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Soft Moans

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Aaron and Alexia are twins from birth, they both did everything together, growing up they fell in love with each other but each of them tried hiding their feelings for one another. But such feelings couldn't be hiding for that long, such feelings couldn't be held back. Both twins find themselves giving in to the desires between them and finds it really hard to change their relationship back to the way it was before. The deed has been done, there was no changing anything. Would Alexia and her brother get to stop the taboo they are already entangled in? Would the lust between them turn to love? Would their dirty secret come out in the open? Read!! Read!! Read!! To get all the answers.

Chapter 1

"Hey love." James greets walking towards his girlfriend. He kissed her on the cheek, his hand going around her waist.

"James!! James!! James!!." Aaron, Alexia twin brother rushing over to them, his face glowing red. He got to where James and Alexia are standing, and then held James by the collar and punched him right on the face.

"What the heck are you doing Aaron. Why the f*ck did you do that?." Alexia yelled loudly.

Aaron paid no attention to his sister's yells, instead he pushed James to the ground, climbed on top of him then punched him repeatedly on the face.

"Who the f*ck gave you the right to cheat on my sister. Who the f*ck gave you that right!!." He yelled angrily, raining more punched on James face.

James couldn't say a word, instead he out blood from his mouth, "I'm talking to you. Give me an answer." Aaron growled.

Alexia tried her possible best to separate her twin brother from her boyfriend, but she was only successful after Aaron had completely battered her boyfriend's face.

Alexia glared at her brother, then carried her boyfriend up and then lead him to the school clinic.


"You shouldn't have done that Aaron." Alexia yells running after an angry Aaron.

"Stop defending him Alexia." Aaron yells back at her, turning to stare at her.

"Why won't I defend him Aaron, huh, tell me why? I can barely recognize my boyfriend anymore, and you're here spurting such nonsense from your mouth. Who gave you the right to beat him that way?." Her chest heaved up and down, her eyes glaring holes into him.

"You call what I'm saying nonsense. Alexia! I caught your boyfriend with another girl, I was only trying to protect you as your twin brother. That's why I did what I did." Aaron defends, equally glaring back at his sister.

He knows the reason why he did what he did, he knows the reason why he acted out of anger without investigating the whole thing, he knows why he did it and it's not definitely because he wants to protect his twin sister, it's because of something more, something more that he can't explain.

"Protect me, you disfigured my boyfriend's face Aaron. How is that protecting me, beside I never asked you to punch him the way you did. I don't want you to f*cking defend me." Alexia yelled right in his face.

Aaron opens his mouth to speak but Alexia raised her left hand up, stopping him from saying a single word, "Don't you even say anything, Aaron. That girl is James cousin, and I know her, so I don't want you poking your nose into my relationship with my boyfriend, I trust him and most importantly, I love him."

Those simple words, *I love him* pierced Aaron's heart, he hates to see her in love with someone else. She should be loving him and only him, not some idiot motherf!cker who doesn't even deserve her love.

"Cousin, you think she's really his cousin. Come on Alexia, stop being a fool and open your goddamn eyes, James is cheating on you and that girl is definitely not his cousin.' Aaron utters, rubbing his forehead tiredly.

"Aaron, I don't care if you think James is cheating on me, I never asked for your opinion, so do me a favour and stop poking your nose in my business. Stop, please!." She eyed him then walked away angrily.

Aaron punched a tree that's next to him repeatedly, muttering words of anger and frustration. He was only trying to do her a favour, when he heard that boyfriend of her's was seen in a night club, kissing a girl. He just lost it and punched the living day light out him. This isn't the first time he is beating up his sister's boyfriend, this isn't the first time and he is so sure that, this won't be the last.


"Hey babe, I'm so sorry about what my brother did to you. I'm really sorry." Alexia cries out walking into James's bedroom.

"I don't think sorry would stitch up my broken face back, Alexia." James utters angrily.

"Ugh, I'm really sorry. My brother never knew Katrina is your cousin. And that's why he did that, he even asked me to apologise on his behalf." She lied.

James could tell she is lying, he knows her brother so well. Who doesn't know the most hottest guy, popular guy and finally star football player in Weston high school. From the little James knows, he is well aware of the fact that Aaron, would never apologise not even if his life depends on it.

"You really want me to believe that. You know I'm beginning to suspect the talks going around school about your brother, are actually true." James comments, Alexia turns to stare at him in shock, "You mean you're actually believing that my own twin brother is in love with me." She gasped in shock.

"Well, it won't be surprising if he is, after all. You're also in love with him." He says bluntly, looking straight into her eyes.

