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Wrath Against the Mafia Lord

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Can pure love fix a broken soul? Hana hated Raphael for killing her dad and for betraying her. Ending her life by jumping on the cliff, she had sworn to get her revenge and inflict on him twice the pain that he had made her feel! Years later, Raphael met a woman named Isabella who shared similarities with his first love—Hana, especially her expressive eyes. Who is Isabella? Will rage win over love? (Warning: R18+ story)

1- "Caught in the act!"

(Hana’s POV)

While brewing coffee, I felt Raphael’s arm cornering me between the table and his muscular body.

“Smells great,” he said huskily in my ear, and I felt his hot menthol breathing against my neck, which sent shivers down my spine.

I didn’t know whether he was referring to the coffee or the smell of my body, though it was the aroma of the hot coffee he was inhaling.

“Turn around,” he commanded me gently.

My heart raced so fast as I followed him. I slowly turned around to face him. I was blushing.

We stared into each other’s eyes intensely.

He slowly pushed the cup of coffee away. I was so stunned that I screamed and chuckled when he brought me to sit at the table without warning.

“Goodness! You surprised me! I didn’t see that coming!” I said to him as I softly and jokingly hit his muscled arm.

He smiled playfully.

I caressed his cheeks. “You were such a playful boy!”

He brought his face an inch closer to mine and suddenly kissed my cheek.

Chuckling more, I hit his hard chest the sweetest way I could. “Hmmp!”

He leaned in so that his nose touched mine, and we both savored the intimate moment.

I once again screamed in surprise when, without a word, he carried me in bridal style.

“Hey! What are you doing? Where are you going to take me, silly man?” I asked him, giggling and making my arms cling around his nape.

“In the room. Time for lovemaking!”

I giggled in excitement and thrill. He was full of surprises!

He hurried to the room, and as we got inside, he gently put me on the bed.

Remembering those moments—one of the sweetest days I had with Raphael—made me shake my head many times in disbelief at the very moment after finding everything out and after Cauis, his old friend, revealed to me Raphael’s real intentions and why he brought himself close to me and got my trust to spy on and destroy my father.

“No, this isn’t true! You’re only telling me all this because you want him to look bad in my eyes! I won’t believe you!”

“You must believe me, Hana, because I’m telling the truth. What I just revealed about your dearest Raphael was true. Loving you, getting your love, and getting your trust were all just part of his plans to get nearer to your father and eventually dispatch him.”

I continued shaking my head. No, Raphael couldn’t do this to me! He wouldn’t! I refused to believe it!

“If you want proof, go to the rooftop now so you can see for yourself that I’m telling the truth.”

I glared at him.

He pointed to the door.

“Go now, Hana. See it for yourself. See how your boyfriend, your most trusted person, the man you gave your love and trust to, is going to assassinate your father. Go!”

With hesitant feet and a heavy heart, I followed what he said. I walked up to the rooftop, hoping to prove that Cauis was wrong and that he was only fooling me to make me believe Raphael betrayed me. But it seemed that what I was about to witness was the opposite of what I was thinking when I was in the middle of the stairs and just a few steps to the rooftop. I heard gunshots that made my world literally stop. Shots followed, and a loud voice shouted in agony.

That voice! It was very familiar to me! I couldn’t be wrong! It was my father’s!

My chest thumped very hard, and my legs wanted to refuse to walk, but I forced myself to get there to see what was happening.

Cauis couldn’t be right! He just couldn’t! I shook my head. I didn’t want to believe it! Furthermore, I was praying he was wrong and that his words about Raphael were all lies!

My jaw dropped as I realized firsthand that Cauis wasn’t bluffing. I saw it! On the cold floor, my father’s lifeless body lay. Shots were found in multiple spots on his body, most notably in his chest, which had been the intended target area to ensure it was the end of his life!

“Dad!” I screamed in dread and anguish as I ran to him.

I held him in my arms. He was severely wounded!

“Dad, please don’t leave me!”

He opened his eyes to wave his goodbyes at me.

“Hana, you came… But you’re not supposed to be here, my dear...” he said while coughing up blood.

I disregarded that and scrolled onto my phone to call for help.

“Hold on, Dad. I won’t let you die like this. You are a strong man, and you will survive this. You are going to live. You’re not going to leave me, not too soon!” I cried, trying to be brave despite this very trying time.

“Hana…” He held my hand, and he was forced to shake his head, though it caused him more pain because of moving. I knew he was gesturing to me not to waste my effort and energy.

“But, Dad!”

“Hana, my dear Hana…”

I cried even more and louder!

In between my sobs, I was still able to follow his hand movement as he raised it and pointed towards the man standing still behind me.

My rage flared up. I was seized by wrath and hatred!

I heard my dad’s breathing cut off, and his lifeless hand fell to the side of his lying body.

“Dad!!!” I screamed in immeasurable pain at losing my father right before my eyes!

Nothing could ever compare to the excruciating sorrow I felt at that moment!

I suddenly recognized who shamelessly did this! The man I thought I could trust the most, but it turned out he only used me! He betrayed both Dad and me!

I glared at him with complete loathing! I will never forget this! I could never forget what he did to me and my father!

I stood up and went to Raphael.

“Hana…” he still dared utter my name after what he had done!

His face also seemed to be in the same amount of pain as mine when he held his gun down. What an act! I would never believe him again! I would not believe the eyes that deceived me!

My gaze found the gun he was holdingthe very weapon he used to take away my father’s life!

When my eyes met his once again, his countenance screamed guilt and despair, and he even begged me to listen to him. But I’m not going to! I already knew! I saw it! The man I loved killed my father!

I gave him a hard, mind-shattering slap!

2- "Begging."

“Why did you do this? Why did you kill my father? I trusted you, Raphael! I have loved you so much! What did you do in return? You betrayed me! You used me to assassinate Dad!”

He didn’t say a thing, and it was like he could only accept all the anger I was throwing at him.

I was never satisfied with just a slap. I hit him as hard as I could on his chest many times, and he seemed to be numbed by the pain.

“Why did you have to do this? I trusted you! We gave you our trust, Raphael! You killed the only family I have! Now, I am left with no one to care for me anymore! I hate you, Raphael! I hate that I once fell in love with a traitor like you! I regret having been in love with you! If only I could turn back time, I would wish never to meet a man as deceiving as you are!”

I cried and cried and hit him and said every painful word to express how much I loathed him!

I shouted all my pain, despair, stress, frustrations, and exhaustion away until I passed out, b


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