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When Fate Moves

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Although he was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, Daniel King Carnillo was a magnet for bullies. Despite the severe bullying, he was able to survive his fourth year in high school. One day, a group of guys took his card and threw it away. Incidentally, Hannah Mae De Vera found it—she was the most popular girl in school—she tampered with King's name on the report card and happily showed it to her mother. But her mother found out about the tampering and made a deal with her. She shall need to graduate with excellent grades in math, otherwise she would be expelled and unable to proceed to college. That was why she needed the help of King. King became her tutor and unintentionally their hearts fell in love with each other. But a revelation from the past ruins everything they started. Despite knowing the truth, King and Hannah manage to graduate, struggling to ignore the feelings they had once. But Hannah wasn’t able to pass the aisle due to deep devastation. Will the wounds from the past heal the heartaches of the present?



“Say your goodbyes to her, Alexander,” the old woman said in her low voice. She had wiped away the tears on her cheeks and she had smiled at the little girl.

The little girl was puzzled while she glanced at the old woman and at the little boy. Her face had fumed and she had tried to hold back all the emotions she had.

Looking down, the young boy walked to the little girl. He was hesitant but his instincts got the best of him and hugged her. The girl had responded to his hug and even hugged him tighter.

“I will miss you,” the young boy whispered between their hugs.

The little girl had broke the emotional hug as she looked down, “Will I see you again?” her voice was little hoarse and she swallowed the knot in her throat. She had been playing with the boy’s fingers while sniffing.

The boy had blinked and a tear escaped from his eyes. He was holding her hand before he looked up to the old woman, who was sadly looking at them.

“Yes, sweetie,” her voice cracked and she pressed her lips. She was gently brushing her hair for a few times before she pulled her for a kiss on her forehead.

“I’ll see you,” the little girl replied. Tears had been falling across her cheek when she covered her face with her palms.

After seeing this, the old woman had immediately turned her back to her and sniffed. She had swallowed the knot in her throat and she had wiped her wet cheeks. She had sniffed few times before she turned her face to the little boy, halfway.

“We need to go,” it was almost a whisper as if she was the only one who heard what she said.

The girl had buried her face on her palm as she quietly sob.

“Please, don’t cry. We will meet again. I promise,” the little boy assured her. His eyebrows had met as his lips had shook. He was about to reach her when the old woman pulled her hand.

“We better get going,” she tried to make her voice normal but it came out more emotional. The old woman had avoided to look at the girl but she still saw a glimpse of her from the corner of her eyes.

“I’ll find you, Veronica. I swear!” the boy had yelled while the old woman pulled him to walk. His head was facing to the girl every step away from her. He had saw her shoulders shook and tears flooded in her palms.

The little girl had heard their steps moved away so she wiped her wet face and looked at them. She had sniffed as she looked on them departed. Her lips had trembled and she could not stop the tears flew from her eyes. They were making their way in the thick cold snow and met the winter breeze that conquered the entire street.

They continued to walked and the boy focused his eyes on the road. He had felt the old woman’s hand tightened on his wrist and he looked up at her. He saw her eyes was wet and reddish. Her lips were pale and her cheeks were wet. He had swallowed with shaky lips and looked down on the thick snow.

“Alexander,” her voice was little hoarse. She had sniffed again as she rubbed her finger against her nose.

Lifelessly, he looked up at her with sadness in his eyes. She had felt his sad eyes at her so she continued.

“Don’t think bad of me. I had to. I don’t have a choice,” her voice had broke in the middle that made her tears fell on her cheeks like a flowing river. Her eyes was avoiding him and she focused her eyes on the road.

He had looked down and glanced on the road that they took. Tried to imprint every street they had took in his memory. He had held her hand and leaned his head on her wrist.

It was December winter when he had witnessed a painful decision that his mama ever made. He knew she wanted to keep her but circumstances didn’t allow it. They had struggled a lot to the point that she had to make a decision that would surely made her regret for the rest of her life. He was too young to understand things but he believed in his mama and trust her decisions. It was hard for him, most especially to her, but they had to moved forward without her.

He looked back once again to the old mansion where they came from. It was vague due to their distance but the old mansion that broke his heart had imprinted in his young memory. He had wanted to go back and got her but he knew nothing would change if he would.

He had sniffed as a tiny tear fell on his cheek. His eyes was on the mansion until it was no longer visible to him. He had looked down and watched his steps on the thick snow. Cold breeze started to get in him despite of the thick winter jacket he wore. He had already missed her and he wanted a warm hug with her. But only memories of her had flashed in his mind. It broke his heart even more.

It had hurt him to see her away as much as it had hurt her mother. But he knew it would be the best for her. It would be painful to wake up in the morning without her smile. To end the day without hearing her said goodnight. He would be alone in his room for the next years to come but he had to be strong. He only had himself to be with his mama and it was only him and her for the next years.

He had looked up and her face flashed on the clouds. His mind was full of her. He was not sure if he would see her again but he believed, one day, he would surely see her again. It would take time but he would be patient. He would find ways to see her and he would never lose hope. Hope that seemed impossible to believe.



“Settle down, students.” Mrs. Onevic ordered the moment she set foot inside the classroom.

All of the students turned their heads to their adviser who was walking towards the teacher’s table. Without any unnecessary noise, they went to their perspective sits. Mrs. Onevic was eyeing them, making sure that they would pay attention to her after they are settled. They were all quiet after sitting so she didn’t need to give them another sermon to get their attention.

She glanced at everyone making sure that they are all paying attention to her. All eyes and ears are on her. She cleared her throat before she spoke.

“Congratulations everyone for having good grades in 3rd quarter.” She complimented, “Now let us give a warm applause to the following names that I will mention for making it to the top 5 this quarter.”

After stating, she pulled out a piece of white paper from the folders piled on top of the table. The students were secretly gossiping with e


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