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  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Millade
  • Chapters: 21
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 5.0
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The Miller family is in trouble with a huge debt on their name. The only way to pay the price is to marry off one of their daughters to the Easton family's eldest son. Using Amber as a scapegoat to marry a man she never knew. Her husband is known for being ruthless and he was extremely disappointed and angry that he married the wrong girl. She only yearns to be loved and she hoped to earn it from her cold and heartless husband, Max Easton, even though he is deeply in love with someone else. Craving for an impossible love, will she be able to break her husband's cold heart or he will breaks hers instead?

Chapter 1: Bitter Betrayal

Amber's blue eyes stared lifelessly outside the window. Dried up tears painting her cheeks with her heart completely empty. She is all alone. No one to rely on and no one who will love her.

A lavish white car honked and entered the Miller family's residence. A handsome man in a tailored black suit came out. It was Gavin Westley, a prominent man in Aurum City and the man she once loved.

His presence brought painful emotions out of her heart. She will never forget his bitter betrayal six months ago. She closed her eyes as the tears swept down to her cheeks once more and the memories flashing to her eyes.

She has just finished with her shift at a famous coffee shop and went to visit Gavin. She missed him terribly. She knocked on his apartment door but no reply came in.

"Huh? Maybe he is with his friends?" she muttered to herself.

Before she turned around she heard a small thud inside. Her heartbeat quickened and slowly turned the door knob. It was unlocked.

She entered his apartment and she could hear weird sounds.

"Baby...faster! You feel so good!" A female voice moaned out.

"Don't worry I will give you what you want, baby. You're so much better than her."

Amber's heart felt like it exploded. That was Gavin's voice. And that girl sounds so familiar. She moved closer to the voices and she couldn't believe it. Tears formed in her eyes and her lips quivered.

Gavin was smiling at her sister, Stephanie. What's worse their bodies were locked and moving together, torridly.


Amber shook her head. They've been together for five d*mn years and this is how he's going to throw it away? By sleeping with her step-sister!?

Her hand clenched on to her heart as the pain became unbearable. He is visiting right now probably to see her sister and not her.

Ever since her mom died Arnold Miller disappeared for a month then suddenly came back with Valencia, his mistress and new wife, and Stephanie, her step-sister.

There Amber concluded that he was cheating on her mom for two years. Stephanie was only two years old when she arrived, even the whole Miller family adored Stephanie more than Amber.

She was pushed out of the family picture and in order to survive she began working throughout college. That was also the time when she met Gavin. Her first boyfriend and the one who wrecked her heart.

She became independent and never asked for anything from the Millers. All she ever wanted is genuine love. A love that will make her feel safe, protected, someone who will shower her with deep affection.

Then it was horribly crushed. Amber gave up living and secluded herself in her room. There is no more hope in her life and now she's just waiting for her own death bed.

She curled her body and laid her head on her knees with emptiness in her heart.

The door opened and Brenda, the head maid, smacked her head. "Wake up! Mr. Miller is requesting you to join him for dinner. Your sister needs to announce something very important."

Brenda wouldn't stop attacking her and pushed her off the window ledge. For years she suffered under Brenda's hands. At a young age she was forced to clean the whole house and the maids will just relax as she finishes their jobs.

The attacks wouldn't stop there. Brenda's favorite punishment is to smack her back with a belt until her back bleeds.

Amber lifelessly stood up and slowly went downstairs. She can't say no to her father or else he'll kick her out of the house.

Stephanie was cuddled up to Gavin and talking sweetly to each other. Surprisingly, Gavin's parents are also here, Brian and Amanda Westley.

"Goodness! Amber, can't you even fix yourself before coming down for dinner?" Valencia growled.

Amber no longer cared about Valencia's insults. Her hair was a mess and her clothes slightly disheveled. It was because of Brenda. She quickly fixed herself and ignored the eyes of dissatisfaction from Mrs. Westley.

"Well, Amber is already here and dinner is ready. Shall we?" Arnold Miller said. Valencia leads the Westleys to the dining room.

Stephanie's arms were wrapped around Gavin's and she smiled sweetly at Amber.

"Hello, sister. I have a very wonderful announcement to make later. I hope you won't be...disappointed."

Amber knows that Stephanie is trying to provoke her.

Gavin was uncomfortable with the tension between sisters. "Let's go, Steph."

The couple walked away and Amber silently followed them to the dining room.

She was silent all throughout dinner and everyone continued to chatter. She wasn't hungry and only took a few bites. She only wanted this dinner to end, return to her room and sulking in the darkness.

"Stephanie made this cake, Amanda." Valencia said.

"Uhm! This is so delicious! My daughter-in-law is a good cook. What a perfect match indeed!" Amanda praised.

"She is not yet your daughter-in-law, dear." Brian teased his wife and winked at Gavin.

Amber couldn't help but roll her eyes. She made the Strawberry Shortcake last night and somehow it disappeared from the fridge. It wasn't a surprise that Valencia would steal it and declare that Stephanie made it. Her sister couldn't even cook a single egg or toast the bread.

Stephanie is a pampered princess and knows nothing but spending on clothes. Just like her deceitful mother.

Gavin tasted the cake and the flavor is way too familiar. He knew that Stephanie did not make this. He glanced at Amber. Her dirty blonde hair tucked in her ear and he can see the lifeless color in her eyes.

Stephanie noticed that Gavin was staring at her sister. She clenched her teeth and grabbed his hand. She smiled at him then cleared her throat.

"I invited everyone here to announce that me and engaged!" Stephanie grinned.

Everyone clapped joyfully and congratulated them except for Amber.

"Amber, your sister is getting married soon. You should be happy for her." Valencia smirked at her worthless step-daughter.

Amber sighed heavily and stood up. "Congratulations, Stephanie. I hope your marriage will be long lasting. It will be if Gavin can handle someone like you."

"Amber! How dare you say that!" Valencia was angry.

She walked away and ignored Valencia's cries of anger. She'd rather lie down on her bed and cry her heart out.

Swearing to herself that this will be the last time she'll ever cry.

Chapter 2: The Debt

Amber’s vision became blurred and she was beginning to hyperventilate. The elevator doors opened and she hastily stood up pushing away the person who was waiting for the elevator.

Amber had just finished working at the coffee shop and she was not feeling well.

"Amber? Are you alright?" Evan Cadmyn asked. He used to be Gavin's best friend and cut ties with him when he cheated on Amber.

She couldn't speak. She couldn't think clearly. She clung to Evan, her vision slowly darkening as she fainted in his arms.

Ever since the betrayal and the announcement of their engagement. She was traumatized to the point where sadness nearly became her deathbed. She couldn't eat properly and was too broken to continue living her life.

"Miss Miller, please take your medicine now." The nurse called out to her.

"I have prescribed you anti-depressants, Miss Miller. If you want we can send you to counseling therapy for further


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