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A Hope For Moonlight

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Selyna: I always thought that I was the lone survivor of a fire that happened when I was young, that is what I had been told all of my life. I was adopted at 6 years old and raised as a human, but on my 13th birthday strange things started happening. It turns out I am a witch and my best friend, Ashe is a werewolf. When we head off to college things only get weirder as I get inducted into a coven, have stranger and stranger dreams, including dreamlinks with my supposedly dead parents, then there is him…the “grumpy boy” , a Surly yet undeniably hot wolf shifter and the future Alpha of the Moonlight Dance pack. How long can I deny my attraction to him and what part does he play in all of this? Damian: Ever since the disappearance of Alpha Dimitri and his family my father has been searching for the Alpha family. When I was young I would tag along as he chased dead ends just to be with him. Over time he started sending me off on my own when his Alpha duties wouldn’t allow for the speedy follow up on a lead. While we are Betas by blood and will submit to the Alpha if and when we find him my father thinks that my physical size and wolf mean that I was born to lead. He insists that my mate must be powerful. I am not sure I will find my mate, in the 6 years since it was possible I haven’t felt more than mild attraction to anyone, that is until that witch came into my life. I first saw her when she was 13, I had just turned 18 a few months prior. Now she is grown up and just moved to our territory and she is smokin’ hot…I can’t get this little witch out of my head. I have to get over her, but how when she is all that I can think about?

Chapter 1: Prologue

Selyna’s POV

I don’t remember much before the fire…

When I was 4 years old I was found huddled under a table in a burning building. I was later told that I was the only one to survive the fire and no one ever knew what started it.

I had been staying at a hotel with my parents. I remember my mother trying to ease my fears because I wasn’t sleeping in my bed. I remember someone placing a pendant around my neck and I remember hiding when there were loud voices and lots of smashing. I don’t remember what happened to my parents or where we were from, just my first name and my mother’s kind smile and twinkling eyes when she used to sing to me at night. She always sang such sweet songs…

White coral bells upon a slender stalk,

Lily of the Valley doth my garden walk,

Oh! Don't you wish that you could hear them ring,

That will only happen when the faeries sing!

I always wished that I could hear those fairies sing, or even hear my mother’s voice again.

I was adopted by a nice couple who couldn’t have children of their own when I was 6 years old and they loved me unconditionally, but some part of me always remembered the parents that I had lost.

I did remember my birthday, it was easy enough since it was the first day of fall (the year that I was born it started on September 22). Why am I telling you this? Because today is my 13th birthday. It has been just under 9 years since the fire. 9 years since I became an orphan. Next week is the anniversary of the fire.

I still wear the pendant that my parents gave me for my fourth birthday. It is all I have left of them, except for the few memories that haven’t faded.

“Selyna! Time to wake up!” my adoptive mother, Jane, calls up to me from the bottom of the stairs.

“I’m coming, Mom!” I hop out of bed and rake my fingers through my long black hair. I think I want a more grown-up haircut. I am a teenager today. I am sick of the ponytails and braids my adoptive mom likes to put in my hair. I want to look more grown up.

As I pull my jeans and t-shirt on Jane comes into my room, beaming “I made that appointment for the salon that I promised for your birthday! I will pick you up after school!” Yay! She is going to let me pick my hairstyle! I smile as I tie my sneakers and grab my hoodie. Jane brushes my hair into a high ponytail. I can’t wait until that is no longer necessary. it doesn’t feel like “me”. Then we head downstairs for breakfast. After scarfing my berry-topped waffles I grab my backpack and run out to meet up with my best friend, Ashe.

“Happy birthday, Princess!” Ashe shouts and throws their arms around my neck. They are so dramatic! I roll my eyes at being called “Princess” only Ashe can get away with that. We have been best friends since we were 5 years old when I first started school here and it doesn’t hurt that they live only 4 houses away. About Ashe: they are non-binary they just came out as such about 6 months ago, about 2 months before they turned 13. Some kids tease, but most are cool with it. Ashe is pretty laid back, but I'd fight anyone who tried to hurt or harass them. Most people keep it to themselves if they have an issue.

“ ‘Sup, freaks? Happy birthday, kiddo!” Ashe’s older sister wraps an arm around me and hands me a card. Before heading over to her friends. She’s cool for an older sibling and treats Ashe and me a lot better than some of her friends, especially that jerk, Noah that she has been hanging around. I mean sure, he is a good-looking 15-year-old He’s way taller than many of the other 15-year-old boys and muscular and he has a really cute smile, but I think she can do better, she's the prettiest girl in our school and one of the smartest and kindest as well.

I wish I could say the school day flew by but it didn't. It dragged by slowly, and at lunch, something strange happened. I tripped and nearly spilled my lunch then everything went in slow motion and I grabbed my tray before it could fall and righted myself. Speed didn’t seem to change to normal until I was sitting, and Ashe looked at me with a raised eyebrow “Are you hiding something from me? What’s with the super speed”

I laughed and said, “I don’t know what that was, or what it looked like to you, heck I am not even sure my brain registered that correctly.” At least if I am going insane Ashe is too.

