The Prince's Lethal Bride

The Prince's Lethal Bride

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Kasi ND
  • Chapters: 7
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 12+
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  • 3.0
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Sometimes love can be fatal… The betrothal is for the other princesses of other kingdoms, a chance to get the prince of the wealthiest and the most powerful kingdom of the land to fall in love with them and elevate them to the highest rank that a woman could possibly get to. But to Alura and her royal family, it is the chance for her to finally get them the vengeance that they had always wanted against the kingdom that had pushed them to the lowest of ranks, that had made laws that prevented her people from getting to the level that they deserved to be in. for her, it is a mission to annihilate the royal family and push hers to the top of the ranks. But then she meets the prince and suddenly, all her life’s purpose is thrust to the waters as her emotions begin to get in the way of that which she has been trained all her life to achieve. Will she face responsibility and a chance for a better life for her people? Or will she veer off from all that has been ingrained into her? …………………………………………… Prince Dre has been trained his entire life to be analytical, sharp, perceptive, and most importantly, had trained his whole life to do away as much as he could with his emotions. After all, being the next in line to the highest of the monarchies in all of the realm, it is not just something that he chose to do, it is expected of him. He knows that if he dares to be anything but strategic and scheming, he stands the chance of losing all that he has. Hence, by the time he is set to get his bride from the betrothal ceremony, he does not intend to fall in love, only to get a ruler that is to be as fit a queen someday as his mother was. Until he meets Alura. From first sightings, due to the fact that he had been trained in human emotions, he senses that there was something slightly off about her, something different, as though she had some other agenda other than to become his queen. Intrigued by her, he decides to uncover the mysteries that he knows she is hiding; only to find that as he does so, the walls that he had been trained to build over his heart slowly crumbles away. What happens when two souls clash in the midst of a Betrothal ceremony that is slowly turning out to be the deadliest ever?

Chapter 1


In three day’s time, the betrothal ceremony would begin. In three days time, I would be expected to make my presence known, with the rest of the other eligible princesses from the other kingdoms; to pay courtesy to the prince as he marked his coming of age at the age of twenty one; to try my best to woo the prince of the greatest of all kingdoms in the realm that we lived in, the Kingdom of Nildred.

But in three days time, I would not be coming with the intent of becoming the bride of the prince; I would be coming with one intent.


The moment that I was born, the moment that my parents, the king and the queen of the kingdom of Salvia, realized that I was of the same age range as the prince was, being born when he was but a little toddler of two; and that I would be eligible to be betrothed to him by the time he came of age as the other princesses of the twelve other kingdoms in the realm would, they decided that I was the one, that I was the secret weapon.

So, ever since I could make proper use of my hands, could walk and talk, and could grip onto objects, I had been trained for two things, to be the fairest in the land and to kill. My morning routines were simple. I would wake up every morning to have the expert beautician spend two hours working on my face, my shape, my smell, the shape of my eyes, the length and feel of my hair. And then another two hours would be spent with some of the most famous mistresses in the land teaching me all that I needed to know about the art of seduction, and then, after that, I would spend the rest of the day trained in both the art of combat and having the palace’s herbalist teach me on dozens and dozens of the most deadly and the most painful poisons that ever existed.

My feeding was just as strict as the rest of my schedule. In order to ensure that I maintained the perfect weight and to ensure that I did not eat any foods that would lead to a breakout on my skin, I was given a strict meal of low fat foods, vegetables, fruits and lean meats. Sweets were reserved strictly for special days like national holidays and the birthdays that were celebrated in the palace.

As a result, due to the fact that nature seemed to be on their side in this cause that they set out to achieve, I was the most beautiful in all of the land, the most graceful, and the most deadly. In fact, ever since I turned sixteen, my parents, as overdramatic as they tend to be, decided that it would be best if I used a veil to cover my face whenever I went out of the kingdom, felt that it was best that, apart from the workers of the palace, no one else was to know what a damsel I was turning into.

And more than keeping my face a secret, it made me seem, to some of the inhabitants, who seemed to know that there was just something about me that was different, something about me that was unusual, that I was going to be used as some tool, not that anyone knew what it was, to bring greatness to the kingdom.

And due to this, I was trained not to even want another choice out of life, was trained to want to do this, to want to be the source of the end of the kingdom of Nildred. And even though there were days that I resented training, I knew that this was a fair cause that I was set out to fight.

And I was ready.

Chapter 2


“Tomorrow you will be set to go to the kingdom of Nildred.” My beautician said as she ran her special comb through my luxurious thick, heavy, hair that shone brighter than any other hair in the kingdom, in the palace, despite the fact that it was as dark as a moonless midnight. There were times, especially during the hot seasons, that I wished that my hair were not left to be that long, and I found that it was more of a liability when lose whenever I trained, but the beauticians and experts said that it was the ideal length, the ideal weight, to spin the eyes of any man that beheld it. And so, I did not have any choice about that.

I knew that she would not stop combing until she had combed the e hair a thousand times, and I knew that she was counting, as she always did, whilst she combed the hair, coating it with the essential oils that it needed to glow.

“That, I will.”

Surely, on some level, you must be scared. You have trained your whole l


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