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Bisola Layo

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  • 3.6
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The Mafia's Kept Wife - Run Evelyn
  • 👁 20
  • 5.0

What happens when a sexually deprived Evelyn is teased by two people during a dinner party her Mafia boss husband took her to. Her hunger turns to starvation. She becomes desperate. So desperate that her loyalty no longer lies with her husband who has taunted her for 8 years in their 10 years of marriage rather, she is ready to commit with their new butler with a secret identity. Samuel who will go lengths and depth just to see Evelyn happy knows that their love comes at a cost. A very huge price. Will they be able to pay it and pull through it will their plans and new love fall through? Will Jake cat h on about his cheating wife. How will this possessive Mafia boss react?

The Alpha's Impossible Mate
  • 👁 10
  • 3.0

Now, that the hot headed Luna of the pack has realized that her husband and alpha is having an affair with her sister, she will break all ties at the cost of her life. But what if someone can save her, another alpha, stronger and more powerful who will have to wed her to keep her safe. Will this Luna accept her new fate? Or will she decide to run for the rest of her life. especially when the alpha king of strange fate kingdom has been cursed to never find a mate, yet every night ever since he ascended the throne, he has never been able to stop dreaming about her.

Belong To My Possessive Alpha Sebastian
  • 👁 67
  • 3.0

To Quinn, getting bullied, passing out and having a few broken bones is just her own was of growing, and with time, she would become strong, strong enough to fulfil her dreams and find her happiness. But until then, she has to suffer the daily bully of Olivia their Pack's alpha's daughter who doesn't think she deserve anything. And not especially the ruthless alpha she is to be mated with. Despite Sebastian's curse of never finding his true mate, he can't help the strong pull and attraction he feels on the first day he meets Quinn. First, he is mistaking her for the person his mother brought for him, and the next minute, he is throwing his life away to save hers. How will their story develop from here, when all Quinn has is her healing powers and genius knowledge on war strategies? Just what Sebastian needs to keep her by his side and even though they both have to fight against betrayal and rivalry, their love and growing affection keeps them together especially when they discover that Quinn is pregnant with his child


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