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The bully's secret love

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Nancy
  • Chapters: 106
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 674
  • 7.5
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Nolan Johnson has loved teasing Lyn Wills for as far as he can remember..He does it just to be seen as fierce by all his friends. He doesn't have a genuine reason which makes him do this do . He rather does it for fun . He loves getting cheap popularity . Almost all the girls fall for him due to his character and good looks that can't be denied by any one who looks at him. Towards the end of the final year in high school, Nolan suddenly feels a change in him. He no longer feels the want to torture Lyn. He tries to put every thing together finding out something strange ...he has developed deep feelings for the girl he has tormented for long. He is conflicted on either to keep his nasty image or pursue the girl that he now loves .Lyn is perplexed by the sudden change in the boy who has only been her nightmare. She can't stop worrying about the fact that he might be planning something bigger for her that might ruin her completely. As he tries to get nearer to her , Lyn does all he can to get away from him just to be safe.

The beginning


“ You have to wake up sleepy head ” I hear my mom's voice but it is as of I am in a certain kind of dream .A sweet dream that I feel like not waking up from so that I don't get back to this live. A live that I don't see anything good in it a part from the fact that it has the only person that cares and understands me..that is my mom. Liane Wills.

“ No mom, I need to sleep a bit more ” I murmur as I begin to toss in my bed from one side to side suddenly throwing all the books that take up almost half of my bed.

“ Not again, don't tell me you spent another night just reading many of those books of yours” She complains as she picks up some of the books that are all over the floor.

” So many books” she says as she picks one by one book putting them on the stall next to my bed. I look at her seeing her do something that she does each morning. That is picking up all books all over my floor to organise them.

“ They are my books ” I snap at her as I sit up on the bed ready to get to the bathe room.

“ Not really, You should begin to live a life like all the kids your life. Stop making yourself occupied in so many books ” she goes on to complain.

” But what do you expect me to do. That is the only way I get to feel like a person” I reply tears now falling from my eyes.

This is indeed the only way that I feel like a person . A moment when no one bullies or teases me. When I get buried in different fantasies. Wait! I have not introduced my self to you yet. I am Lyn Wills and will be turning Officially eighteen a few months from now.

I live with my mom Liane Wills and she has a well paying job as a doctor making her able to pay my tuition as well as supporting us. For my father, what I know is that he ran off with a woman whom he had earlier on introduced to mom as his Cousin. However mom has managed to get over it.

I study Literature and English at Standard High school and I am now in my final year. Of course I am a straight student and this is partly one of the reasons why many students hate me in class. And then there are all those who hate me with no good reason. I mean I am a typical highschool nerd girl with no social life.

My schedule is home and school. That is all. I am always busy studying and doing all kinds of research and back home I am always buried in so many novels that I have acquired. I mean so my novels from those prominent novelists that you all know.

Oh, I think I have given you a hint of myself. We shall now go back to the present.

“ Come on, baby. You have to stop making yourself feel so low. I mean look at your self. You are beautiful and you have the brains. You have got it all” mom says comforting ma as she gives in a tight hug.

“ I try. I try but it is like nothing comes around ” I lament. This is the life that I led every time.

“ You have to get ready, it is beginning your final year. Aim at making friends . Try to live a little” Mom says looking into my eyes.

“ Now, get ready so that I drive you to school ” mum tells me as she gets out of my room. I Stand up so that I can head to the bathroom. My head hurts a lot. I hardly had a enough sleep. I had only two hours of sleep since I was busy using my last day of the holiday to read the numerous novels as my Classmates are having totally different things.

Partying all night, Drinking all kinds of alcohols and Having s*x . A kind of life that I have never experienced in all my life.

I take a few minutes in the bathroom. it is barely 7:00am and school will be on at exactly 8:00am.


“ Have a nice day honey” mom says to me after dropping me off at school. I have not had a car yet but mom promised that she would be getting me one when I get eighteen years.

”You too mom ” I reply as she drives away to head to the hospital since she has a day shift today.

As soon as she drives away, I glance at the most prestigious school which I attend . My heart begins to pump faster at the thought of what awaits me here.

Any other one would be so happy to attend such a school but that is not something that happens to me...the life that I have now.

I feel some one touch my shoulder making me get out of my deep thoughts looking up to see who has touched me. Nothing like this happens to me all the time.

“ Y-yes” I say stammering then seeing who has touched me. No way, this is not the way I was supposed to begin my final year.

My Brown eyes bore into his Green ones. As usual they have that dark shade that is his hidden in them.

If you met him somewhere else, you would see the most handsome guy. His dirty blonde hair, Well toned body and 6ft height makes him capable of attracting any girl that he want..but not me.

” So the nerd actually talks " he says sarcastically his gang that is next to him busting out into laughter.

The best thing for me to do is to get out of here . I begin to move but just as I take the first step, he gets in front me blocking my sight.

” Where do you think you are going ?” He asks me in his husky cold voice looking at me. Oh God, I thought all this ended the previous year. I had no idea it was going to come up to this year.

“ I have a class in twenty ” I say to him trying to sound as much serious as I can.

“ Oh, so you think we have no class ourselves " he asks me once again making his gang to laugh out. I many times wonder what is their to laugh. They laugh when for sure you don't see any reason that you see.

” I don't know about that ?” I challenge him back wondering where I have got that acidity to even talk back to him like that. All those times that he has bullied me, all that I do is to look on and cry out. However during the holiday I tried to make myself stop crying over him and that is what am doing right now

“ When don't you give the girl her f*ck*ng Peace? ” we are both startled by a sudden Famine voice Behind us making the all of turn to see who is that.

Cold hearted

Nolan POV

I am awakened when my alarm goes off. Damn it! Who has these crazy things made. As far as I know they have done more harm than good to persons like me. Yes I may sound crazy but that is it.

I need to have a bit more of my fucking sleep but then I doubt if I can, I have school today. And guess what it is the damn last year in High school and so my parents insist I work to the best of my ability to get at least better grades now so that I can go to College.

I stretch my hands just before before I can get up but my hand land on some one beside me. Wait! Who is this. As far as I know I don't have a wife (rolling eyes).

I quickly look in the direction of the sleeping human beside me. Oh, I had completely forgotten it all. She is the whore from last night. I don't even remember her name. As far as I know she practically tied herself onto me to fuck her. And yes that is what exactly I was at the whole night.

The girl really had stamina . I


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