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Tempted By The Enemy (A Temptation Series Book)

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Twenty-two-year-old Alyssa Van Every is in a dilemma. Her close friend, Sienna, is marrying billionaire, Lucas Donnelly who, along with his brothers, happens to be her older brother, Alex's sworn enemy. She escapes to Preston Island to attend the wedding without informing him only to collide with Lucas’s hot, fiery and arrogant brother, the twenty-three-year-old, Nicholas Donnelly. Sparks immediately fly between them but Alyssa refuses to acknowledge them fearing her brother's wrath. The wedding is over and Alyssa tries hard to forget the mysterious Nicholas Donnelly but can he forget her? Can he ignore the attraction he feels for her, feelings that have resurfaced after ten years? What will Allyssa do when she is stalked by the man who has been invading her dreams since the day she met him? What will she do when she is whisked away to a deserted island by the unpredictable Nicholas Donnelly? Can she tame her heart or surrender to the sinful temptations? Read this third book of the Temptation Series to find out!

Chapter 1 Prologue

Thank you for selecting my story. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of my imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Copyright © Rituparna Darolia. All rights reserved. No part of this novel may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the author. This is the third book of the Temptation Series. All the books under this series can be read as standalone books. This series deals with a series of passionate love stories of the Donnelly brothers with spin-offs, all having captivating plotlines to keep you interested till the end. -----------------------------------------------------------

