A Slave For The Imperial Son's

A Slave For The Imperial Son's

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Elizabeth Isaac
  • Chapters: 9
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Kianna Martins a young princess of the celestial pack thought her life will be sweet and rosy as an alpha's daughter. Little did she know that she will end with a different title in a total different world. A world that is dominated by the Lycans. A world where other breeds are treated as trash. What started as a victorious ceremony turned into a bloodshed. What happened when she became a slave and got mated to one of the Imperial son? Will she fall in love or end up dying of the imperial sons abuse? Read the story of Kianna, Declan and Deforest.

Chapter 1: Brutes

Sucking in a sharp breath, I lift my gown off the floor so that I can easily Maneuver my way around the forest. I had let my wolf, Riana out to play since she was antsy and time had passed me by.

"Princess! Your dress…" Erica half screamed, eyes streaking down my body. I couldn't help laughing. I had thought it fun to roll in the mud. I had enjoyed it then but was now regretting my actions on hearing the way Erica kept muttering at me as she tried removing the streaks of dirt with her hands.

"It was totally not my fault. Riana wanted to play in the mud and we saw this pretty rabbit and…" I trailed off remembering what my father had told me earlier. How had it escaped my memory? Oops! I will definitely be late.

My father had told me that there was going to be a celebration to congratulate one of his best warriors for winning one of the elusive fights in the dunes. The dunes was an underground settlement where fights and all manner of depravity happened, even trafficking! I had asked my father once why he allowed that place to exist and he had just smiled dotingly and ruffled my hair.

I had chucked it to the fact that it helped reduce crime in the country so that was why he allowed it. My father was very loved by his subjects. I mean I've never even caught wind of any bad gossip about him whenever I went out of the castle.

I skip slightly as I smiled distraughtly at the guards who greeted me. Finally, I sight my room from the left and happy that I had successfully evaded my father, if not he would surely scold me for not being ready for the ceremony already.

My father liked to be punctual, overtly so. My father had always been rigid but he started being more flexible because of my mother. My mother is a free spirited woman. Singing every morning in her garden which she coerced me occasionally to join. My mother is definitely the ying to my dad's yang. Till today, they still acted like a new couple towards each other. It was sweetly sickening. Shaking away my errand thoughts, I focus on the now flustered Erica as she skittered around my room.

Erica ushered me into my private bathing room. "I can bathe myself " I said while removing my clothes. I hadn't worn a corset today. I've never appreciated the restrictions it offered, allowing them only for special occasions.

"I know princess, I don't just mind doing it. Besides you smell really good" Erica teased slyly.

I roll my eyes at her. I've always told her not to call me by my title rather by my name but she wouldn't listen. It has even become one of our daily teases.

Huffing instinctively, I entered into the bath, knowing how futile it is to argue about this with Erica. I've always told her she had the will of stone, she was such an assertive girl.

Erica was brought home by my father after one of his battles. He had given her to me the next day pointing out that we were around the same age so we would get along just fine. I secretly thought he knew about Erica’s assertiveness and was probably hoping she would tame me a little using her will alone. He would be very disappointed if he finds out that wasn't the case. Infact Erica encouraged my assertiveness behind my father’s back.

Erica had refuse to tell me where she had come from when she had begun serving me. Only answering questions I asked her with brusque answers. At the end, I had worn her down. I am very assertively you see and I welcomed the idea of being friends with whoever my new maidservant would be. I had refused to pick one from all the choices they had laid before me. Those girls were docile, too docile and they have been servants all their life so they probably will be too scared to befriend me while if some do befriend me, I would probably not trust their intentions. The thought of someone using my friendship for personal gains is chilling. Unlike With Erica, I trusted her with my life. We had slowly wormed our way into each other's hearts for the past three years and now we could hardly be seen without the other.

After bathing, Erica helped me into a beautiful, beaded corseted gown. It was floor length with a strip of lace at the bottom. My heart deflated a little on seeing it's corset but it felt surprisingly comfortable after putting it on. I wore a simple, diamond studded necklace with matching bracelets and rings at least three on each finger. I wore the rings because I love rings.

For my makeup, Erica had applied just a little mascara and some lip gloss foregoing my cheeks cause they already looked pink. I looked at myself in the mirror, my hair in elegant, rolling waves as it's strands cascades down my back. I loved my hair, it was so full and long though a little lacking in the shiny department. My silver eyes glowed with life as I glanced at my reflection one more time. My eyes were a glittering silver with a little downward tilt at the ends. It made them look droopy to me. Erica argued it made me look innocent.

I put on my flats advertently ignoring Erica's disapproving glare on them. I was in for a long night so I at least wanted to be comfortable because I was pretty sure I was going to dance till I drop today.

I stood up briskly. After absently fluffing by gown, I hold out my gloved hands cheekily to Erica. "Come on Erica, let's go before my father sends a carriage" I was joking but knowing my father, if I was late, he would eventually send one.

I hurry down the stairs with Erica as I walk briskly to the great hall where the celebrations was taking place. “Princess Kianna, please don't walk like that. Your dad would prefer you walk like a lady slowly than fast and so brutishly" Erica scold exaggeratedly shaking her head.

Ignoring her teasing jab, I continue walking eager to get at least a cup of wine in me before I had to dance. We reach the doors and i sat down in the ante-chamber, waiting to be welcomed in.

