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The North Star

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Danica is the youngest daughter of Morgan and Gavin Abner. She comes from a strong and proud family. Her parents built their trade company from the ground up. Now that all of the children are grown Gavin and Morgan left the business in the hands of their capable children as they go on one last sea adventure, just themselves Ariadne and Danica are left in charge and all breaks loose. A new trading company opened up on the other side of town. They are stealing their contracts and money out from under the girls. They have a deadline to meet and funds are dwelling. Ariadne the oldest is very mature and trying to handle everything in a business manner. Danica who is a rebel and wild heart has another way of thinking. With the deadline fast approaching Danica stumbled upon one of her fathers old treasure maps. She sneaks off one night stealing one of their trade ships in search of the treasure.

Chapter 1

*warning: book contains violence, adult content, sexual content, and foul language. Some content may trigger some and is not appropriate for all ages. Thank you for reading _ S.E Dymek*


The rotten tomato she held in her hand was black and mold ridden. She was angry as she ducked behind the boxes hiding. She poked her head out and looked about to see if anyone might notice. She smirked seeing no one around. She launched the tomato towards the building. The tomato hit with a thud and busted into pieces on impact all over the sign. The wooden sign swung back and forth as pieces of the rotten tomato slid off. She reached into her sack finding another tomato. She aimed again at the sign that read “ Smith and Brothers Trading”. The second tomato spirals towards the sign, following the same pattern as the first. Exploding all over the sign. She stifled a chuckle this time. She quickly reached into her bag again and was holding the third in her hand. She let it fly, each tomato flung; she felt a little less mad. As the third tomato was headed to its destination the door of the building opened up and out stepped an older man. He was dressed perfectly right down to his shoes. He adjusted his collar pausing in the doorway as his salt and pepper hair blew lightly in the breeze. Seeing him she ducked behind the boxes peeking out just as the tomato erupted all over the sign. Pieces of the rotten vegetable splattered all over the man’s white shirt. She couldn’t help herself, it was too good to be true, her laughter rang out in the alley she had been hiding in. The man’s eyes shot her way and his face frowned, spotting her.

“You wretched creature!!” He bellowed.

“That's what you get Smith! You thieving bastards!” Danica yelled back no use in hiding since she had been spotted.

“Just you wait!” He yelled back.

“Father?’ Another voice coming out behind the man came.

This man was a younger version of the man splattered with tomato. His chocolate brown eyes studying the scene in front of him. Realizing what had happened, part of him wanted to laugh.

“Well don't just stand there!” His father yelled angrily at him.

The man shrugged trying to figure out what his father wanted him to do. Danica was now almost doubled over laughing at the scene.

“Go get her, boy!” His father yelled, slapping him in the back of his blonde head.

Hearing that she paused locking eyes with the man who was probably only two years older than her. He smirked after recovering from the wack in the head, starting across the road towards her. Fine she thought, come and catch me then. Laughing she took off running down the alleyway. Her raven black hair flew out behind her as she did. She rounded a corner running down another alley way. She could hear him catching up. She was fast but he was gaining on her. Her footsteps pounding on the cobblestone street as she ran across a busy road ducking in out of people walking by. She glanced back seeing his blonde head pop out just on the other side. She quickly ducked into another alleyway. She just needed to make it two more streets and then she would be home. Looking back and not paying attention she slammed into a fence. She blinked, stumbling back. This was new. When did this go up? She studied it, she could climb it. Being in the stupid skirt was going to make it hard. She heard footsteps stop at the top of the alleyway she was in.

“Hey! Girl!” The blonde man yelled down the alleyway to her.

Danica grumbled why was he so fast? She thought, glancing from him to the fence.

“Come on now, he’ll probably just want you to clean the sign that's all.” He said to her walking slowly.

“Yeah, I don't think I will be doing that.” Danica grumbled back to him.

“Seriously, what's your problem?” He said as he was approaching her.

“Really? What's My problem. My problem is you and your family.” Danica said backing herself against the fence.

“Who are you? What did my family do?” He asked, confused, pausing.