Prologue Twenty-two-year-old, Alyssa Van Every scowled angrily at her older brother, Alex, determined to fight him and his high-handed attitude. Six years older than her, Alex Van Every was a billionaire restaurateur and considered it his sole mission in life to protect his sister from all the men in the entire universe! So, Alyssa always protested his ways and whenever he was around, the atmosphere was very tense. “You won’t attend the wedding, Alyssa and that’s final.” Alyssa glared at him, her eyes flashing and rebellious. This time it was her close friend, Sienna’s wedding and she refused to bow down to her brother’s wishes. A plan to escape without his permission started forming in her mind. It was no use fighting him as he would never listen. It was different when she was younger but now at twenty-two, she didn’t need his help or permission. “What’s the big deal, Alex? I don’t stop you from doing anything and neither do mom and dad. So why is it always me? What problems could you have if I attend Sienna’s wedding?” Alex punched the nearest wall with anger, causing the paint to chip off but it didn’t scare her at all. She was used to his temper, being as short-tempered as he was. “I don’t want you around the Donnelly brothers, Alyssa. They are our sworn enemies!” he gritted out, his eyes daring her to disobey. Anger bubbled inside her and she glared back at her brother refusing to be intimidated by him. “They may be your sworn enemies, Alex, not mine. I will do what my heart desires.” She tossed her waist-long golden hair and walked out of her brother’s apartment, leaving him fuming after her. With her apartment located on the fourth floor of the same building, she took the elevator from her brother’s penthouse to her three-bedroomed home that belonged to her dad, Daniel Van Every. Although Alyssa’s friends, Eva, Sienna, Hayley, and Skylar were all career-oriented and working at reputable places, she was the only one who had no career goals. However, it didn’t bother her at all. After somehow graduating in finance, she continued enjoying her life with no rush to look for a job. Being born with a golden spoon, Alyssa didn’t need to earn a living. Her dad wanted to pass the reins of his Finance company to her since her brother refused but she wasn’t at all interested, splurging his money on a luxurious lifestyle instead. Everyone was tired of her ways, yet for Alyssa, parties, friends, clubs, and weddings, were everything. She didn’t have time to ponder over anything else other than her own enjoyment. She rang the doorbell of her apartment and her friend Eva opened the door with an inquisitive look on her face. “What happened? What did he have to say?” Alyssa groaned and slumped onto a couch knowing that now there was only one way out for them. To sneak out when Alex went to work! “You know what he can possibly say! He doesn’t want me to go and I’m sure he won’t let you either.” Alyssa rolled her eyes knowing how whipped her brother was with Eva although he would rather die than acknowledge it. “Why should he care about me? I’ll definitely go." Eva walked towards her room to pack while Alyssa followed her to discuss their plans of escaping. “I don’t know what enmity Alex has with Lucas Donnelly and his brothers but I definitely will attend Sienna’s wedding. So let’s sneak out tomorrow in his absence, without informing him. What do you say?” Eva gaped at her friend and her eyes widened realizing what they were about to do. “What if Alex follows us there and creates trouble for Sienna?” “We'll deal with it when it happens.” Eva didn’t say a word further knowing fully well what enraging Alexander Van Every meant but Alyssa was no less stubborn and she sighed as she continued to pack up. Alyssa too packed and the two friends made dinner afterward, waiting for Alex to storm into their apartment anytime soon to continue the fight where they had left off. Alyssa knew Alex would complain to her dad when he fails to convince her. It had been the norm since she had been born. Her parents always supported him, favored him, and compared her to him. It inflamed Alyssa further and she strove to be exactly the opposite of what Alex was. He was her dad’s favorite and only when he declined to take over the reins of the business did her dad consider her as his last choice. It angered her and she went out of her way to prove how worthless she was, annoying her dad more. The doorbell rang and Eva went to get it while Alyssa continued with her packing, unperturbed, knowing fully well that it would either be her dad or her brother. Just as she had expected, her dad walked into the apartment and looked around for her. It angered Alyssa more that Alex could stoop so low and complain to him about such a minor issue. “Alyssa, I expect you to listen to your older brother. After all, he’s looking out for you. If he thinks that the Donnelly’s are dangerous, you should refrain from attending the wedding.” Alyssa stood up, her teeth clenched with fury but she took deep breaths to calm herself down. “They aren’t dangerous, dad. They’re just businessmen but I won’t interact with them at all. I’m just going as Sienna’s bridesmaid. You know how close we all are. I can’t miss this wedding, just because they happen to be Alex’s enemies.” Daniel Van Every massaged his temples completely at a loss now, witnessing the rebellious streak in his daughter which increased with every passing second. “What if they harm you?” Her dad seemed to be at his wit’s end. Eva walked quietly into the room and stood in one corner, knowing that Daniel Van Every didn’t approve of her much. She wasn’t a billionaire’s daughter and neither did she belong to their status. Just as always, Alyssa’s dad ignored her very existence and glared at his rebellious daughter instead. “They aren’t criminals, dad. The wedding will have their family members and children and I’ll just stick with my group of friends. How can they harm me?” Her dad snorted angrily and just gave up. “Do what you want. I don’t have the time to waste with you.” He strode angrily out of the apartment, banging the door shut after him, making Eva release the breath she was holding. Alyssa was unaffected by it all and continued with her packing. The next day, Alex left for Paris early in the morning before sunrise on a business trip and Alyssa jumped with joy. After he left, they locked up their apartment and sneaked out with their luggage to go to Preston Island where the wedding would be held. “Finally, we’re free!” exclaimed Alyssa as she drove her Ferrari all the way towards Alexandria Bay from where they would take a boat to Preston Island. It was ten o’clock in the morning when Alyssa and Eva arrived on a speedboat and gasped seeing the beautiful, secluded Island with a dreamy house with picturesque views of the St Lawrence River from Alexandria Bay. The Island had a fully-powered deep-water dock for ships and the house was equipped with it’s own boat. “I wish I could live on an island like this far away from Alex!” exclaimed Alyssa while Eva looked away since she had thoughts opposite to hers. She wanted to in fact live with Alexander Van Every on such a secluded Island and seduce him to submission! Soon the door opened and they squealed with delight on seeing Sienna who welcomed them with open arms. “Hey, girl! Oh my gosh! You’re glowing! By the way, who marries at such short notice?” complained Alyssa. Sienna told them the reason for her sudden wedding. Her ex-fiancé was creating problems in her life and she had no other option left. “So, where’s the hot Donnelly? Won’t you introduce us?” asked Alyssa. “He’s gone to talk to the caretaker about the wedding preparations. Let him come, I’ll introduce him to you,” said Sienna. “I’ll show you to your room. You both have to share since there’ll be more guests arriving soon,” said Sienna. “Sure, don’t worry about that,” said Eva. “So, did you guys sneak out? How did Alex allow you to come here?” asked Sienna curiously. “We fought with him to come here. He’s mad at me. He might drop in anytime, he said,” said Alyssa with an eye roll. “I just hope he doesn’t. I can’t take in any more drama in my life. I want a peaceful wedding!” said Sienna. She led them to their room and sat down with them on the bed. They showed her the dresses that they bought for her as well as for themselves. After a while, Lucas walked into the room to summon Sienna downstairs since his family had arrived. She introduced Lucas to Alyssa since Eva had already met him before. “I hope Alexander and Ashton aren’t coming to fight with us!” asked Lucas with a grin. Alyssa rolled her eyes at the mention of her brother and his best friend. “I hope not! We escaped without informing him, actually,” she informed him. Lucas looked at her with dread. “Knowing Alexander all my life, I’m hundred percent sure that he’ll come here hunting for you two,” said Lucas. All of them groaned with dread. “What made you and Alex sworn enemies? You don’t seem to hate my brother with a vengeance as he does?” she asked curiously while Lucas grinned. “Hasn’t your brother told you why we fought?” Alyssa shook her head slowly. “He was a good friend of mine actually. My younger brothers, Marcus and Nicholas, and Alexander share an enmity, not me! You’ll meet them soon.” The whole day Alyssa dreaded meeting the other two Donnelly brothers but when they didn’t arrive, she relaxed. She didn’t feel any awkwardness in the enemy territory as her brother had predicted but there were two more enemies whom she hadn’t met yet. Wasn’t it too early to predict?

Chapter 2 In The Enemy Territory

Sienna, Eva, and Alyssa took a quick tour of the luxurious mansion located inside a gated compound. The main house was a three-story structure handcrafted out of native stone. The interiors were lavishly decorated with an open stairway as well as a glass cubicle elevator that provided easy access to all the floors. Alyssa was totally in love with the entire place and checked everything out minutely, intending to buy a place like this of her own one day. The spacious great room included a professional-grade kitchen and an open terrace attached to a wet bar. The huge dining area could accommodate nearly thirty people with ease with provisions for al fresco dining as well. The whole place opened up to the staircase and elevator with the master bedroom and six bedrooms located upstairs. The ground floor had 2 bedrooms, a banquet hall for gatherings, two swimming pools, and an indoor games area but it was the swimming pools that attracted her like a magnet. “This place is so ro


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