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RIEKA She was a naive, chubby, wolfless werewolf, maltreated by her mate to the point where she loses her sanity and womb, her crime was being chubby and less attractive than her peers. GABRIEL He was a handsome, strong willed womanizer, who happens to a hybrid ALPHA prince, the person he loves the most is his kid brother RALPH. He has searched high and low for a mate he could never find. What will happen when he finds out that his beloved brother's ex wife, happens to be his long awaited mate, who was maltreated and is currently mentally unstable? Will he forgive his brother for hurting his mate? or will blood flow?



The quietness of the dark night, accentuates the emptiness in my soul,

No trace of light ever finds me,

Happiness feels like a cruelty, always beyond my reach.

I face struggle after struggles in my abject life, being married to the Alpha's second son RALPH.

Normally being the mate and wife of the potential Alpha and future Luna should be nerve wrenching and exciting, but unfortunately it's not.

Reason being that my husband hates me. I know I shouldn't being saying things like that but I just can't help it.

The way he treats me is absolutely disheartening, he hits me at every slightest provocation, rain insults at me and sometimes even go as far as locking me in our closet for hours.

He wasn't always like this though, he used to be sweet and caring, but all of that came crashing down when he found out that I was buried in debt after our wedding, not that Iied about my financial situation, he just assumed I inherited a fortune from my human mom.

I have tried countless times to explain things to him, but he will have no part of it.

Things especially have been worse recently, since it was discovered that I can no longer bear him a child.

I had 2 terrible miscarriages this pass 6 months and the second one lead in a blocked fallopian tube.

At this point, it's pretty obvious that my marriage is on it's deathbed and I should probably walk out of it and denounce him as my mate, but I can't, because I lack the courage to, plus I am still in love with my husband, call me names but I just can't help it, he is the only man who has ever approached me for anything, talkless of marriage.

If he was to leave me, I would end up alone again, as just the chubby unattractive human daughter of a beta.


Well, enough with the sob story. It is getting late and I need to get some rest.

I have just returned from my 2 day business trip on the outskirts of the park.

I was scheduled to return tomorrow morning, but I decided to surprise my husband, I don't know if he will appreciate it, but here I am.

I slowly sneaked into our room and turned on the light switch, ready to surprise my dutiful husband, only to witness the unimaginable.

My husband having s*x with my very own half sister LIFA on our matrimonial bed.

RALPH is abusive, violent and inconsiderate but for him to cheat, is just sick and with my sister for that matter.

My heart feels like it's about to explode from pain, I feel so betrayed.

How could LIFA do this to me? I know, she has hated me all this years because pa left her with nothing, but a trust fund of a half a million dollars, while I got the rights to his mansion.

She has always blamed me for all the suffering she endured all these years, claiming that if father hadn't gotten married to my human mom, he would have gotten married to her Omega mother ULF.

" What is going on here?" I ask as tears stream down my face, consequently pulling their attention toward me.

" I can explain" He says as he gets off her and uses the blanket to cover his nakedness, while LIFA takes the opportunity to get dressed

" it is not what it looks like" He states

" So you're not having s*x with my sister?" I asked confused,

' what lies is he planning to cook up now'

" I was....The thing is. I need a child RIEKA" He mumbles before speaking

" I don't believe this, you are using that as an excuse?" I voice angrily

" It's not an excuse little sis, you can't give the man a kid, so let me help you with this gruesome task" LIFA boast with an annoying smirk

" Get out" I commanded angrily

" Don't speak to your elders like that dear sis" She says mockingly

" LIFA leave us" He commands and she reluctantly obliges.

" Rieka, I know there is no justification for what happened here today, but I just want you to know, this is all your fault" He voices nonchalantly

' Well this wasn't the apology I was expecting'

" My fault, how is this my fault?" I question nonplussed.

" If you were woman enough, none of this would have been happening" He says shamelessly

" Are you blaming me for my inability to become a mother. If you are forgetting I didn't choose this. You made me lose my first pregnancy, which partially damaged my womb, with your unprovoked beatings" I state,

' how dare him pin the blame on me after what he did.

