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No Pampering, Mr.CEO, We're Just on Trial Marriage

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On the eve of her engagement, betrayed by both her six-year-long boyfriend and her best friend, Stella ignited her desire of revenge. In a twist of fate, she seized a man outside the civil affairs office, asking for a flash marriage. At first, she thinks it's a six-month trial marriage, but then her husband, the charming and mysterious billionaire William, decides to turn it into a true love that lasts forever. Oops, it seems it's too late for her to refuse...

Chapter 1:Flash Marriage

"Sebastian, give yourself to me, right in front of her! Make me believe that your love belongs only to me!"


Stella, inebriated at the singles party, was brought back to the apartment by her fiancé. However, when she opened her throbbing eyes in the dim light, she witnessed an impassioned kiss between a man and a woman near her bed. What's worse, she overheard an unbearable remark.

Stella stood thunderstruck, staring blankly as the two entwined in passionate kisses by her bedside. Anger instantaneously ruptured within her.

"Olivia, don't mess around, Stella just fell asleep!" The man restrainedly massaged the woman's waist, speaking.

"Why? Afraid your fiancée will wake up?" Olivia asked with resentment. "You're getting married tomorrow. Tonight, give yourself to me!"

"Darling, don't make a scene. Let's go to another room!" The man seductively enticed.

"No, I want it right here! I want it in front of her!" Olivia swiftly unbuttoned the man's shirt, and they engaged in another intense kiss. "You know that I'm the one who truly loves you. What qualifications does she, an outdated and lowly model, have to stand by your side?"

Stella held back tears, unable to believe that her fiancé, whom she was to register with tomorrow, was having an affair with another woman right in front of her.

"Behave, let's go to the bathroom. Don't you love being in the bathtub?" Olivia pushed the man's chest. Once the man left, she approached Stella, sneering, "Stella, tomorrow I won't let Sebastian have the chance to register the marriage with you because I'm pregnant. He belongs to me! By the way, I should thank you for helping me raise a man so... outstanding!"

Stella clenched her fists, suppressing the urge to make a sound, only to feel shattered when she heard passionate moans coming from the bathroom.

Three years ago, she was the top model in York, but for this man, she gave up everything, even relinquishing her modeling career to Olivia. She realized she was just making wedding attire for others.

Stella tried hard to deceive herself, but by midnight, Olivia, claiming discomfort, left the hotel with Sebastian, leaving her cleanly abandoned!

But they were supposed to register their marriage tomorrow!

The agonizing night passed, and in the early morning, Stella, as planned, drove to the Civil Affairs Bureau. After getting out of the car, she called Sebastian, only to hear a cold response, "Olivia got injured by something. I need to deal with it urgently. We'll reschedule the registration."

"But... our registration is also important."

"Stella, you're usually sensible. Don't bother me with this matter. It's useless."

Heh, such a demeanor. She hadn't noticed it before.

So, no rescheduling! Stella desperately reminded herself.

Turning around, wearing sunglasses, she was about to leave when she saw a tall figure approaching her. This man... exuded an overpowering presence, like a noble emperor from the Middle Ages. Especially when he got closer, despite wearing sunglasses, the black shadow enveloping him made it almost suffocating.

Stella recognized this man, William, the CEO of Universal Entertainment. When she still had fame, they had a brief encounter at a ball.

Is he also getting married today?

"CEO, Miss Charlotte is not here on time... ten minutes late!" The assistant behind him respectfully reported.

"Call Charlotte's family, and tell them anyone who's late for a wedding never needs to come again," the man said ruthlessly.

"But the chairman said you must get married today. He doesn't mind even if it's a monster," the assistant said timidly.

"Pick anyone randomly from the socialites in the next half hour," the man said efficiently, seeming somewhat indifferent.

So, they share a similar fate, but it's different. William owns an entertainment empire, and he can easily get anyone he wants. As a CEO, the last thing he needs is love; he only needs to handle the pressure from his elders urging him to marry.

Suddenly, Stella had an idea. She took off her sunglasses, walked up to the man, and said softly, "CEO William, your bride isn't here, and my groom has run away. How about... we have a wedding together?"

The assistant behind William was stunned. A woman was so bold...

But Stella stood upright, gathering all her courage.

William took off his sunglasses, revealing eyes as sharp as diamonds emitting a sharp light. After a moment, he turned to the assistant and said, "Find her information for me!"

The assistant, of course, knew Stella's identity. He took out his phone, searched for Stella's name, and respectfully handed it over. Two minutes later, the man lightly opened his thin lips and uttered a single word to her: "Good!"

Stella felt lucky to encounter William. He didn't need to use women, didn't need so-called love, and certainly didn't lack bed partners.

And she wanted Sebastian to pay the price!

The marriage procedures between the two were swiftly processed. In just half an hour, Stella obtained the marriage certificate, becoming a married woman from then on.

"Mr. William, I don't know if you have time. Can I say a few words?" Stella, after getting into the Rolls-Royce with William, nervously looked at him and spoke.

"Get in!" William put on his sunglasses, striding away from the registration hall.

Stella followed closely behind William, boarded the Rolls-Royce, and, feeling tense, said, "Thank you for marrying me. I will cooperate unconditionally with whatever you need me to do. However, I have two requests that I hope you can agree to."

"Speak!" William, somewhat weary, loosened his collar.

"First, if our marriage is not absolutely necessary, it should not be made public. Second, don't interfere in my private affairs. Rest assured, now that we're married, I won't have excessive contact with other men."

Hearing Stella's words, William's lips slightly curled. A dangerous aura circulated in the car. "I promise you. However, I'll give you time to tidy up your messy past. We'll have a trial marriage, and after six months... I will fully announce our marriage."

"Thank you!" Stella nodded.

"Also... I don't approve of spouses living separately! You have three days to move to the designated location I've arranged. My assistant will contact you afterward!"

Stella didn't object. Since they were husband and wife, such a request was reasonable. So, she nodded obediently, "I promise you!"

"That's good!"

After the verbal agreement, Stella turned to leave William's car. However, as soon as she started the car, she heard William speak again, "Although it's not proper to ask, I want to know one thing. Your original groom didn't show up?"

Stella frowned, unsure how to respond.

William didn't press further but said, "Abandoned despite having such a good temperament?"

This time, Stella's lips curled slightly, but her gaze was piercing, filled with madness and hatred. "So... I'm going to make them pay a


Chapter 2:Rerange

"Follow Stella in your car and report her whereabouts to me," William commanded his assistant as he watched Stella's retreating figure before getting out of the car.

Pursuing her in this marriage gamble is intriguing.

As the CEO of a multinational entertainment company, he had certainly heard of Stella's name, once a renowned figure in the modeling world. However, three years ago, Stella unexpectedly declined an invitation from the top model agency Star, resulting in a comprehensive blacklist. Subsequently, she announced her contract with Horizon Entertainment, engaging in a fiery collaboration with its owner, Sebastian.

A once-prominent model had since fallen.

Now, seeking a marriage confrontation at the Civil Affairs Bureau, the outcome was apparent: her original groom didn't show up!

Upon this realization, a cold light flashed in William's eyes. Which fool didn't value his life? Quite audacious!

In reality, St


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