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Taming The Hot Billionaire (A Temptation Series Book)

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Eva Ann Rayner has always loved her best friend’s brother, Alexander who is six years older than her. Soon she realizes the gorgeous, temperamental, overprotective and arrogant Alexander Van Every is forbidden to her and definitely off limits. He doesn’t reciprocate her feelings, nor does he acknowledge her very existence. To him, she is always his little sister’s friend! Eva loses all hope when Alexander announces his engagement to the daughter of a business mogul. For four years she concentrates on her studies and career, avoiding Alexander at all costs. With his parents hating her with a vengeance, it isn’t a difficult task at all. So, what will Eva do when Alexander breaks his engagement after four years? What will she do when she needs to live with her best friend in the same building as him? Can she deal with the whirlwind of feelings that seeing Alexander every day unleashes within her? What happens when hidden secrets about her family are unearthed? Will Eva realize why his family is against her? Will she lose hope in Alexander forever? Read this unique and epic romance to know how Eva tames the possessive, dominant, overprotective, hot, and jealous billionaire with her sweetness.

Chapter 1 Prologue - He's Here!

Thank you for selecting my story.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of my imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Copyright © Rituparna Darolia.

All rights reserved. No part of this novel may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the author.

This is the fourth book of the Temptation Series. All the books under this series can be read as standalone books. This series deals with a series of passionate love stories of the Donnelly brothers with spin-offs, all having captivating plotlines to keep you interested till the end.



Eighteen-year-old Eva Ann Rayner rushed out of the school gates, laughing at her best friend Alyssa Van Every’s crude jokes. However, as bad luck never left her side, she collided with a hard torso while Alyssa gasped with shock at seeing her older brother in front of them.

Eva froze, seeing who she collided with! The sinfully gorgeous Alexander Van Every who featured in her dream every night for the last five years. She didn’t just crush on him; she was deeply in love with him. Only he never acknowledged her presence!

Eva sprang apart, goosebumps erupting on her skin at the contact with his hot body. She couldn’t help it. He had that effect on her! “Umm, I’m s-sorry!” she stammered, her heart racing like lightning, not having expected him here. His gaze burned right through her skin, although he didn’t utter a single word of acknowledgment. Eva was used to it, though.

“Alex, why are you here? Shouldn’t you be at your University?” asked a frustrated Alyssa. It was the last day of school and she and her best friend Eva were planning to dash off to her new apartment. At eighteen, Alyssa wanted to move out of her parents’ house to her dad’s vacant apartment. She needed a little space to herself, but it seemed her older brother, Alexander Van Every, had other plans in store for her. Six years older than her, he had just returned home after completing his masters in Hospitality Management from EHL–Hospitality Business School in Switzerland.

“I’ve completed my studies if you’ve forgotten, and I’m back for good,” said Alexander gruffly, his deep voice sending a tremor down Eva’s body, and she looked away from Alexander’s probing gaze. Why did he have to stare at her if he had nothing to say to her?

“Oh great! Then look for a job, bro. C’mon Eva, let’s go,” said Alyssa, grabbing hold of Eva’s hand and pulling her along towards the parking area.

“I’m dropping you home, Lisa,” growled Alexander, following them, yet his eyes darted towards Eva who avoided looking at him. It was difficult since she was dying of curiosity after the way they had parted five years ago when he left New York for college.

“No, thanks, dad has sent his car.”

“He hasn’t. I’m here to drop you home. Get in,” said Alexander, unlocking the door to his metallic silver, sleek Porsche.

“You go ahead, Alyssa. I’ll see you later. Bye,” said Eva, extracting her hand from Alyssa’s hold. Alyssa opened her mouth to protest, but one look at her brother’s grim face made her change her mind.

“Bye,” she mumbled and climbed into her brother’s car. Eva walked away towards her home, her heart heavy with disappointment. Even after meeting after five long years, Alexander hadn’t spoken to her at all, not even a word, nor a smile! Surely he must have seen the letter she had placed in his backpack five years ago? Maybe he tore it off without even reading it!

She reached her apartment building, deep in thought, when Alexander’s car whizzed past her. He could have offered her a lift if he cared about her! It was a lost battle and she should accept it and forget him!

She entered the building where she shared an apartment with three more girls of her age. Till last year, she used to take turns and live with either of her parents. They had separated eight years ago and ever since she led a nomadic life, living for a year or two with either of them. Last year her dad, Norman Rayner, remarried and moved to the UK permanently. Eva lived with her mom, Stella Roderick, but she too moved away to Massachusetts this year with her husband and step-children when Eva turned eighteen. It didn’t matter to Eva much, since she wasn’t close to either of her parents. If she had the choice, she would have preferred living in a boarding school. The money her grandfather, Robert Rayner, had left behind was enough to tide her over if she spent it wisely.

