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Rituparna Darolia

  • 👁 19.7K
  • 7.3
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About me

Rituparna Darolia is a published author specializing in contemporary romance, fantasy, and romantic suspense thrillers. Passionate about storytelling, she has written over 86 books so far. Known as a writer of series, Rituparna loves to interweave her ideas to produce unique, distinctive, powerfully emotive, heart-touching stories. Rituparna gave up a successful IT career and made a foray into the world of full-time storytelling. When she isn’t writing, she’s probably spending time with her husband and two children. She adores reader feedback and interaction! Follow her and connect with her!


Chased By Nikolas Ardolf
  • 👁 4.6K
  • 9.0

Brooklyn Davis, at nineteen, works as a server at an upscale restaurant in downtown Chicago. Two days back, her twin brother, Brandon, had vanished with a message that asked her not to worry about him. Brooklyn is in a strange dilemma when weird things happen at her workplace. She is watched and stalked by a pair of hazel eyes every day, every minute. Who is the man? Why is he watching her all the time? How will Brooklyn ever get rid of him? At twenty-nine, Nikolas Ardolf is a hard, arrogant, and ruthless monster who only understands two things: business and money. Having been abandoned on the streets at birth, he had a very hard childhood but all that changed when he was picked up by the ruthless old man, Daniel Ardolf, unmarried and the sole owner of Ardolf Winery. Nikolas hates women after his own mom betrayed him. Then why does he stalk the innocent Brooklyn every day? What does he want? Why can't he stay away from her? Read this emotional roller-coaster of a love story, full of thrilling twists and turns to know how Nikolas Ardolf chases Brooklyn. Will he get what he wants?

Mia Cara (A Temptation Series Book)
  • 👁 940
  • 7.5

Marcus Donnelly, at twenty-six, is one of the most successful and famous painters in the entire country. His masterpieces in contemporary art have sold for millions, making him quite a well-known figure in the world of Fine Arts. However, after a mishap, two years ago, he develops a painter’s block, which he’s unable to overcome. He transforms into a depressed, reclusive infuriating monster whom no one likes. Marcus has almost given up hope when he lands at a beautiful beach house on Long Island. The positive atmosphere in the house, coupled with the presence of a young, delicate girl willing to work as his housekeeper, compels him to buy the property. Will he be able to get over his block? What will happen when he falls head over heels in love with the young girl? Can he control his feelings when they turn into an obsession? What will happen when he uncovers secrets of her past life that drive her away from him? This is a rags-to-riches story of a young girl, Cara Rose Sullivan, who struggles on her own to stardom. Running away from Marcus Donnelly, the only man who loves her the most, she is soon sucked into a world of drugs, fame, power, misery, and wealth! Will Marcus be able to conquer his own battles and rescue her?

Ralph's Obsession
  • 👁 193
  • 7.5

Twenty-eight-year-old playboy Ralph Van Halen has always lived life on his own terms. As a founder and Production Head of JC Group Inc., one of the leading Fashion Houses in the country, he lacks nothing. His stunning good looks make him one of the most eligible bachelors on the Forbes list. However, he doesn't believe in love and relationships. For him, a no strings attached fling is the way of life. What happens when Ralph hosts a campus interview at one of London's leading Technical College and meets Raven Porterfield, the stunning twenty-year-old? His world turns upside down as he gets very attracted to her. He recruits her as a trainee in his company.  However, he soon learns that Raven has a boyfriend and is a very dedicated and good girl. She doesn't trust the likes of Ralph at all and is determined to remain true to her boyfriend.  Will Ralph forget Raven? Or will this new feeling turn into an obsession for him? What will Ralph do to get Raven?

