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The Elite's Engagement Endgame

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Ruby.
  • Chapters: 68
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 30
  • 7.5
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In Lulin's world, for ten years, Sichen followed him silently. However, during this time, she inadvertently became someone she didn't want to be, living a life she despised the most. Eventually, all she got in return was Lulin's ruthless declaration of "calling off the engagement". Sichen finally realized that she was just another supporting character in a CEO novel, while Lulin was the true male protagonist, and she was not his leading lady. As people gossiped and laughed behind her back, Sichen came to this realization and decided to leave, letting go of this relationship that did not belong to her. Initially, Lulin believed that Sichen couldn't leave him, so he heartlessly proposed to end the engagement. He even thought Sichen's agreement was just her playing with his feelings. However, as time went on, the situation gradually changed. Now, he was humbly pleading with her, begging her to stay, asking her not to leave. In this story filled with heartache and struggle, Sichen and Lulin will face their love and misunderstandings. Can they overcome the obstacles of the wealthy world and find their happiness with each other? This is a touching tale of love and growth, of missed opportunities and reunions, guiding readers deep into the ocean of emotions, exploring the true essence of love.

Chapter 1

Clang! It was the sound of a wine glass shattering on the ground, crimson liquid spreading across the floor.

Snap! Another crisp sound followed. The voices of murmurs and whispers filled the banquet hall.

"Miss Su is causing trouble again."

"I wonder who's unlucky enough to provoke her this time."

"In these years, any woman getting close to Mr. Lu ends up in a miserable state."

"Mr. Lu is really unfortunate to have such a fiancée."

"If she keeps this up, Mr. Lu will eventually reach his limit and call off the engagement."

"Mr. Lu never liked her in the first place. It's only a matter of time before he ends things."

Listening to the accusations, Su Cheng felt a daze wash over her. Her white gown was splattered with red wine, the liquid stretching from her chest to the hem of her skirt, making her look disheveled.

The woman in front of her covered her left cheek with one hand, her eyes reddened with fear, her voice trembling, "Miss Su, I'm so sorry, it was truly unintentional." She heard herself respond in a cold voice, "You know very well whether it was intentional or not."

"Su Cheng, don't be too harsh. What has An'an done to upset you?"

In no time, another man arrived, shielding Chu An'an behind him, immediately launching into accusations, oblivious to her stained dress. Chu An'an's fair hand trembled as she tugged at his suit jacket, "Zheng Hao, please, it was my fault for accidentally bumping into Miss Su and spilling wine on her. I'm sorry."

"Listen, An'an has already apologized. Why won't you let it go? It's just a dress! I'll compensate you!"

"How long are you going to bully people?"

Su Cheng felt another wave of dizziness. This scene was all too familiar. It mirrored the one in her dreams almost perfectly. But it was clear that Chu An'an had walked into her, despite Su Cheng's attempt to evade her. Chu An'an accurately landed in her arms, spilling a glass of wine all over her. Shouldn't she be held accountable for deliberately drenching herself?

"What's going on?" A cold and clear voice, her fiancé Lu Lin's voice.

He was impeccably handsome, with features as sharp as a blade, his every move exuding a natural elegance. His narrow phoenix eyes swept over her, as indifferent as if she were a stranger.

"Lin, can't you control your fiancée? Don't let her act out of line!" Zheng Hao accused, his face twisted with anger, while also making sure Chu An'an was unharmed.

"Su Cheng! You—"

Zheng Hao quickly helped Chu An'an up, his expression furious, yet also showing concern for Chu An'an's well-being.

"Have you had enough?"

Lu Lin's frigid gaze suddenly turned to her, his words causing her embarrassment, "Apologize." This was her fiancé, the man she had loved for almost ten years. She clenched her fingers, knuckles turning white, suppressing the humiliation in her heart. She didn't want to question him again why he didn't believe in her, why he chose to believe others. Su Cheng's eyes grew colder, "I won't apologize."

Lu Lin showed no anger, still maintaining his indifferent demeanor. His naturally aloof appearance made his words feel even more chilling, "No apology, then it's over." His tone was casual, as if it were a trivial matter.

