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Author Mimiperry

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About me

I'm a simply Authoress Mimiperry, a passionate romance base writer. Easygoing and friendly.


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This is a story about the complicated love life of a powerful alpha who was bonded to two mates. One was meant to be his official; the other was meant to be a subordinate. Alpha Sean, being the man of his own principles, refused to have two mates; he insisted on having one of which didn't go well with the other mate. She vows to haunt his life until he claims her. The story consists of love battles, a power-hungry war against the werewolf packs, and a bloody, dark life "You know what I want, Sean!" "Why are you punishing me?" She cried out in anger. I pitched the bridge of his nose out of frustration. "I can't mate you!" I roar out. "That's b*llsh*t!"   M.K. shouted before standing up from her seat. She walked closer to me as the clacking sound of her heels entertained the tense atmosphere. "Honey! We can make this work; just give it a chance." Her voice was soft and luring as she traced my jawline with her thumb. I groan in irritation and grip her wrist, saying, "Enough, Miss M.K., please leave my office." I ordered quickly. M.K. flinched in rage and said, "How dare you order me out of your office?" She questioned me in anger. "Fine!  " "I will forgive you for today, but keep in mind I'm giving you just two weeks to come and claim me!" She affirmed and stormed out of the office. I breathed in relief. I picked up a cup of coffee and gulped it. "I need to take care of her as soon as possible; she is becoming a pest." I murmured as my body was heated by her touch.  Just a single touch from her could make me melt, and besides, she is meant to be my subordinate mate, so the whole bond thing was giving me a hard time. I hate to admit it, but I can feel my lust for her growing lately.

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(A/N: Hello sweety, I want to inform you and assure you that this book is certainly the erotica book you are looking for; it's a story that can spice up your love life and give you some knowledge about s*x education. This book is all about the thrilling s*x life of a youngster, which is very erotic, steamy, and has a touch of dark relationship and dark romance (BDSM). (Do enjoy reading!) Snow POV I stare at the naked figure besides me in amusement. I still can't believe that this man is the one making me moan crazily like a mad woman. His dirty words, his touch, the things he does to me, and the things he makes me do, felt really crazy but enjoyable. My life has become engulfed by him, making me madly obsessed and addicted to him. If I don't see him, I will feel uncomfortable and sad. He has become a vital part of my life, my breath, and everything! He makes me feel so good; he makes me feel like a real woman. He is the only one who can send me to hell in heaven and drag me back. The rate at which he handles my body when it tangles in his, the sexual chemistry, the burning pleasurable desire, and the way my body writhes in his addictive touch make me go lustfully crazy. I don't know if such feelings ever existed before! My mother never mentioned this to me; she even barely spared time to teach me s*x education. But here I am, having a bonus, a premium of the real thing, and the unfortunate part is that he is my coach! A 30-year-old married man! While I'm just a 19-year-old trainee of his!

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Book cover
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"Argh!"   I cried in pain as my back was pierced by something very sharp. I couldn't look at it because my hands and legs were tied to a pole. I gaze at a particular boy in anger; it's been up to two weeks since I was admitted to Dreamwood Academy, and I have known the boy to be Demas Stuart, a notorious student and a bully. It was so unfortunate that I had to fall into his trap today, although I had been warned by my new friends that this boy was a troublemaker, but I never believed it until now. "It seems something else is also angry at you for not minding your business," Demas' arrogant voice came out while referring to the object that pierced my skin. "Please believe me; I didn't intend to; I was just passing by," I cried out. He shakes his head and smiles at me. He begins to raise his sleeves towards his arm and unbutton two buttons on his shirt. I could see his perfect, hard-cornered chest, which was graced by a beautiful type of tattoo that was not fully visible. Looking at his beautiful carved face, my heart flutters, but I am not that stupid to show my admiration for this beast. ___&&_____ Once a ruthless and arrogant vampire, Demas ruled the campus like a tyrant. His rich and powerful family had always ensured that he got everything he wanted, including his pick of the most beautiful and desirable girls on campus. But then he met her—the one girl who refused to fall at his feet like all the rest. One day, he met Tiara, a beautiful and strange girl, who caught him beating a student to the point of death.  What fascinates him Even more about her is that none of his vampire abilities worked on her. She was immune to all his vampire ritual skills that he uses to control and kill people. "Why?" "Why her?" "What kind of feeling is this?" This became the constant question in the young vampire's mind since he met her.


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