Tempted By The Enemy (A Temptation Series Book)
  • 👁 318
  • 7.5

Twenty-two-year-old Alyssa Van Every is in a dilemma. Her close friend, Sienna, is marrying billionaire, Lucas Donnelly who, along with his brothers, happens to be her older brother, Alex's sworn enemy. She escapes to Preston Island to attend the wedding without informing him only to collide with Lucas’s hot, fiery and arrogant brother, the twenty-three-year-old, Nicholas Donnelly. Sparks immediately fly between them but Alyssa refuses to acknowledge them fearing her brother's wrath. The wedding is over and Alyssa tries hard to forget the mysterious Nicholas Donnelly but can he forget her? Can he ignore the attraction he feels for her, feelings that have resurfaced after ten years? What will Allyssa do when she is stalked by the man who has been invading her dreams since the day she met him? What will she do when she is whisked away to a deserted island by the unpredictable Nicholas Donnelly? Can she tame her heart or surrender to the sinful temptations? Read this third book of the Temptation Series to find out!

Taming The Hot Billionaire (A Temptation Series Book)
  • 👁 5.9K
  • 9.2

Eva Ann Rayner has always loved her best friend’s brother, Alexander who is six years older than her. Soon she realizes the gorgeous, temperamental, overprotective and arrogant Alexander Van Every is forbidden to her and definitely off limits. He doesn’t reciprocate her feelings, nor does he acknowledge her very existence. To him, she is always his little sister’s friend! Eva loses all hope when Alexander announces his engagement to the daughter of a business mogul. For four years she concentrates on her studies and career, avoiding Alexander at all costs. With his parents hating her with a vengeance, it isn’t a difficult task at all. So, what will Eva do when Alexander breaks his engagement after four years? What will she do when she needs to live with her best friend in the same building as him? Can she deal with the whirlwind of feelings that seeing Alexander every day unleashes within her? What happens when hidden secrets about her family are unearthed? Will Eva realize why his family is against her? Will she lose hope in Alexander forever? Read this unique and epic romance to know how Eva tames the possessive, dominant, overprotective, hot, and jealous billionaire with her sweetness.

Love Clash
  • 👁 408
  • 3.0

After her parents' death, twelve-year-old Isabella Harrington feels indebted to David Gray and his wife, Henrietta Gray, who adopts her. She leaves her home and moves to Las Vegas to start life afresh. However, the moment she sets her eyes upon their younger son, Weston Gray, six years older and a typical bad boy, she knows that he's trouble. As she grows up, can she deny the attraction that she feels since the moment they clash with one another? Can she deal with the tornado called Weston Gray? With every moment spent in his company being charged with emotional upheavals, how will the innocent Isabella save her heart? Can she forget the moments spent with him when he leaves home for his studies? What will she do when he returns with a girlfriend? What will she do when she realizes she has fallen for him? Will she move on when his girlfriend announces their upcoming wedding? Will Weston Gray own up to his true feelings for the girl he had set his eyes on? Or will he marry a girl he has no feelings for? A bittersweet journey of love, full of twists and turns and a beautiful storyline that will capture your heart. The lead characters, Isabella Harrington and Weston Gray are polar opposites. Experience their collisions, their sweet interactions, their roller-coaster relationship, and the dramatic scenes between them, all spanning a period of ten years, captured in a most poignant and enchanting way. Read Isabella's story as she falls for her foster brother and the upheavals that she goes through. With plenty of twists and turns, this powerful and passionate love story will surely make you emotional!

Tempting The Spitfire (A Temptation Series Book)
  • 👁 2.4K
  • 8.2

At twenty-two, Skylar Carnell is a spitfire who doesn’t believe in cliché romances and has dreams of her own to chase. What happens when she has to honor her parents' dying wish and marry into the St. James family? Skylar tries hard to avoid the disastrous marriage to the oldest son, Sebastian St. James, and luck favors her although momentarily. Soon Sebastian elopes with the woman he loves. It leaves her with no other option than to meet the youngest son, the cocky, full-of-himself, infuriating Christian St. James. He's notorious, mysterious, and full of surprises. Skylar fights him at every step, but he offers her a contract marriage she can't ignore. Why does he want to marry her? Is it only to honor his parent's last wish? Can Christian tempt the spitfire and make her stay? Will Skylar walk away when the contract term expires? What will happen when unexpected circumstances bring them closer?