After what felt like an hour, I begin to idly wonder if I could just get away with not coming for this ball. As it seems, my father is probably too into his festivities that he has forgotten about me. For reasons I didn't want to dissect. I felt elated at the thought. Erica smiled at me knowingly, she shifted closer as if to hold me down if I tried to leave, which I didn't but knowing Erica, she would definitely not let me leave even if I wanted to. It was honestly really creepy how she seemed to know what goes on in my head.

"So Princess Anna, hope you're excited to dance off your feet tonight. Lucky you wore flats" Erica teased referencing my name to our favorite werewolf tale which she did to piss me off though the name secretly elated me. The tale was about a strong-willed Princess who had defeated all odds by becoming a warrior. Kind of like me but without the whole fighting thing, I was definitely a wuss when it came to any kind of physical violence.

"Smile any wider and I'd think you were mocking me" I sneered back. Erica chuckled and winked at me. She knew my take on dancing or at least ballroom dancing.

Standing up, I peeked through the tiny spaces on the door. I wanted to see how everything was going. I sight my father guffawing loudly amidst a small crowd of men. He would stop once in a while to take a sip of his wine. Immediately he was done with that cup, a maid will come and replace it briskly without missing a sec.

Moving a step back, I glanced at Erica to see her trying to peek into the hall too. Adjusting a little for her, I let my eyes return back to the festivities or at least what I Could see of it. I see one of my dad's personal guards talking to a blonde girl in a really short gown, he started running his fingers down her arm. I look at the forlorn expression on Erica's face, she likes the guard, his name a constantly iterated phrase from her mouth. The two have been circling round each other coquettishly for the past year. I know Erica really likes him though, she confessed once how scared she is of her feelings for him. I placed a comforting hand on her shoulder breathing out a sigh of relief when Keith dismisses the girl and leaves her with a furious expression on her face.

‘'Not that, that was a good thing but it shows that he isn't interested in her ‘I reasoned and silently smiling a little when I saw the relieved expression on Erica's face. My next agenda was definitely going to be along the lines of getting those two together.

After that I needed to give Keith a scolding. Can't he just man up and ask her out already? I mean Erica is a catch, she had soft brown hair that always glinted caramel in the sun. She also had these beautiful blue eyes ringed with small flecks of gold that I have always envied. She was damn gorgeous and Keith was a fool for not seeing it .

"What are you thinking now princess?" Erica questioned arching her brows with her hands on her hips and a knowing look on her face.

"Nothing I said sharply…just what to know why Keith is not getting his head out of his ass and ask you out" I sneered cheekily.

"Princess!! Don't swear so loudly” Erica chastised while glancing around like someone was going spring out of the walls or something.

"Relax Rica, it's only us here. I can swear if I want to" I answer patting her hand slightly.

Erica shook her head slightly and focused back on the happenings in the great hall.

Glancing back at my father in his regal robes, I took a quick note to commend Mr Dave, his tailor. He did such a good work on today's outfit. My father chatted happily with a very tall warrior patting his back repeatedly . I was pretty sure this was the person whose glory called for such a celebration. The man bowed reiterated at my father, a gloating smile on his otherwise handsome face.

After a while, my father retreated to his throne nodding occasionally at his guests. My father's viceroy in an exquisite looking attire walks up to him and starts speaking quickly, to which my father furiously spoke back to him. I've honestly never seen my father so mad. Slight alarm passes through me as I see how quickly father is gesticulating whilst bearing a furious expression on his face.

"I'm getting antsy, I think I should go on at least to check what's wrong with him" I gestured towards my father's direction. Erica glanced at me with an agreeing look on her face.

"I agree your father looks quite mad but i still think you should wait some more" Erica pleaded.

I shook my head at her slightly and prepared myself to push open the doors. Just as I'm about to do just that, I heard a loud bang coming from the door that leads outside the gate. I look to my left only to see giant warriors barged in with their mighty weapons. Dread fills me as I imagine what these brutes were here for. I could bet a hundred dollars that they weren't here to join in the celebrations. I glanced at my father only to see his face pale as sheet and drained of all color. I shudder to think what this could mean if my aristocratic father looked absolutely terrified.

Erica holds my hand so tightly. I think she was cutting off my circulation with how strong her grip was.

I take another quick glance at the brutes and noticed for the first time the color of their armor. It was red and gold and it only means one thing. The dragon empire was here and I could have sworn at that moment that they weren't here for any form of good.

Chapter 2: invaded by the Lycans

I watched helplessly as the brutes cut down the guards at the door. Then they move briskly through the pandemonium cutting down every one of my people in their way. Men, women no body was spared.

Pure hatred filled my heart as I watched my people being brutally murdered like chickens before my very own eyes. Behind me, Erica gasped profusely. I followed her eyes to where Keith is being stabbed in the heart by an abnormally large warrior with a disturbingly feral smile on his face.

I glanced sharply at the throne only to see my mother crouch gingerly under a table. Her hands covering her bulging stomach. That's definitely not good for the baby. I idly think, feeling as if I'm dreaming…this can't be real.

I try to push open the door, about to go help my mother, when she shakes her head profusely, a pleading expression on her face. 'Run away!' She mouths now crying gingerly.

I felt Erica holding me back from taking any more step furthe


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