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The Ruthless Mafia King's Possession

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★Be careful who you trust. Because, even your bestfriend can also become your greatest enemy★ Don't come close to me !" I yelled on top of my lungs, taking two step backwards. My gaze fixated on his hand, dripping with blood. He had just cut off a man's hands like it meant nothing. What kind of human is he? No! No! No! He is no human, he is an animal. A bloody filthy animal. "I won't hurt you, baby girl." He took a couple of step towards me and I kept moving backwards, until my rear back collided with the wall, trapping me with him. I whimpered in fear. Unable to utter a single word as his bloodied hand caressed my chin. Somebody please save me! I cried inwardly. "You're so f*ck*ng beautiful." He complimented me but I returned the favor by spitting on his face. "And you're an animal!" I retorted. He wiped his face with his bloody hand. Then, he shot me a daunting glare. I braced myself for what could come next. I was ready to bear the brunt of my action. He could run a slap across my face. or perhaps, he might even kill me too. But instead, his handsome face brightened with a devilish smirk and he claimed my lips. -----★----★----★----★----★- Janie's father took her to a big mansion under the guise of going there to borrow money for her tuition fee. Unknown to her, he was actually going to sell her to the ruthless, dangerous and heartless mafia king, Luciano Giacomo. She found out that same day, that the man whom she believed to be her father, whom she trusted all her life wasn't really who she thought he was. Her father just betrayed her! what happens after Janie suffers that betrayal from her father? How will she cope living with the most dangerous person on Earth as his possession? Find out more from this suspense filled mafia romance novel on Janie and Luciano journey. WARNING; Not for readers below the age of eighteen!