Mom picked me up after school and we went to the salon. I picked a cute shoulder-length cut with some layering and the hairdresser gave me tips on styling my wavy hair and some hair products. Jane teared up at how grown up I was getting, and almost missed a step as we were leaving the shop. Again, things slowed down then the ground seemed to shift to accommodate Jane’s footing to avoid her fall. Yup, I am going crazy!

The rest of the day went as expected, homework, dinner, birthday cake, ice cream, and presents, with Ashe joining us as soon as our homework was done. But that night I had the strangest dream. I saw my mom, my real mom. She was sitting in a dark room, quietly and weakly singing. Right before I woke up she looked right at me and said “Happy birthday, Angel! Momma loves you!” It was a dream! I was the only one to survive the fire! But I wish there was a chance that it could be real.



Ever since my birthday, strange things have been happening. I shared some with Ashe that they hadn’t witnessed and they told their parents this morning. I don’t know why, but their parents want me to come by after school and talk. They will be throwing a Halloween party in the school Gym tonight, but I feel like things could just keep getting weirder and weirder if I go. So, Ashe and I are going to watch horror movies and gorge ourselves on popcorn and candy.

We go straight from the bus stop to Ashe’s house. My adoptive parents already know my plans so they won’t expect me home until curfew. Ashe’s mom, Melina, is in the kitchen when we get in and she calls out to her husband who is in his home office. He joins us in the living room. She brings us a plate of oatmeal cookies with chocolate chunks and dried cherries. She made my favorites! Her cookies are the best! We all sit on the sofas and Logan, Ashe’s father starts. “So, Sylena, you don’t remember much of anything about your parents? Your past?” I shake my head, but then I remember my mother’s eyes and some of the songs she used to sing. I tell them about the songs and about the dream that I had on my birthday. “Sweetie, this all started on your 13th birthday, am I correct?” Melina asked. I nod, but then ask if they think I am crazy because it feels like I might be going crazy. They all laugh and Ashe’s sister Wendy who I hadn’t realized was leaning on the doorframe says “Sounds like you're a witch, Kiddo!” very matter-of-factly She has to be joking, right? I mean it is Halloween?

Melina and Logan have a meeting to go to after dinner but promise it will be brief and that they will talk to an acquaintance who may be able to help me while they are there.


I slept over at Ashe's house last night. It was a full moon, and their parents went to some community event they do every full moon. This morning I get to meet my mentor. She is supposed to help me with my abilities. She lives almost 2 hours away but rents a cottage nearby to help and mentor me. She is on some council with Melina and Logan. There is all of this stuff that is kind of kept secret. I still haven’t told Jane and Patrick that I am a witch. They are ordinary humans. I assume that the only reason Ashe’s family knows about witches is because of this witch and the council, but sometimes I think there is more going on than I realize.

Ashe and I are eating breakfast. Melina is an incredible cook and I wish I could eat as much as Ashe does, but I am afraid if I wolfed down as much as they do I would blow up like a balloon or barf. Ashe must have the fastest metabolism. They eat 4 times what I do at any given time. Ashe tells me “I think I am supposed to be your protector.”

I laugh and remind Ashe who it is that usually does the protecting. They shrug and say “I just get this feeling like that is what I need to do”. It is hard to picture laid-back Ashe protecting anyone.

A knock on the door followed by some giggling announced my mentor’s arrival.



For 6 months I have been mentored by Rayanne, she is pleasant and funny. She never seems to use the right tools, or at least improvises. One day it is a carrot instead of Athame, another a cucumber for a wand, but she is light-hearted, good-natured, and very powerful. With her sparkling bright blue eyes and lavender hair, she always seems to brighten any room. She is kind even when I have messed up the incantation for the fifth time, like today. We are practicing in Ashe’s house. Logan set up a space next to their home gym, in the basement.

I finally get it right and manage to create the protective shield around the bubbles that Rayanne is blowing for “target practice” as she calls it. A boy barges in. “Alpha Logan said I could come down and work out!” He briskly grumbles as he heads over to the weights, with barely a glance in our direction. We are ready for a break anyway, but as we go to walk upstairs something stops me. I smell pine and cedar and petrichor. It smells really good. It must be the cologne of that grumpy boy. Who I notice is now looking my way. His black eyes and black hair, and serious face make him look hard and angry, but there is something beautiful about the muscular teen. He is a few years older than me. I can tell that much. He takes his jacket off and reveals muscular arms that are decorated with tattoos. He scowls and adjusts the weights, glancing at me once again before he starts his workout. I reluctantly follow Rayanne upstairs, then it hits that he called Logan “Alpha Logan”. Are they wolves or something? Yeah, Right?

Chapter 2: College Bound

4.5 years later… (August)

Ashe’s POV

I’m off to College with my best friend today. We met in first grade, at 6 years old, and now at 18 we are packing up my car and driving 2 hours north, to Salem where we will be attending the same University. The only thing that could be more exciting for me right now would be if we were taking the road trip that we put off until next summer. Sylena and I both took summer jobs instead, she opted for 2. She ended up waitressing at a local cafe and doing double duty interning with an herbalist. We are mostly sure she is not a plant witch. She has killed every plant Jane, her adoptive mother, has ever put in her care. I will probably have to take care of any houseplants in our apartment.

The University is on another pack’s territory, but luckily they are allies. They are a much larger pack and encompass a huge territory north of Boston, which includes Salem and about half a dozen other towns. I reme


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