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Wild Cravings

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“Do you still want your ex?” “No.” He bowed his head. “Hmm…. Your cheating girlfriend.” She blasted into chuckling as she got naked. “I'm a punk and so gullible.” “Maybe… But you are a charming dolt that is going to get laid.” Leaning in and locking lips with his... His hands found her hips, took them and moved them to her butt. It felt little and firm, but it was quite great to hold. A six-year relationship was gone in a flash after he found his lover cheating on him. He just wanted a revenge, but by putting himself out there brought out the s*x life he never thought he had. Can anyone save him?


Austin waited patiently for his sister in the parking lot, when school was dismissed.“Hello loser, what took you so long?” Austin asked her immediately she arrived.“Hi bigger loser, I was occupied with some stuff,” She replied as she slid into the driver's seat. Austin was just staring at her like he wanted to say something, but was looking for the right time to share whatever his mind was harboring.Austin's eyes were glued to her during the drive. It was becoming scary and unpleasant.“Hey…" She poked him, “Why are you staring at me like that?” She asked, smiling.“Do I look like Kelly?” She asked.“That's it,” that was the exact moment he was waiting for. “That's what?” She asked confused.“Sarah… I want to surprise Kelly today, I would like to take her out and spend some quality time with her.” He said shyly.Sarah; His sister, held herself from laughing, but one could know she wanted to smile.“Why are you laughing?” He asked annoyed.“Nothing actually… Just calm down. I'm just surprised on how you started missing her.” She said, trying to get Austin back on track, but he felt humiliated.Sarah waited for Austin to say something, but nothing until they finally got home.“I will give you my car. How does that sound?” She said.“Of course, you will give it to me. You have no choice.” He replied smiling.“Stop being a tease. Well, I will also spend some quality time with my…" She didn't finish before Austin interrupted.“I know,” he said, and left.Kelly and Austin have been going out for a couple of years, it was a five minute stroll from Austin's house to hers. But it's now a five-hour drive after Kelly changed school.Austin's timings were correct, and he showed up at her college not long before 9pm. Stopping up close to the students' corridors, he advanced toward her room. She didn't expect Austin to be there because he never informed her, Austin felt like they were beginning to float apart, that was why he decided to spend some time with her.“This is the best way to reignite our relationship.” Austin though and got to her door and was about to knock when he heard the conspicuous hints of Kelly groaning. His heart sank when they were immediately joined by male snorting. Austin's hand lingered palpably, he needed to discuss his best course of action.What he did next would change his future until the end of time. He made a stride back from the door.“Do I just leave and imagine nothing's going on? Do I jump in and go up against them? It probably won't be Kelly, it very well may be a friend. I've to see this.” Austin was roaming in thoughts.He snuck back up to the door and attempted to open it, it was opened. He eased it open, to see what was happening. Austin's heart broke in his chest.“It was definitely Kelly.” His head concluded.She was on all fours, backing from the door. So she couldn't see if someone step in and a slim man was furrowing her from behind.He froze at the door once more, tangled with what to do.“I adored Kelly and would have done anything for her, Meanwhile she's here, f*ck*n' behind my back.” He said to himself.He left with so much to think about. He was assuming how things would have been if he had confronted them.“I'd have taken that little thin f*ck*r out and that would have prompted more issues.” He was so furious and disturbed.He needed to conceal his feelings as he stormed pass different students. Not only that, but he sat himself on an outdoor table out close to the vehicle left, his head in his grasp.“Fuccckkk!!” He shouted into his hands. “That f*ck*ng prostitute!! All turned out to be clear. Throughout recent months, we were talking less. Didn't know she was cheating, who knows how long this had been going on.”“I'm such a nitwit.” He disdained himself.“I can't stand her. I just have to calm myself. F*ck relationships and trust. She was the one who had to do the remote relationship. She was the one who contended it would work, and we were okay. 'What a f*ck*ng liar!' I gave her beginning and end and dealt with her like a princess. That was most likely the issue, she was a spoilt b*tch.”“Uugghhhh,” he discharged the structure strain.He sat on that seat for he didn't know how long. “Hey dude,” a female voice called out.“Uh?” he looked upward. His eyes were welcomed with the perspective of a five-foot six, biker cut punk provocative looking young girl.“Hello man, are you okay?” Her voice was low and smooth, but had certifiable concern. She had short dark hair, a tight white shirt that was trimmed low, uncovering her decent 32D chest. She likewise had on close dark pants and a cowhide biker coat.“Eh, It's all good…I'm fine.” He pitifully answered.“You sure.” She gave him a little grin.“You seem as though you've had an unpleasant evening?”“You could say that.” He joked, trying to force a smile.“Just got my girlfriend, well now ex of six years cheating on me.” He didn't know when he said that, but he knew he wanted to air everything out. If only that will ease his pain.“Ouch” she said as she came to go along with him on the table. “Need a smoke?”“I don't smoke.” He answered nonchalantly.“Really?”“Yeah… But I'd love to test one.” He said.She removed a bunch of cigarettes from her coat and offered him one. Accepting one for herself as well. She illuminated hers before offering the lighter to him. He took it and with a flimsy hand attempted to light his own but with no achievement.“Wow, you have made some unpleasant memories,” she giggled as she took the lighter from him and lighted his cigarette.“Much obliged.”“Don't sweat it!” She gestured.“Oasis coincidentally,” she offered her hand.“Austin.” He feebly shook her hands.“So…found your great woman cheating. What did she say when you got them?” She interrogated.“Well I didn't really stand up to them, I left.”“She doesn't know?” Oasis asked surprised.“No, not yet!” He enjoyed a puff. “I needed to take her out, and I don't know what I would have share with her.” Austin added.“Well, it's alright, I actually love you.” Oasis said freely.Austin chuckled because it's likely obvious.“Man… You really want to pursue some retribution,” she prodded. “It would make her extremely upset.” She said. “Haha, who am I, joking, no, it wouldn't…No doubt you're right!” He added.“That's the spirit.” She poked Austin.“Well I have a long five-hour drive home, so bounty time to consider what to do!” Austin replied.“Five hours?? Man, you truly cherished her.” She affirmed.“That's why it's more painful.” He gestured with one more drag.There was a little snapshot of abnormal silence before Oasis broke it by speaking up.“We could have s*x.” She said straight.“What???” He was surprised.“No doubt what on earth. It's simply s*x. It will seek your retribution, and you're even adorable. You can go back home the next day, cause screw driving back this evening.”He simply gazed at her, investigating her again, she was hot, and his rooster was beginning to jerk in his jeans.Oasis got up and got rid of her cigarette, “Coming?”He bantered in his mind what he ought to do; however, his rooster pursued the choice. With a steadily developing semi, he got up and followed Oasis.


The stroll to her room was quiet as they simply walked next to each other. Once they got to the entrance of her room, he stood there, but couldn't tell her he didn't want to do it. His heart was already broken by his cheating girlfriend.“Hey… come in. I don't bite,” she chuckled as she threw her coat onto her office chair. Her room was the same size as Kelly's. But less decorated. There were music band banners all around the walls and a little DJ gate table close to a PC. He finally went in.“Need a lager?” She asked, removing two glasses from a little ice chest in the corner.“Eh sure,” he answered like he had a choice.She offered him one of the jugs. He took a major drink and moaned in help; It tasted so quite fresh and this made him took a portion of the edge off things.Oasis plunked down close to him and took a several rounds of drinks.“Do you still want your ex?”“No.” He bowed his


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