Having received a good scholarship to study nursing at a premier nursing school in New York, Eva’s life was settled. She went up to her apartment and unlocked the door to find that none of her roommates had returned yet. It meant she would have to prepare lunch for all. It was a rule that whoever returned first would cook for all to save time. On weekends, they all cooked together, and it was fun! They were like family to her!

However, more than her flatmates, it was Eva’s close friends since childhood: Alyssa, Skylar, Hayley, and Sienna, who took care of her, not allowing her to feel the absence of her parents. Without them, she wouldn’t have come this far! With Sienna enrolled in the same nursing school as her, Eva looked forward to her college life! They all belonged to good families and helped her a lot. More than friends, they were like her sisters!

The doorbell rang, bringing her out of her reverie. She glanced at the wall clock, wondering who it could be. Maybe it was Georgia, one of her flatmates, whose college was nearby. Going over to open the door, Eva smiled, knowing that she could now convince Georgia to help with lunch!

“You have to help with lunch, George!” she said, opening the door wide, but to her immense astonishment, there stood Alexander at her doorstep instead of Georgia.

“Who’s George?” asked Alexander gruffly, narrowing his eyes at her.

“My flatmate. What are you doing here? How do you know where I live? Is Alyssa here with you?” she rambled on nervously, her eyes darting around, searching for her friend.

“I see. Good progress. I hadn’t expected this of you,” said Alexander, his jaws clenched angrily as he turned to leave. Eva gaped at him with a confused look on her face. His words made little sense to her.

“Wait! What did you come here for?” she asked, going out to peer down the staircase at him.

“Never mind. Enjoy yourself with your George.” Eva frowned at the confusing man! Did she hear a tinge of jealousy in his words? Wait! Did he think George was a guy? Eva’s eyes widened, and she peered down the stairs, but he had already disappeared. She went back to her apartment with a frown on her face, wondering what had brought Alexander to her doorstep.

Why couldn’t he have told her what he wanted? She went inside, deep in thought, and made sandwiches for all. After five minutes, Georgia came in and they ate together.

“Brianna is always the last one to come home. We need to change this rule,” said Robin, who came in next. While Georgia was a year older than Eva and in her second year, studying economics, Brianna and Robin were her age. They were studying Fine Arts at a premier college nearby.

The discussion continued, but Eva was hardly interested in it. Her mind was far away with Alexander! She just couldn’t get him out of her head. Why did he come here suddenly? How did he know where she lived? Did he come here to talk to her about the love letter she wrote to him five years ago?

“Earth to Eva! Pick up the d*mn phone, girl. It’s been buzzing for a while now,” yelled Georgia, bringing her out of her reverie. She glanced at her mobile phone and saw Alyssa’s number flashing on the screen.

“Oh, no. I completely forgot! I had promised to help Alyssa move into her new apartment today. She’ll be mad at me,” said a worried Eva, accepting the call.

“I’m sorry, Alyssa, I completely forgot. I’ll be on my way right away.”

“No worries. Alex helped me shift. Why don’t you come down at 6 o’clock? Alexander’s taking us out to dinner,” said Alyssa, while Eva froze.

“Who all are going?” she asked softly.

“Sienna, Hayley, Skylar, all of us,” said Alyssa excitedly, but Eva felt disappointed. So, Alexander was treating everyone! She wasn’t special to him!

“You’ll enjoy yourselves. I’m not feeling well enough to go,” Eva lied. She couldn’t spend the entire time in his company and watch him interact with everyone but her.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, very sure. I’ll call you if I feel better.” After she disconnected the call, she went to her room, feeling a little down. Was that why he was here? To announce his plans of treating his little sister’s friends?

It was evening and Robin and Brianna went out to watch a movie while Georgia sat in the tiny living room, watching TV. Eva lay on the sofa beside her, playing with her phone and wondering what her friends were doing. Were they enjoying Alexander’s company?

The doorbell rang, and Georgia jumped to open the door.

“Eva, someone is here to take you out to dinner with him,” announced Georgia with a giggle.

Chapter 2 Whisked Away

Eva’s eyes widened, and she sprang from the sofa, but before she could reach the door, Alexander stormed into the tiny apartment. Wearing a pair of figure-hugging faded jeans, a gray tee-shirt, and a black leather jacket, he looked rugged and drool-worthy, like a model straight out of a fashion magazine.

“Hey, wait! You may be hot but you can’t just march in,” protested Georgia while Eva stood frozen with her jaws dropped to the floor. Did Georgia really say that to her crush?

“And you are?” he flashed Georgia an impish grin, much to Eva’s annoyance. His smiles were for other girls, while she only faced his fury. A tinge of jealousy filled her heart, and she glared at him all the more.

“She’s my roommate,” she clarified, but Alexander looked around with interest as if searching for someone.

“Where’s George?” he asked impatiently, not seeing the guy around.

“I’m George. Actually, my name’s Georgia,” said Georgia, with a goofy smile on her face. A look of


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