Su Cheng's mind buzzed. Even this line matched her dream perfectly. Recently, she had the same dream every night. In her dream world, she lived in a wealthy CEO novel. Lu Lin was the male lead. But the female lead wasn't her. She was just a malicious supporting character, who, due to her arrogance, bullied the female lead, making the male lead unable to endure. She not only got dumped but also met with disaster in the end. She never dared to believe that the things in her dreams could be true. She always believed in the affection she and Lu Lin had since childhood. Lu Lin would never treat her like this. But at this moment, she realized clearly. Lu Lin didn't love her at all. He didn't even have any feelings for her. It didn't matter who was right or wrong to him. Because he simply didn't care. In her dream, she caused a scene, in order to avoid divorce, she bowed and apologized to the person she despised. Su Cheng's face lost its color, her lips quickly turned pale.

She closed her eyes, suppressing the trembling in her heart, only managing to say a few words after a long while, "Fine, let's end it." After speaking, she didn't even look at them again. After Su Cheng left, everyone fell silent for a moment, then scoffed, no one took her words to heart. Everyone in Jiangcheng knew that Su Cheng was arrogant and capricious, clinging to

Lu Lin for a full ten years, making any woman dare not approach Lu Lin. Those who dared to get close to Lu Lin, without exception, were warned or reprimanded by her. Her infatuation with Lu Lin was evident to everyone. It was unbelievable that she would agree to a divorce. Su Cheng might have gone to find Mrs. Lu and complained to her. By then, this marriage would not be annulled. Lu Lin looked indifferent, and he probably felt the same way as everyone else. I reckon by tomorrow, Su Cheng will come crying to him again, begging him not to divorce her. Lu Lin frowned, a hint of impatience in his narrow eyes.

Su Cheng couldn't believe that she had agreed so easily to Lu Lin's divorce. In fact, Lu Lin had mentioned divorce to her more than once. Every time, it ended without any trouble under her crying and pleading. After all, he was the man she had truly loved for ten years. He was all she could see and think about. Now that he mentioned divorce, her heart still ached, but she seemed to feel a bit relieved.

She wiped her face in the bathroom, looking at herself in the mirror. Suddenly, she realized that she had turned herself into a pitiful woman. To cater to Lu Lin's preferences, she wore makeup on her face that didn't match her temperament at all. She wore the white dress he hated the most, and even pulled her hair into a long black straight hair that he liked. Just because Lu Lin liked girls with innocent looks, she turned her vibrant and sunny temperament into something unrecognizable.

Today's banquet was something she insisted on attending with Lu Lin. Before that, she had promised Mrs. Lu to accompany Lu Lin back to the old Lu family mansion for a few days. But now that the engagement was over, there was no need. She changed out of her dirty white dress and put on a red dress, walking away alone.

At that moment, Lu Lin's phone rang. He glanced at it; it was Mrs. Lu calling. Normally, when Su Cheng felt wronged, she would often complain to Mrs. Lu. Then Mrs. Lu would scold Lu Lin a few words and persuade him to treat Su Cheng well.

He pressed the answer button, "Mom."

"Lin, is the banquet over?"

Lu Lin leaned against the window, tapping his fingers on the windowsill twice, his voice casual, "Almost."

"Then remember to bring Chengcheng to the old mansion later. Chengcheng and I have agreed to let her come over and stay with me for a few days."

Mrs. Lu's voice was cheerful, not at all like she was about to interrogate him and punish him after being reported. But Lu Lin never thought that Su Cheng would not complain. He pondered, Mrs. Lu changed tactics again. Lu Lin hummed in response.

After hanging up the phone, he tapped the screen with his fingers and dialed Su Cheng's number.

Chapter 2

Su Cheng glanced at the caller ID on her phone screen, fixed her gaze for a few seconds, and finally pressed the hang-up button. After a while, the screen lit up again, still Lu Lin's call, but this time Su Cheng didn't even glance at it before hanging up.

Lu Lin looked at his phone, which had been hung up twice in a row, his brow barely furrowing. Then he relaxed, opened WeChat, and sent a message to Su Cheng.

"Where are you?"

Su Cheng fixed her gaze for a few seconds. Apart from the question 'Where are you?', the message display on the screen was a long line of green chat bubbles.

"Brother Lu, would you like to have dinner together tonight?"

"I'll come to your company to bring you lunch today, how about that?"

"I want to go shopping, can you accompany me?"

"Brother Lu, have you received the gift I sent you?"

"Mom Lu hopes we can get married soon. Where do


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