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The secret mafia boss

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: leejhen
  • Chapters: 66
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 13.8K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 13


She ran away from home, leaving with anger inside her heart. She will never accept his father's mistress to become the legal wife after her mom died. Alone, lost, hungry, and desperate. She met the young and wild Lance Angelo Vergara. They shared a night full of passion. Ashamed of what she did. Nathalie Audrey Falcon leaves without saying goodbye. Leaving Lance is so much rage and burning desire. After 6 years, their path crossed again. The Forgotten Desire that they felt a long time ago, ignites. Lance will never forget the night that they had chased her. But it will never be the same again. She is already married, with a twin. Hiding something...And he has a secret...That will about to be revealed...

Chapter 1 They meet again

It's been 6 long years…

Those long nights that always haunted her dreams.

The past that she tried to forget is now coming back.

He still looks gorgeous and dangerously handsome.

She is at a meeting for the merger of their company. Never did she thought that he is the CEO.

The meeting has ended, but she didn't understand a single word while listening to the discussion.

She stands up last and let all the people went out first.

She was taken by surprise when someone suddenly talked behind her back.

“Where have you been all these years?”He asked.

Upon hearing his voice for a long time, brought a mix feelings that she herself cannot even explain.

She didn't mind him and continue walking.

“Playing blind and deaf, my love…” Upon hearing what he said, memories came back, flashing in.

Those memories that she kept deep inside and buried.

He blocked her way. And she has no choice but to talked to him.

“Excuse me, Mr.Vergara. You are blocking my way."But he just laugh. Those laughter that she longs to hear.

"You left without saying goodbye, and that's all you can say?" He asked full of resentment. And the voice got a little louder.

He looked at the door, maybe someone had just entered.

Lance slammed the door and locked it.

Destiny is playing her life again. Of all the people he could encounter, Why Lance?

“Mr. Vergara, I don't have time for this. What are you talking about? ”But Lance’s handsome face got even angrier.

"You, what are you talking about. Nathalie! Just imagine that, after 6 years, I finally know your name." He shouted angrily.

Her heart moved upon hearing this. But that was all in the past. And you can't go back because it's hard to go back.

They both have their own life now.

“I really need to go! So please, if you'll excuse me. ”When he opened the door. Lance suddenly pinned her on the door.

She tried to let go, but he is so strong. He can smell the fresh mint on Lance breath.

“I miss you…” He said gently.

Did she miss him?

Lance kiss her and she lost her control and kissed him back with longing in her heart.

Nathalie, this is not right!

Her conscience will not stop reminding her to do what is right.

He pushed Lance and slap his face.

“I can sue you, Mr. Vergara. So, please don't do this again.” She forcefully let go of her body from Lance's embrace.

Lance was surprised and angry of what she did.

Next time, he will surely hold her tight and never let her go.

She finally went out of the meeting room. Walking as if nothing happened. When she entered the elevator. Her knees finally gave up.

Earlier her knees were shaking for no apparent reason.

Is she afraid?

Or excited?

Will she last in here? Or she will go back in France?

But her Daddy is sick, and she is the only heiress of their company. She cannot leave him.

She's done many mistakes and sinned so much when she was young.

She just needs to avoid Lance.

Yeah right, as much as possible.

The next day, she stayed at home. She only sent her secretary to monitor the company to give her some possible news if ever there's a problem that may arise when she is on leave.

And she wanted to avoid Lance too.

But that man is a pain in her head. He even went to their house pretending to visit her sick Dad.

He will never give her a peace of mind.

She locked herself in the room until she heard someone is knocking.

"Miss Nathalie are you there?" He is here! And she was nervous to hear his voice again.

She did not answer, but he will never surrender!

Knocking her door again and again. Too painful to hear.

She decided to open the door and there he is, smiling so sweetly.

"Finally, you open the door." He greets her with a wink. And her heart flutter a bit.

"Don't worry, I'm just here for your signature only." He said showing her some paperwork.

That's all the reason why he went in here?

Why Nathalie, is there more?

Are you expecting something?

Erase that scene on your dirty mind!

“Are you okay? You seem out of your mind. Maybe you're thinking of me? ” He's trying hard to be cute.

“Excuse me! I'm thinking about business. ” She denied.

