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The Mafia's Kept Wife - Run Evelyn

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What happens when a sexually deprived Evelyn is teased by two people during a dinner party her Mafia boss husband took her to. Her hunger turns to starvation. She becomes desperate. So desperate that her loyalty no longer lies with her husband who has taunted her for 8 years in their 10 years of marriage rather, she is ready to commit with their new butler with a secret identity. Samuel who will go lengths and depth just to see Evelyn happy knows that their love comes at a cost. A very huge price. Will they be able to pay it and pull through it will their plans and new love fall through? Will Jake cat h on about his cheating wife. How will this possessive Mafia boss react?

Chapter 1

Never in evelyn's life would she have thought that she would find herself at rock bottom again. She solely believed in fairy tales and she had hers just like any young woman. it had a happy ending, however, there was a sequel to her story.

a sequel that dragged her back to the pit her life once saved her from.

Ever since their 2nd wedding anniversary and Jake's accident, things had been running cold between them. He had been acting strange and eventually stopped being her husband.

he ignores her during the day to attend to his duties as a mafia boss, he resists her at night in the name of feeling tired.

Evelyn had her wants but couldn't make any demands or complain. she had her frustrations but didn't voice them out because of fear of triggering his cold attitude or maybe hatred since she failed to see them.

She was like a scary cat whenever she thought of talking to him. She felt scared of confronting him because the harsh truth that she had been running away from would hit her. she was too frightened because her fragile body wouldn't be able to bear it.

Every morning when she wakes up on the cold side of the bed where Jake was supposed to sleep, she would comfort her disappointed self saying, 'He did it out of love for me.'

'he left me because he found a new way of professing his love for me.' She refused to see the bad side of things as she was blinded by love. she loved him too much to think the worst of him.

The reality was that Evelyn failed to compromise.

Whenever he refused to touch her, she would comfort herself by saying, ' he does it because he thinks I'm pure, and she will let herself drown in the memories of their youthful days till she falls into a deep sleep.

she let herself only think of how things used to be 10 years ago, how he fought her against all odds.

her mind was also in support of her as it continued to dwell on their wedding night and how he had carefully caressed her body as she let herself think that he cared a lot about her and he considered her fragile. she read the best meaning out of the fact that he always restrained himself from going too hard on her whenever they made love!

just like now.

Evelyn watched Jake as he unbuttoned his shirt from under the covers where she pretended to be asleep.

She made her posture look seductive yet concealed so that she wouldn't feel disappointed if he didn't touch her.

She traced his abs with her eyes and let herself imagine a scene from 10 years ago when they used to share the covers in hot passion.

'His abs are still as s*xy as ever. I wish I could touch them. I wish I could feel them again, but I'm too scared to get too close to him. I don't want him to snap at me like the other day.' Evelyn remembered just like the previous day how Jake came home in a bad mood. 7 years ago and she tried to make him have s*x with her to relieve him of whatever stress he was under but she ended up in the hospital instead of his warm embrace in bed.

Jake violently hit her after snapping at her. and called her useless and insensitive that she staggered backward in fear and hurt till she ended up falling off the stairs and lost consciousness.

She vividly remembered how she only saw disgust in his eyes after her discharge. and since then he stopped touching her as he used to. the fraction she felt from him never came back, she couldn't help but sniffle at the thought.

she let her tears fall as she sobbed silently, the tightness in her throat was now unbearable.

she wanted to cry out, she wanted to scream, she wanted to ask him why he had changed so much in such a short span but who was she kidding?

that would be if she wanted to get on his scary side.

'why? what did i ever do wrong?' she felt wronged by his attitude, she wanted to run away and have him come after her just like when they first met. but she knew the odds weren't on her side. Jake has changed so much, he has turned into something else far from the man she married willingly.

running away would be her loss because had nowhere to go. since she had disowned her family to move in with jake.

Besides, she had no friends, at least not anymore. The last time she had a phone call was 10 years ago, also she was still using her button phone since she hadn't upgraded it because she didn't see the need to.

she sighed in tears...

All she had was sentimental feelings toward the phone as it was Jake's first gift from her.

but as much as she tried to suppress the tears, she couldn't help it. so she let herself sob while hugging the pillow. and luckily for her, jake was in the bathroom jerking off.

He saw her slender legs and the moonlight that shined on them did nothing to suppress his arousal but for some reason, he felt repulsed at the thought of touching her so he could only relieve himself in the bathroom.

When Evelyn heard the showers go off, she knew that she had to end her sentiments and go to sleep. she furiously wiped her tears with the back of her hand, but they didn't stop falling as her heart she used her cloth to clean her snot however she felt ticklish that she sneezed out loud.

'Oh no, he's going to call me a wh*r* now, he is going to say that I did it to get his attention just like I do for other men. He is going to scold me and call me trash.' Evelyn trembled in fear as she thought of what was to come but she was shocked by the words that came out of Jake's mouth.

"Did she catch a cold? why is she shivering?"

'is he worrying about me? Does he care about me now?' Evelyn was overjoyed by Jake's words as the last time he spoke to her was during a ball party he brought her to.

Evelyn felt calm and satisfied to hear his voice laced with concern that she almost blew her cover.

Should I give him a hug now? Should I tell him that I'm fine and he shouldn't worry about me? should i explain how wrong i felt all these years? Will he listen? Will he hug me? Will he wrap me in his arms like he used to? Will he sniff my hair and tell me I smell nice? I still wear the hair spray he got me on our wedding day.' Evelyn's thoughts were crowded. she was surprised, she was overjoyed, she let herself imagine what would follow.

but never would she have expected the chill that ran down her spine from his next words.

"I should call doctor ryan tomorrow."

'no don't call him.' Evelyn wanted to shout and jump out of bed.

she wanted to threaten him by not eating if he didn't listen to her. she wanted to, but she couldn't as every one of her actions had consequences, ones she might not be able to bear.

her shivering immediately stopped as she forced herself to sleep.

she dreamt about their wedding night again and had a soft smile on her face.

Chapter 2

When Evelyn opened her eyes, unlike before, it wasn't the sunlight that seeped through the open Italian windows, rather it was the fierce gaze of Jake's on her face.

' Why is he looking at me like this? Did he see something? Is he angry at me?' Then she remembered what he said last night and told herself that there was no way he could have been angry at her.

'He must be checking to see if I'm alright.' a smile crept to her face as she stretched at the thought.

'My husband cares about me.'

However Jake had weird thoughts running through his mind. He didn't notice that Evelyn was awake until she stretched. an act he used to find cute till it started to disgust him.

He didn't know why, but he wanted to wipe the smile off her face and watch her suffer and cry to him.

He only wanted to see her beg him and be miserable. but he suppressed his evil will and composed himself. He could almost imagine


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