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The One Night Stand Mystery

The One Night Stand Mystery

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Mijaly
  • Chapters: 9
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 45
  • 3.0
  • 💬 1


Sarah has just finished high school when she has an encounter with Christian at the club when she and her friends are celebrating going off to college. When Sarah wakes up she has forgotten about their steamy night together and runs out of the hotel room without having a look at the man she has just slept with. Six years later Sarah has just landed a new job in New York and her aunt offers her a place to stay as she gets on her feet. At the Apartment he meets the young Hot bachelor Christian who is his new next door neighbour. Chris wants to get his revenge on sarah. He will stop at nothing to get it, it wouldn't hurt to have some fun, while doing it

Chapter 1

I don't know what happened yesterday night. I don't know how I got here and I don't know why I am here but three things are for certain. One, I need to get the hell out of here fast. Two, my head hurts like hell and I am having difficulties opening my eyes and focusing. Three, I am stark naked even though there is a sheet covering half of my nakedness. This is not good. This is not good at all. I know we all want to know what's going on here but first, let us get to know me so we have a better understanding on how to navigate this.

I am by far a straight-A student but I am not a bad student either so that's something. I just finished high school and I will be heading to college next summer and I am super excited about it. I am just a normal teenage eighteen-year-old with nothing special or amazing to brag about except what I just woke up to right now. I do not go around sleeping with strange me. I have a boyfriend. Slash. I had one boyfriend who broke up with me after we realised we will be going to different colleges and the hustle and energy to keep the long-distance thing going wasn't his cup of tea so he signed out.

I loved his honesty about it more than if he would have kept dragging me along. I was just disappointed, not heartbroken because I kind of knew our relationship would die on its course. I don't have a lot of friends at school but most are people I am in groups with that we sometimes hang out with. I do have one best friend Claire who we met and immediately clicked in middle school when I moved here with my parents I guess Kane is my friend too although he is more of Claire's best friend than mine but since we mostly hang out the three of us I guess he counts too.

Yesterday we had planned to go to town in Kane's car who offered to drive so we can celebrate and say goodbye till we see each other again as they were both going to the same college and were leaving next weekend so we decided to make the most of it. I remember us dressing together, Claire putting on my make up leaving and getting in Kane's car reaching the club with the fake IDs and getting in. I remember snaps of drinking and dancing but the nights confusing to me as hell right now. I need to focus.

As I am taking in my surroundings I can immediately tell it is a bedroom and I am in the bed itself and there is another person with me. He is still fast asleep facing the wall and I can see his inhale and exhale. I can not see his face because he is facing the wall but I can see the mop of his darl black hair that is in a disarray, I can see his back because he is naked from the waist up and the sheet is hiding the lower part of his body from view. I can see his sculpted arm as its sleepily resting on his head obscuring him from view. I don't wanna think about that now.

I am so shocked to find myself in bed with this man that I let out a squeal both in shock fear and horror at what I am seeing that I have to stop my sound with both my hands while still trying to move from the bed which is an even bigger mistake because it causes me to lose my balance and any sense of sanity I had left and end up falling on my ass on the floor with a thud.

I let out a scream that I have to stop with my hand since I have already released enough noise in the room since I woke up and I really really do not want this guy to wake up. But the pain sends both fear and horror to my brain and my body because it answers all the questions and fears I had hoped would not have happened to me. I am stark naked as the day I was born since during my fall the sheet had left my body but still held the man's side in.

I was really hoping what I feared had happened had not happened but it has happened and there is no doubt and no question that I have to get dressed and out of this room as fast as yesterday morning. I try to move as quietly as possible so as not to disturb the man because I really don't want to face whatever it was that happened last night, especially with this strange man. Lord save me I will be good from now on just get me out of this room so I can pretend it never happened and not think about it ever again. I am so humiliated by what I have done. What have I done?

My head still hurts and my vision is kind of hazy as I try to piece everything together while doing my best to locate the clothes that I find out are lying in all places in the room. As I find each item and put them on while reminding myself to keep watch on the man on the bed so he doesn't wake up and find me in my dress of shame so I can do my walk of shame in solitude. This turns out to not be as easy a job as I thought it would be since let me remind you my vision is still hazy and I am clumsy as hell. Please just get me out of this.

I put on everything except my panties. I can't find them and I know I have wasted enough time in this room, I just need to locate my purse so I can get out fast. I do a quick search and discover it by the door. I pick it up not realising it was open and my phone falls thwack on the floor. I am sure it will have a crack but that's a concern for another time as I open the door as quietly as I can and slip outside like a half-drunken ninja.

Chapter 2

I close the door as quietly and as quickly as I can and sigh a huge breath of relief that I made it out without waking him up and hence the first part has gone off smoothly without a hitch. Now the second part is where does the door lead to? and the answer is it leads to a hallway with doors on either side that have numbers on them which leads me to the conclusion that I am in a hotel. I locate the way out and It's straight to the elevator and out of there. fast.

As I am waiting on the elevator I start looking for an uber on my phone to get me home since I don't know how night got here or where I am, I am going to need the ride and Thank the almighty my battery hasn't died. The elevator dings and I get in waiting for the thing to load which shows I am at the bill Hotel in town which is not a five-star hotel but it's one of those kinds of fancy ones everyone knows about. The plus side is that now I know where I am and the user is


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