"What! Where the heck is this coming from. How could you accuse me of such a thing!." Alexia yells, staring at her boyfriend wide eyes.

"Oh please, you think I don't know you desire your brother. You think I don't know your brother is the reason why you've refused me from popping your cherry." He accused.

She opens her mouth to argue, but closed it back.

He is right, she is in love with her twin brother, and it's not just the normal love between a brother and a sister, no.

This is different in another whole dimension. She can't really explain it all, but she had always fantasize about her twin brother, ramming his hard d!ck into her.

James let's out a dry chuckle, folding his hand below his chest, "I knew it, I wasn't wrong after all. Look at you, you can't even deny it. Geez, Alexia." He exclaimed.

"I did not deny it because I find the accusation very baseless and senseless. Why will I ever be in love with my own twin brother, a guy I shared my mother's womb with. I can't believe you would even think I'm capable of such." She utters in denial.

"Okay then, prove it." James says with a smirk, getting up from his bed. Alexia stares at him suspiciously, "Prove what? And how?." She asks confused.

"Prove to me that you're not in love with your twin brother. Prove to me that you're not lusting after him." He States, tracing his fingers on her exposed shoulders.

"Shhh, don't talk. I'm not done yet." He whispers huskily, placing a finger on her lips to shut her up.

"You must be wondering, how I want you to prove to me that you're not in love or lusting after your twin brother, well... it's very simple, let me take your virginity, let me pop your cherry tonight." He blurts out, Alexia eyes opens wide in shock. She's not supposed to be shock, she already had a feeling that's what he would ask for.

"You're not going to do it, right." James asks smirking.

"I will do it James. If that's the only way for me to prove that I'm not lusting after my twin brother, then fine! I will do it." She replies determined.

"Okay...." He drawls, his finger running down the length of her curvy back, his lips tracing kisses on the curve of her neck. She's uncomfortable, so uncomfortable. Why does she feel this uncomfortable when she's this intimate with a guy, a guy that's her boyfriend.

James takes hold of her zip then start pulling it down, Alexia takes in a deep breath then held his hand, stopping him.

"I knew it, I knew you are lusting after your brother." James exclaims, moving away from her looking really disgusted.

"Say what you want to say, but I'm not in love with my twin brother. I'm not just ready for s*x" Alexia glares at him, huffed then angrily marched out of his room.


"Someone doesn't really look happy, care to tell me who got you annoyed so I can beat the living day light out of him." Aaron asks, staring at his sister with his familiar grin.

"This has to stop Aaron, you have to stop all this beating up every guy that makes me sad. I know you're just trying to be a good senior twin brother but it has to stop." Alexia exclaims angrily, her face morphing into a darker shade of red.

"You don't expect me to sit around and watch some stupid dumbass guy, hurt your feeling." Aaron utters getting up from the couch his seating on.

"I don't want you defending me, I don't want your protection Aaron. With the way you're behaving, you're making everyone think you love me, and I'm not talking about brotherly love, I'm talking about lust. You have to stop all this, so the d*mn rumours would stop." Alexia yells out in frustration, hoping to get some sense in her brother thick skull.

"And why do you think it's a rumour?." He asks solemnly.

"What? I don't get you." Alexia says in confusion.

Is he actually saying what she thinks he is saying. That can't be possible, right?. She thinks.

"I am saying, did I ever deny the rumors, who knows it might just be truth, it might just be truth that I'm lusting after my twin sister, that I'm developing feelings for you." Aaron states, moving closer to her, Alexia eyes opens wide in shock.

*He did not just say that.* She thinks, refusing to belief what he just spurt out from his mouth.

Can her brother really be in love with her. She gazed deep into his eyes, pure lust and maybe a little bit of love, shined in his eyes. Hiccup.

Chapter 2

"What.. what, are you saying Aaron." Alexia stuttered, staring at her brother in shock.

Aaron stops coming closer, then chuckled and soon started laughing.

"Got you, didn't I. Wow, your face right now, is one to treasure. I should take a pic of it." Aaron laughed out taking his phone from his pocket.

"Don't you even dare, ugh, I can't believe you right now." Alexia stomps her feet on the floor pouting really hard, she glares at him then marched away.

Would it be wrong, if she actually wished that he really did mean what he said. That he really did love her.

"Come on sis, don't be mad. Besides, wouldn't you rather date me, your very handsome brother than all those idiots you date." He yelled after her, laughing really hard.

"F!ck you, Aaron." Alexia yells back, giving him the finger.


"James is right, Alexia. You are in love with your brother."


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