lock my door, you don't walk into a boy's room that way" Jasmine rolled her eyes at him, to think that her little brother is now seeking for privacy never cease to amaze her, who would have thought that the baby she found in that safety boat that day would turn out to be not just her brother but her best friend, she adore him to the moon, her mother had developed problem with her womb after giving birth to Jasmine and so could not ever conceive again, she had been lonely and had always envy those with siblings to play with but was careful not to bring up the matter inorder not to make her mom feel bad, them that fateful day, she had found a baby brother, she used to have dreams that his


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