Lance suddenly went inside her room and closed the door.

He is a walking temptation!

"What are you doing? Get out! The maids might see you here. ”Lance just smirked at her and sat down on her bed.

Enticing her to lie down next to him.

But that was a mistake 6 years ago. She was ashamed of what happened in the past, but she did not regret what happened between the two of them.

“Please sign these papers, Ms. Nathalie. ” He was still smiling while giving the documents to her.

He is tempting her again...

Would she give in?

No, Nathalie. This is wrong!

She takes the papers and was surprised when Lance pulled her into his embrace.

And they are both lying in bed.

Her, being at the top of him.

She can finally see, the face that haunted her dreams over those years…

Now, she remembered. She regretted for leaving him...

But, it's all useless. He is engaged and she is already married.

They will only both playing a fire.

Until she can control herself, she will, and will not give Lance the satisfaction of doing an act that they might both regret later.

She released from his grip and tried to stand up.

But Lance would not let go of his embrace.

"I miss you so much. All those years, I've been looking for you. I felt like I'm going crazy to wake up without you by my side. You left without even saying goodbye." He said while staring at her.

She did not answer. She is trying to control herself not to give in. And avoid his eyes.

Lance touches her face gently. She didn't know what to do and just closed her eyes.

“I miss this face, this body, I miss the whole you…” Lance voice is very gentle.

She opened her eyes, looking at his handsome face.

She can feel his warmness again...

And can finally touch him after all these years, but it's too late.

“Lance, we are not meant with each other. It’s all in the past, so let’s forget all of it. ”Lance face turns sour.

“I don’t care! You can really forget all about it? ” Its a hurtful question coming from Lance.

No, But I need to...

“Yes, it’s just a one night mistake. There's no special about it, a one-night stand and that's how it is.” But her heart is saying, " It was never a mistake."

“Fine, forget it. But I will not. I will forever be your shadow wherever you go. ” He answered with determination.

She wanted to say, that no need for him to do it.

Because he's been her shadow, during those lonely years. But she can't give him false hope.

“Let's go back to business. Let me sign that papers, and you can go.”

Lance get up, but he didn't let go of her.

And the situation becomes more awkward.

Her, sitting on Lance lap.

“Here's the paper, sign it, Ms. Nathalie. ” Then he handed the papers and the ballpen.

“Can you please let me go?" She thought that he already understood her explanation earlier but he is stubborn.

“Nope, And this is what I am telling you. I will be your shadow Love...” He said smiling and stole a kiss from her.

It's just a smack on her lips but she looks like she's going crazy.

If he will become her shadow, she will be living in the agony of hell.

Because Lance will continue tempting her and test her patience. That would be the death of her.

She sign the papers in a very awkward position.

And Lance just smiled as he watched her.

He is enjoying, while he is killing her.

“It’s done, next time, Mr. Vergara. Let your secretary come to my house. "She said frowning.

“No, unless you will go back to work. I will stop coming in here. ” This man won't really stop annoying her.

"Lance, I'm already married." He said softly.

His face darkens and his smile fades away, replacing a very dangerous smirk.

“I don't care.”That's all he say.

He then took the papers with his signature and without looking behind, He left her room.

She cannot guess what he truly feels. If he's really sincere or just playing her feelings.

Did she hurt Lance?

Is he angry?

She is hoping that after she dropped the news on him. He will not bother her anymore so that they can work peacefully.

I'm sorry, Lance…

Chapter 2 Meet her Twin Babies

He grabbed her dress wildly. And tear it!Then her body was exposed. Making him crazy for her...

He lifted her and dropped on his bed.

And kissed her hungrily as if there's no tomorrow.

She wake up panting and catching her breath. Those dreams again! It always haunted her for all these years. She stand up and get some water at her mini-fridge. She will be crazy staying at their home.

And she decided to work instead.

She finally felt at ease when she didn't see Lance at the office.

He has a meeting outside and it's tentative if his meeting will finish late or just in time.

She's praying that the meeting will tomorrow.

So that she can work peacefully and smoothly.

She is busy typing when suddenly someone cover her eyes.

Did she forgot to close the door?

Why he is here? Who allowed him to come inside?

And where is her secretary?

"Miss me..." He whisper huskily.

This is what they called in a song.



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