Danica rolled her eyes at him. She glanced down at the bag she was still holding. She reached inside pulling out a rotten tomato. She smirked as she sent it flying at him. The tomato hit him square in the forehead. The Rotten juices running down into his eyes and mouth.

“Are you kidding me!” He yelled, wiping his eyes.

Danica used this opportunity to climb the fence. By the time the man was done whipping the tomato out of his eyes, the girl was gone. He shook his head, not sure what any of that was about.

“Who the hell was she?” He muttered to himself turning around and going back the way he came.

Danica laughed to herself as she crashed through her front door. Closing it breathlessly she straightened herself up before continuing into the kitchen. Ariadne raised an eyebrow at her as she entered. Ariadne was hovered over paperwork upon paperwork that she had scattered about the kitchen table. She didn't have enough room on the desk in the office.

“Danica, I could use some help here.” Ariadne said frustrated as she tapped the paper.

“All right, what are you looking for exactly?” Danica said, walking over to the table.

“A loophole, a miss print, a flaw, anything at this point that we could use against those bastards.” Ariadne muttered.

Danica frowned; she knew exactly what her sister was feeling. Ever since her parents left and their brother Orion went off to secure their trade business in the east, everything had been falling down around them. Most companies don't want to work with a woman and with the new trading company underhanding their offers. The only thing that they had going for them right now was they had more ships and still had the queen’s favor. The queen though was getting up there in age and she knew Smith and Brothers trading company was buddying up to the queen’s son. Danica buckled down, taking a stack of paper and began reading through it. Not too long into researching there was a knock on the door. Ariadne glanced at Danica who raised her eyebrow looking at the direction of the door. Before either one of them could move a more forceful knock followed. Ariadne grabbed a pistol from behind her that she had casually sitting on the counter. Danica went and grabbed a sword. She nodded for Ariadne to go to the door. Being alone just the two of them they were prepared for anything and unfortunately the town had become noisy and everyone knew each other's business.

Open it, Danica mouthed to Ariadne as she held the sword ready to attack. Ariadne tucked the pistol into the door slightly as she cracked the door open. A man was standing outside. He had blond ruffled hair and deep chocolate brown eyes. He was tall and looked strong, his shoulders and stance said he could hold his own against anything. He smiled politely at Ariadne as she waited for him to say something. After several seconds Ariadne became frustrated.

“Can I help you?” Ariadne said her tone annoyed.

“Aye sorry, I was looking for someone...I guess. This is Abner’s trading correct?” He asked his voice held warmth as he spoke.

Danica perked up at the sound of his voice. The words seriously what's your problem echoed in her head. She let out a small gasp as Ariadne shot her a funny look.

“Aye it is but I don't have any appointments today so kindly state your business.” Ariadne said frankly to him.

Close the door, Danica mouth to her. Ariadne was busy studying the stranger that she didn't see Danica trying to get her attention.

“Aye my apologies. I could come back at a later time and talk to your boss whenever he is available.” The man nodded his head as he spoke.

Fire lit in Ariadne’s belly at his statement, like he was looking down on her. This wasn't the day she thought.

“Well unfortunately for you SHE will most likely not want to speak to you. You can send a letter to HER, with whatever it is your wanting.” Ariadne said making sure she was overly loud as she used the feminine pronouns.

Danica snickered and then went back to trying to get Ariadne’s attention. The men cleared his throat realizing he had offended her, Danica leaned closer and poked Ariadne gently with the tip of her sword. Ariadne swatted the blade away as she locked eyes with the man burning a hole in him.

“ I am so sorry madam. I didn't mean to offend.” He began to apologize.

Danica went to poke her again, this time Ariadne didn't see it coming and winced as the blade poked her.

“Aye, most men don't think that a woman could possibly be running a business, never mind being in the world of trade.” Ariadne said trying to recover from the awkward motion Danica was making her do.

“No ma'am, that's not what I meant to imply at all. I am from-

Danica had enough of this. She was done. She made her way over to the door and grasped the door pulling it open wide. Ariadne stumbled slightly.

“Yeah we're not interested in anything you have to say or offer. If i were you i would walk myself back down our walkway while you can.’ Danica said sword still by her side and her eyes narrowed with intent.

“Tomato girl?” The man said, confused.

