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Simone Carlisle

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About me

I started making up stories that I would tell myself when I was young, I never committed them to paper until my early teens, but after a few people's shocked and sometimes dramatic reactions if I did write I mostly kept them to myself. I did write poetry and was an active member of my High School's Literary and Arts Magazine staff as well as submitting both art and poetry every year. In college some friends and I had an underground punk/feminist/queer 'zine. For many years I have kept journals for bits and pieces of short stories and/or poems I started getting back into writing in 2021 and have started a couple of werewolf stories that are still incomplete due to several life tragedies, but I have gotten back to writing and am braving the genre that I really wanted to all along : LGBTQ+ Romance. I use she/her or they/them pronouns and am a single parent to two gender diverse children (twins), we all fall into various categories as far as sexuality and gender expression.


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Selyna: I always thought that I was the lone survivor of a fire that happened when I was young, that is what I had been told all of my life. I was adopted at 6 years old and raised as a human, but on my 13th birthday strange things started happening. It turns out I am a witch and my best friend, Ashe is a werewolf. When we head off to college things only get weirder as I get inducted into a coven, have stranger and stranger dreams, including dreamlinks with my supposedly dead parents, then there is him…the “grumpy boy” , a Surly yet undeniably hot wolf shifter and the future Alpha of the Moonlight Dance pack. How long can I deny my attraction to him and what part does he play in all of this? Damian: Ever since the disappearance of Alpha Dimitri and his family my father has been searching for the Alpha family. When I was young I would tag along as he chased dead ends just to be with him. Over time he started sending me off on my own when his Alpha duties wouldn’t allow for the speedy follow up on a lead. While we are Betas by blood and will submit to the Alpha if and when we find him my father thinks that my physical size and wolf mean that I was born to lead. He insists that my mate must be powerful. I am not sure I will find my mate, in the 6 years since it was possible I haven’t felt more than mild attraction to anyone, that is until that witch came into my life. I first saw her when she was 13, I had just turned 18 a few months prior. Now she is grown up and just moved to our territory and she is smokin’ hot…I can’t get this little witch out of my head. I have to get over her, but how when she is all that I can think about?


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