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Trafficked to the Viper's Don(Book 1)

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A plate of fried rice and beef, along with a cup of water, was pushed into the room for me before it shut. I ran to pick it up and then sat down on the floor to eat. I don't care where the food came from or whether it is poisonous or not. Besides, I was extremely hungry. i devoured the food like a lion before gulping the water down my throat. However, the door opened in no time, and two women entered, carrying a grave face and a nylon bag in their hands. Without any warning, one of them grabbed me from the floor and dragged me towards the bathroom. "Who are you?" "Let me go!" I yelled at them, but my screams fell on deaf ears, and their grip tightened. They rough-handled me in the bathroom, pulling my clothes fiercely before bathing me. I tried to protest, but I only got a series of slaps, making me go numb and tired. After the bathing section, they sat me down on the dressing table. They began to style my hair into a bun. Behind my head before, I was forced to wear a black bra, black pants, and a net gown, leaving my body half exposed. I gripped my chest, trying to cover my breasts that were exposed to the naked eyes. Before I could think of anything else, a blindfold was tied around my eyes again and my hands were chained with handcuffs, and I felt my body rise from the stool by the hands of the women, then I felt my bare feet cleaning the floor as I was dragged away. "Where are they taking me to?!"

Chapter 1 wedding day

Lilith POV

The breeze of the city of Lagos blows past my face, causing my wavy brown hair to fly at the corner of my face.

I grin from ear to ear. Today will be a memorable day in my life, as I will be getting married to the man of my dreams, Jason Artemis.

I can't believe I will soon be called Mrs. Artemis Lilith. Sounds great, right?

I tugged at the low layers of my linen gown. Me and Jason didn't have enough money to buy an actual wedding gown; I came from a low-class family, and he belonged to a middle-class family.

Although I wish the man of my dreams would come from a high-class family so that I can have all the luxurious things I crave, I don't care, infact the saying that goes, "Love is blind," applies to me.

I didn't care if he is not a rich man; since my family couldn't afford to send me to the university, I decided to get married and bear children for the man that I love; besides, is that not the cycle of life?

With careful steps, my low heels click on the marble floor of the aisle.

My eyes met with the shining brown eyes of my husband-to-be, and I smiled cockily at him.

Jason is a handsome and tall man. He works as a lecturer at the University of Lagos, while I am a part-time teacher. We both met at an education seminar, and from there we grew from ordinary friends to inseparable lovers.

"You are looking beautiful, my love," he said to me while taking my hands and leading me up to the alter.

I smiled sheepishly at him; I was overwhelmed by joy, and my gaze rolled towards my family.

My father was dead, so we only have my mother and my younger sister sitting on the front benches of the church. We couldn't afford a lavish wedding, so only the immediate members of my family were invited.

My eyes scan around, looking at the empty benches that were supposed to be occupied by members of my fiancé's family.

"Where are the rest?" I asked Jason nervously.

"Oh, don't worry, my love, they are on their way." He spoke to me in a coaxing tone.

"Oh," I mumbled and smiled at him before turning to face the priests that had already appeared behind us.

"Good morning, father," I greeted in an exciting tone before gaining a nod from the middle-aged man.

"Alright, it's time to join these beautiful souls in holy matrimony." He announced.

He crossed his rosary from his head to the two sides of his shoulders before opening the Handy Holy Bible.

He told us to stand opposite each other with our rings on each other's hands.

He read a verse to us about a happy marriage before saying, "Miss Lilith Peters, will you accept Mr. Jason as your husband?" He questioned, and I nodded and smiled broadly before placing the ring on the fourth finger of Jason's left hand.

"Mr. Jason Artemis, do you accept Miss Lilith as your wife?" He questioned again.

"Yes, father," I heard him answer with a quick bow before sipping the ring into my finger too.

"Then, by the power bestowed in me, I pronounced you both husband and wife."

"You may kiss your bride." He said it with a cheerful tone, gaining a few cheers from the small crowd.

Jason moved closer to me and pulled up the net veil that was covering my face before pressing his lips into mine.

I was very shy about kissing in front of other people, but I decided to be brave and kiss him back.

After a short kiss, the priest led us to another side of the church, which is a small room that happens to be the priest's office.

We were instructed to sit down, and we obeyed before a sheet that was pinned together and a pen were brought to a table closer to us.

I smiled when I saw the sheet, thinking it was a marriage document. Of course, we have to sign in order for our union to be legal.

"Please sign."  I heard the priest's gentle voice.

I picked up the pen and proceeded to sign without bothering to read the content. Besides it's a marriage documents, what else is there to read again?

But for some unknown reason I found myself resisting to sign, and my fingers began to shake for no reason.

"My love, are you okay?" I heard Jason's worried voice speak to me before he moved closer to me. He placed his hand across my waist as if to assure me that he would always be there for me.

I gave him a nervous smile before closing my eyes to inhale and exhale the air, I really don't know why this unknown fear crept into my body.

I firmly pressed my fingers into the sheet as I crossed my heart and signed the document. Besides, what was I scared of? Jason loves me, and I trust him and love him back.

I received a quick kiss from him before watching him sign his part.

My mother walked towards us, and Jason passed the papers for her, indicating for her to sign too.

I guess she is signing as a witness, right?

After the singing moment, the priest returned to pick up the papers. I was expecting the priest to give us the original copy, while the photocopy will be kept in the church for future reference.

But to my despair, nothing like that occurred. The priest took the papers and presented a cheque to Jason and another to my mother, leaving me dumbfounded in confusion.

"What is going on here?" I asked but got no response; the next words I heard ripped my heart into pieces.

"Thank you for the contract, Mr. Jason; we will be looking forward to having another with you." I heard the priest say before two hooded men started matching towards my direction.

Chapter 2 Sold!

I was stunned for a second, trying to wrap my head around what was happening—was I daydreaming or what?

I saw the smiling faces of my husband and my mother as they talked with the so-called priest while holding the cheque

"Did they sell me for money?" I muttered to myself, trying to grasp the meaning of what was going on.

"What are you?-" I couldn't finish my question because the two hooded men gripped my hands before my junior sister walked towards me and pressed a handkerchief onto my nose.

Before I could protest, I felt my body feel dizzy as my conscience drifted away.


I felt a bucket of water pour down my body, and I flung my wet eyelid open.

"Oh well, the beauty has woken up; I thought you were dying."

"Was the dosage too much?" "Because this is the tenth buck


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