“Aye and you better be going before i throw more than just a tomato at you this time.” Danica threatens him.

Ariadne looked confused as tomatoes were brought up but she quickly recovered going back to being composed and firmed as her sister was about to chase this man off their property.

“Dani.” Ariadne said softly.

“Dani?” The man said almost by accident as he tried to remember her name.

“Danica and you are-” Danica went to say as she was cut off

“Patrick.” The man said, holding out his hand to her.

“You are leaving...leaving” Danica said continuing.

“Ladies, I think we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot. I am Patrick Smith, from Smith and Brothers trading company across town-

“We know...bye now” Danica said, still glaring at him.

Ariadne nudged her lightly, she wanted to hear what he had to say. Danica sighed, rolling her eyes as she waved her hand telling him to continue.

“Anyways, My father wanted to make an offer to you. He knows the recent competition between our two companies are..taking its toll on your business and he wanted to make an offer to buy you out.” Patrick continued.

“Can I kill him now, Ari?” Danica growled as she tightened the grip on her sword and she stepped forward.

“Mr. Patrick, how kind of you to think of us poor women here and offer a buyout in our time of need. We will be declining. You can tell your …..charming father to take his offer

“And shove it.” Danica finished for Ariadne who cracked a smile.

A smile cracked across Patrick’s face as he looked in amazement at these two very strong and very capable women. He threw his hands up in defense as he tried not to chuckle.

“All right I will let him know.” Patrick said with a smile dancing on his lips.

“Goodnight.” Ariadne said, walking away from the door.

Danica stood there continuing to glare at patrick. If looks could kill, Patrick was sure he would have died over and over again in the short amount of time he had been standing there. He nodded slightly at Danica as he began to make his way away from the house.

“Another thing Mr. Patrick. If your father wasn't a lying, cheating low life we wouldn't be in any situation. There is enough world out there that there is no use of us fighting over it!” Danica yelled at his back.

Patrick paused this was the second time she had brought up his father being a liar and a cheat. He wanted to go ask what she meant but chose to keep going. He had been away for so long that he really idnt know exactly what was going on but his father had always been an honest man. He shook his head slightly as he began making his way further away from their property.

“Ari give me a tomato.” Danica said loud enough so Patrick could hear it.

Patrick heard her but chose to ignore her as he heard her laughter at his back, the whole situation made him want to find out more. He thought hard about this whole scene as he began to make his way home.

Danica came inside and slammed the door. She was still angry as she turned to look at Ariadne who had already gone back to work.

“Tomato girl?” Ariadne asked her.

“Yeah don't bad are we?” Danica asked her.

“We haven't made any real profit in almost two months. We are barely keeping afloat and that's just because of Orion making his contracts out east. We are just lucky enough Smith and Brothers haven't found a way to head east yet. I don't know how long we can keep this up. Even if Da and Ma cut their time away short I think they would be falling victim to this as well.” Ariadne said a tinge of hopelessness in her voice.

“Ari go rest a bit, you've been doing this for hours. I’ll take over and maybe by tomorrow we will have a solution. But staring at the same pieces of paper forever isn't going to help and you need a break.” Danica said, going over to her and nuding her as she spoke.

“Fine but the same goes for you. Don’t be up all night.” Ariadne muttered, feeling the exhaustion from it all.

“Aye I won't.” Danica smiled as she watched Ariadne make her way upstairs and she took over.

Chapter 2

Treasure map:

Danica paced the floor of the kitchen reading document after document. She glanced up to the ceiling and she finally heard Ariadne stop moving about, she hoped she had fallen asleep. With the deadline three weeks away if they didn't have the money they would lose a ship and a major contract. Danica felt defeated. Smith and Brothers were going behind each of their contracted partners and offering “better deals”. Always just a little less than what they were offering. Danica became frustrated and found herself missing her parents. She knew this wouldn't be happening if they were there. She wandered into her father's office. She loved the smell in there. All the old books and maps. She inhaled, finding peace among it all. She sat down at her father's desk and smiled, running her hands over it. She remembered sneaking in there late at night when she was supposed to be in bed. She would sit up on the desk as her father would talk to her about his a


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