Chapter 1. Under The Guise

★JANIE★Freaking finally! A small smile crept to the corner of my lips as I read my acceptance letter to NYU over and over again. At last, my dream of becoming a certified nurse was going to come true!NEW YORK UNIVERSITYIN THE CITY OF NEW YORK.NYU Rory Meyers College Of NursingOffice of admission and financial aidSeptember 3, 2022.Ms. Janie .H. BraxtonOlvera str, Los Angeles, CA 90012Dear Miss Braxton, On behalf of the Dean and the committee of admission, I want to congratulate you on your admission to the school of nursing science of New York University for the autumn semester of 2022. For..."Janie!"Dad walked into my room with a bag pack strapped over his shoulder. I stared at him with delight, because he always found one way or another to make me happy. And now, wasn't an exception. He told me last night that one of his friends offered to lend us my tuition fee. Immediately, my once sunken mood elevated into an excited one. My acceptance letter came in one week ago and there was little or no hope for me. Dad wasn't financially stable, He sells fish at the market to sustain us every day. But these days, his fish business sales weren't that impressive. On the other hand, the savings he kept in case of any future and urgent situation like this, got stolen from him. Yes, he was defrauded after investing all his money into a small profitable business. Although, when the sad news got to me, it shattered my heart into a million pieces. But I had to shrug it off to console dad. If I showed how furious and sad I was about the loss. I would make him feel worse. And I do not want that. I always believe in this notion that; no matter one's mistake, do not dwell on it. Rather pick your sh*t together and keep moving! Ever since mom died six years ago, he had been the only one there for me. We prayed together, ate together, and laughed together. I even tag along with him to the market to sell fish. "What's up, Dad?" I asked, folding my acceptance letter neatly, then I kept it back into the brown envelope. "What do you mean what's up?" He arched a brow at me. "I thought I told you about my friend's place last night?""Of course," I responded with a smile. "I'm done, I just decided to sit here and wait for you to get ready." "Alright let's go." He instructed and walked out of my room. Taking a quick survey at myself in the mirror; I grinned in satisfaction and followed right behind him. We walked out of our rented apartment and dad locked the door with his key. Afterward, his hand latched around mine as we walked hand-in-hand to the busy road to get a cab."Like how much is your friend willing to lend us, Dad?" I asked. "You know our rent will soon expire and that creepy old woman would come to rant our ears off." Dad squeezed my hand softly. "Don't talk about her like that, Janie." He warned and I apologized immediately. "He promises to lend us fifty thousand dollars." He stated.My pupils dilated in shock and I gasped. "Oh my goodness, that's a huge amount of money, Dad." "Don't worry, he said I could pay him back gradually. He is rendering us this favor so we could get our life back together."My heart leaped for joy and I smiled. "That your friend seems like a generous person. I'd like to extend my gratitude to him once we get there." My dad hummed, then he flagged down a cab. "Taxi!" The cab's tires screeched to a halt and dad tore his hand away from mine, so he could speak to the driver. Having disclosed the location we were heading to, he beckoned on me to join in from the back seat. While he sat at the front, beside the driver. Despite lizzo's melodic voice booming from the driver's car stereo, I did not attempt to sing along. Which is very unlikely of me. I'm a sucker for lizzo and I love her songs so much. Ranging from truth hurts, about d*mn time, and rumors  feature cardi B. But this time, my mind was filled with various thoughts on how my life would change from the moment I step into campus. I would get to make new friends, and reactivate my social life. But most especially, make the school library my second home. I could not wait for all of this to happen. Besides, I was looking forward to it. However, I took in a deep breath and let it out in a loud gush as my eyes hovered at the people, cars, and trees we passed by. All of a sudden, the car screeched to a halt, jolting my attention back to reality. I immediately collected myself and tried to maintain my poise."We are here!" My dad declared and my eyes widened as soon as I laid them on the huge mansion; It was a fair-sized house built of red bricks coupled with the most ingeniously looking picket fence I'd ever seen. Gleamed with the spotless silence of for-company-only and overviewed with a well-cultured lawn. I walked out of the cab, then I looked back at the seat only to find the brown envelope containing my admission letter lying there. With an inaudible gasp, I picked it up and did a sign of the cross before closing the cab door.D*mn! I almost forgot about it.Drifting my gaze to the magnificent house once more, I surveyed it; indeed, it was a very big mansion, the kind in which most American kids dreamed of growing up. Secluded among trees in one of the most exclusive streets, it had turrets, gable dormers, balconies, a screened-in front porch, a free-standing garage, and a pool. Oh my goodness! What an American dream.Plus, I must admit. This house is one of the most beautiful buildings I'd ever seen in Los Angeles. It looked more like the houses in movies. And never in my life, did I for once think I would lay my feet in such a masterpiece. After my dad was done sorting his bills with the taxi driver, he joined me. "Let's go in, Janie. " He beckoned on me to follow him and I obliged immediately. "Your friend is very wealthy," I stated from my observation and Dad nodded in his head. "Wait till you get inside," Dad replied. Perimeters of the ground were patrolled by armed security and every inch of the property was wired with cameras, security lighting and motor sensors.I felt uneasy by the massive security and the way these men were dauntlessly holding different types of guns. I swallowed hard then I asked dad again;"Is your friend a military personnel or some sort of public figure?" I inquired. Just as Dad was about to give me respond to my question, someone interrupted us. "State your business here!" A gaunt, tall man asked at the gate, pointing his gun to our faces. My heart skipped a beat and my breath hitched. "I have an appointment with Mr. Luciano." Came my dad's response to the seemingly scary man. If he is as scared as I am, I didn't know. Because he did his best in masking his fear, acting all brave and unbothered.I watched the man speak into his walkie-talkie, followed by an inaudible hoarse voice.Seconds later, he hung up and slipped the walkie-talkie into his pocket. Then he proceeded to open the gate for us. With a loud creak, the door parted for us to gain an entrance into the delightful but daunting compound. "Head straight! The boss said he has been waiting for you." He instructed and my dad nodded his head in response to him.Walking side by side to the mansion's front porch, I laced my hand with Dad's. Heaven knows how frightened I am of this place. Dad should have told me there were guns and scary men that looked like hardened criminals. Maybe then, I would have braced myself for whatever I met here.By the time we got to the front door, Dad knocked on the door, twice. Almost at once, the door parted open to reveal a very tall handsome man. Unlike the rest of the men I saw, he was good-looking but also had a physique that instilled fear in me. I swallowed hard, then I pressed my lip together in a grim line. "Good morning, Mr. Romano." Dad greeted. "Good morning." He replied with a curt nod. "Come in."Thereafter, he stepped aside for us to come into the house. Following right behind dad, I entered the house with my mouth, dropping to the floor. The house was welcoming from the open door to the wide hallway. Upon the walls were photographs of a very gorgeous man, so frankly serious. The floor was a modern-fashioned parquet with a blend of homely beige, and the walls were the greens of a summer garden meeting a bold creatively done piece of artwork. "Take your seat." The man my dad addressed as Romano gestures at the comfy-looking sofas in the lounge. "I will get the boss.""Thank you," Dad added quickly. Without further ado, we plonked on the sofas, waiting patiently for Dad's friend. My eyes drifted to the velvet curtains draped to frame beautiful high-arched windows that permitted daylight to enter. While rendering a heart-stopping view over the city."This is so beautiful. " I muttered under my breath.Suddenly, a muscular young looking man trudged down the stairs, attracting my attention. He looked the same as the person on the picture frames scattered on the wall. My instinct told me at once; that he was the one being referred to as 'Boss'. Considering his attitude and composure as he made his way to us. Dad stood to his feet to greet him. I didn't know if I should stand or sit, so I went with my best option and remain seated. The man shook Dad's outstretched hands and gave him the briefcase he has been holding. "I doubled it." Came his deep masculine tone reverberating across the lounge. His voice sent a cold sensation surging through my spine and I shuddered at the sight of him. "Thank you, sir," Dad added quickly. From my observation, I noticed dad and his so-called friend weren't that close. That exchange of greetings seemed so formal, and there was no glint of excitement in each of their faces. "Thank you, sir. " I added too. My heart was beating faster than usual as my eyes raked over the briefcase in my Dad's hand. The man said nothing. Instead, he took his seat across from mine and his black eyes bore into the depth of my soul, sending shivers from the sole of my feet to the rest of my body. "Janie," Dad called to me. "Take this. " I took the wrinkled paper note he brought out of his pocket and stared at it quizzically. "What's in it, Dad?" I asked. He dropped the bag pack from his shoulder to the floor and pulled me into a deep warm embrace. Instantly, I became very confused by his erratic behavior and struggled to understand what he was doing. But I failed miserably. When he tore himself away from me, I saw a small sad smile darken his face and I knew at that moment that something was wrong. But what in the world could it be?

Chapter 2- The Betrayal

★JANIE★“Please talk to me, dad.” I pled with him. “Tell me what's going on.” My dad took my hands in his and squeezed them softly. With a puzzled look, I searched his eyes for answers. This wasn't the reaction, I expected from him. Now that his wealthy and generous friend had been so nice to lend us the money, we should be smiling brightly. Not staring at each other with lots of sadness radiating from our eyes. “Janie,” He held my gaze. “No matter what happens, I want you to know that I love you....” he trailed off, avoiding my gaze. “I love you too, Dad,” I added quickly without letting him finish his statement. He sighed. “This is for the best. For me, for both of us.” Pressing my lips in a grim line, I replied; “Of course, that's why we came here to lend money from your friend. Isn't it? ” I asked. He inhaled deeply and exhaled afterward. The moment I saw tears welling up in his eyes, I jolt


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