Resist Me If You Can (A Temptation Series Book)
  • 👁 354
  • 7.5

Stubborn, and secretive, Ashton Pierce has all the qualities that should prompt Hayley Barclay to run a mile away from him but she doesn't. Maybe the bad boy aura he exudes is too much for her to resist! Orphaned at thirteen, Ashton would have gone astray had Daniel Van Every, his best friend’s father, not adopted him and brought him home. Ever since, a close relationship develops between him and the Van Every children, Alexander, and Alyssa. As Alyssa's close friend, Hayley meets Ashton almost every day. Can she resist his charm? However, with his dark past and mafia connections, Ashton refuses to acknowledge Hayley who is a multi-billionairess, and the sole heiress to her family’s fortune. Hayley doesn't give up and pursues him relentlessly. What will he do when his past catches up with him? How will he stay away from Hayley knowing his life is in grave danger? What happens when the dark secrets of his past don’t affect her? This is a part of the Temptation Series but can be read as a standalone book.

Game Of Love
  • 👁 321
  • 7.5

This is a combination of two books: Game Of Love: At twenty-two, Davion Torres is already a celebrity, hounded by the paparazzi for his good looks and success. Son of the late 'Casino King', Luis Torres, he's the infamous heir to quite a number of casinos all over the country. Women drool at the sight of him and pursue him relentlessly, which boosts his already inflated ego. At a friend's wedding, he meets the young and innocent, eighteen-year-old Sofia Blakesley, who's unaware of his true identity and is oblivious to his charms. It turns him on and he feels drawn to her. However, Sofia hates the sight of Dave, as his friends call him. She successfully avoids him at the party and soon forgets about him, but can Dave forget her? Will he move on with his life, or will he start plotting a way to get her? What will happen when Sofia's parents are hell-bent on getting her married off to their major client, some Spanish guy called Torres? SEQUEL: Dream Of Love Dream Of Love: Eighteen-year-old Victoria Blakesley is not only gorgeous but intelligent, arrogant, and a go-getter in the true sense of the term. Aiming to be a lawyer, she's extremely focused on her chosen path. So she's surprised to find herself falling for the sinfully gorgeous playboy billionaire, Colton Glenn who hates her at first sight. However, Colton traps her in a challenge that has her losing everything she holds dear. Their game and challenges continue and in an attempt to make Colton jealous, she falls into the clutches of Pete Douglas who takes advantage of her one night. Soon she discovers an unwanted pregnancy and Colton misunderstands her. Heartbroken and devastated, she returns home. What will happen when she meets her therapist, Trevor Clarkston who's seven years older and wishes to marry her? Will she be able to move on from Colton and marry Trevor? Or will she remain lost in her dream of Colton Glenn forever?

Dangerously Tempted
  • 👁 318
  • 7.5

An unknown city. A car accident! A roguishly handsome mechanic! It’s too much for twenty-two-year-old Amelia Mitchell to handle. With eyes like amber whiskey, he tempts her innocent heart, and makes her fall head over heels in love with him. However, soon she realizes his true identity. He is everything her mom had warned her against! Amelia quietly returns to her hometown and tries to forget the man, Matteo Antonio Ricci. After working for the dangerous mafia Don Alfonso di Salvo for five years, Matteo Antonio Ricci repays his family debts and leaves the mafia circuit. Will the Don release him so easily when Matteo knows all his dark secrets? He hunts for his man, forcing Matteo to leave the country and live an anonymous life. Matteo meets Amelia at the wrong time in his life, but can he forget her so easily? What will happen when he surrenders to his heart and pursues her to the end of the world? What happens when the Don finds them?

  • 👁 3.9K
  • 6.8

Twenty-four-year-old Serenity Parker had always been in love with her brother's best friend, Alexander Dawson who was two years older than her. Soon she found out that he was too interested in his underground fight clubs and boxing matches to care about her. Alexander Dawson, being an orphan struggled to survive in the initial years of his life. Serenity, being the daughter of a billionaire hotelier and his best friend's little sister was forbidden for him. With his bad reputation on the underground fighting circuit, Serenity was forced to give up all hopes of Alexander when her brother broke all contact with him after a vicious fight. However, five years later, when her brother patched up and invited Alexander to his wedding, what would Serenity's reaction be? What would she do when she comes face to face with her only love after five years? Read this powerful and roller-coaster love story full of twists and turns that will surely capture your heart.


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