" How dare you bring that up now. Need I remind you, you were the one who provoked me with your disrespect" He says

" Why am I not surprised, You are never sorry for what you do, as always. You know what I am leaving" I say grabbing my luggage to exit the mansion.

I am sick of all this maltreatment.

I think I deserve happiness and I will get it even if it kills me.

" Where are you going to? you have no home to return to. No one loves you, except me. If you leave this house, you will end up alone and die of misery" He threatens

" I will take my chances" I voice before walking out.


By the time I am about to board my car and exit the mansion, LUNA ULVA, (RALPH's adopted mother) swopes in to save the day.

" You are giving up on your marriage RIEKA, I thought you loved my son?" She voices disappointed

Which surprises me, because Luna Ulva has never liked me from the start, and was strongly against our marriage, because she claims that a disgusting human like myself is unfit to be her replacement, plus she hates how chubby and unattractive I am, and my facial scar wasn't helping matters (I have a facial scar, it a scar that extends from my left ear to my right chin, it was one I got from the vampire attract on my family, 11years ago).

I don't say a word, instead I climb on board and try to drive out but she stands in my way

" What do you want mother, I am leaving. Isn't this what you always wanted?" I yell angrily as I alight the car.

" I want you to stay RIEKA. Fight for your marriage" She voices

" I can't mom, your son doesn't value me. He treats me like trash, and he is even cheated on me with my sister" I say between sobs

" I have known for a while, and I can't blame him. You are barren RIEKA, and this pack needs an heir, no matter how much we try to avoid it" She states

" RIEKA you belong here. I know I never liked you before and I might never like you, but you are good for my son and probably this pack" She voiced before walking out.

This was the first time I and Luna Ulva have ever had a heart to heart conversation, and I must say this was what I needed to move forward.

My mind is made up, I am not letting LIFA keep my husband.


I offload my suitcase from the car and hurried back into my bedroom, only to find RALPH lieing in bed shirtless.

" You are back, I thought you were taking your chance" He mocks

" I am not in the mood for this RALPH, plus I am still mad at you" I inform as I wheel my suitcase into the closet

" I am glad you finally came to your senses and realized that, there is no you without me" He boast arrogantly

" Anyway change up, and come here. I will like a taste of my wife" he says shamelessly.

' Is he bipolar. I just caught him moments ago with my sister and he expects me to engage in sexual activities with him, what a joke'

" I am tired RALPH, maybe some other day. I need to sleep now. You can have the bed, I will sleep on the couch" I inform as I try to pulled a pillow but he helds my right hand

" Since, when do you say no to me. You're not allowed to say no, only yes, because I am your master RIEKA, your survivor, your god, I own you RIEKA" He informs

" RALPH, I don't want any problems please" I beseech him, because I know how this always plays out, next thing he will do is to force himself on me and I don't want that, not when he smells like my sister.

" Don't worry princess, I won't force you tonight. I lack the strength to, but just so you know tomorrow night I won't take no for an answer" He informed

" Good night wifey, and don't make me wait for my breakfast tomorrow morning" He said as he gives me a kiss on the right cheek and released his grip on me.




One thing I realized this breezy night, is that a cold night feels like hell, when you don't have a sexy woman by your side to quench your sexual desire.

Trying to concentrate on work, when you are aroused is completely impossible.

' I wonder what is taking Lisa so long in the bathroom, my throbbing dick is going to tear through my pants any minute now'- I curse inwardly

" Did I take long" She questions seductively from behind me, consequently drawing my attention towards her.

She is standing by the bathroom door, in a little transparent red night dress, which accentuated her chubby, curvy body.

" So long, I almost went down with the pillow" I joke, before grabbing her by the waist.

" Sorry about that babe, I will make it up to you" She voices sexily, as she wrapped her arms around my neck and places soft pecks on my lips

" Oh, you better" I say before pulling her int

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