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She was Crushed

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Bobang
  • Chapters: 11
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 5.0
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“I will tell Kyle.” Those were Luan’s words. Words that made me feel threatened instead of calming me down. Luis Antonio Lopez - my first love and the very first man who broke my heart. On my 18th birthday, we were supposed to tell everyone about our relationship. We were supposed to surprise them, especially his best friend. However, it was I who was surprised. On the night of my birthday, I saw him kissing another girl, rolling on the sand with his hand inside her top. What a sight! Now tell me, who would want to be with a guy like him again? Only a fool would let him crush her, and I’m definitely not that kind of girl.

Chapter 1

“Happy birthday!”

KC greeted confidently as soon as she entered Ziggy’s. She was a bit uneasy when they arrived, but after Lea checked who was in attendance, the feeling of uneasiness instantly left her, especially after not seeing an annoying name on the list.

KC stepped out of the car, checked her reflection from the window, and fixed her clothes. When done, she quickly stepped behind Ziggy’s door, breathed deeply, and pushed it open.

Hearing her voice, almost everyone turned around and was shocked after seeing her. But screams came from the table where KC’s friends were seated.

“Baby!” Kyle - KC’s older brother and forever best friend - exclaimed, jogging towards her and hugging her tightly.

“Bro, I need some air!” she whined jokingly, patting his shoulder as he let go of her. But, as soon as KC freed herself from Kyle, someone pulled her again.

“Kristina Charles!” Marina, or Ina to those close to her, was smiling brightly with her arms wide open. “You look way better!” she commented, giving KC a light squeeze before running her fingers through her hair as she let go.

“Silly! Stop bootlicking me!” KC snapped, causing everyone at their table to crack up.

Ina is her sister from another mother. Daughter of the Santillan couple who were close friends with KC and Kyle’s parents. Aside from that, she was Kyle’s ‘The One.’

The rest of the group hugged her, and KC sweetly returned each one. She was about to sit when Kyle grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the table for food and drinks. Fortunately, KC was already permitted to drink. But, of course, she can only do it in moderation.

Grabbing a glass, she quickly emptied it, surprising Kyle. “Hey! Slow down!” Her older brother exclaimed, trying to take it back, but he was too late.

“Calm down! I’m fine! I know my limits,” she grinned before excusing herself. She headed to the restroom before rejoining the group.

Since it was Kyle’s birthday, there were some guests from their company, along with some of his friends and teammates from school. Of course, exes were there, too. They were seated not far from where KC and her friends were.

At one table were Rala, Jonette, and Wanda. They were all watching KC, and when she noticed, she couldn’t help but smile. ‘Somethings never change,’ she thought when the wannabe Mean Girls sneered and rolled their eyes at her.

“Hi!” an unfamiliar voice chirped from behind.

“Hello!” Lia responded when she turned around and saw a charming young man approaching their table.

“I'm Steve!” extending his hand to Lia.

“Hi, I'm Lia. These are Lea, my brother Lucio, Ina, and KC.”

And as soon as he heard KC’s name, he turned to her and asked, “Oh! You're Kyle's sister?” he exclaimed.

She took his hand and shook it as she introduced herself. “Yeah, KC.”

Steve turned to where he was seated and announced, “Dude, she’s the boutique owner!” Two young men waved at her, “That guy on the right is Kobe, the left one is Lyken. They’re the ones who handled your boutique.”

KC felt excited knowing that, causing her to stand up and prance toward them. “Hi! I'm KC.”

“I'm Lyken Fontanilla,” the guy in a navy blue shirt responded. The sullen expression on his face couldn’t hide his charm, especially with the addition of his timid smile.

“Kobe, Kobe Quintana,” the guy wearing dark green long sleeves chirped. He was the total opposite of Lyken. He smiled at KC like he was trying to score a toothpaste commercial.

“You guys did an awesome job!” she exclaimed, unable to hide her excitement. “I haven't seen the place personally, but Dad and Kyle sent me pics.” No matter how she tried, she couldn’t stop smiling as she talked to them. It was because she was amazed by the construction of her boutique.

“My fiancé knows you. She's a fan of your designs,” Kobe told her, and she semi-blushed.

People from the fashion industry knew Kristina Charles Benitez, but they were not at Armani or Versace levels. And she was surprised to learn that some people from her homeland knew or even heard about her.

“Aw, thanks! You said fiancé, so when is the wedding?” she pried.

“In five months.”

“Does she have a gown already? I’d like to design one for her. I can do it, too. Let’s just say it’s my way of thanking you guys for what you did.”

“For real? I’ll let her know. She'll be thrilled!”

“Yes, please!” Then they continued talking about her boutique before she bade them farewell and rejoined her friends. “So, how are you and Kyle?” KC asked as soon as she sat next to Ina.

The girl lightly nudged her side, “You’re too nosy!” she giggled.

“What? How was I nosy when I was just asking how are you? Lea’s the nosy one.  She told me about you and Kyle’s love story,” then KC laughed heartily.

“You're harassing my future girlfriend,” Kyle called out when he rejoined their table, with Paolo trailing behind him.

“What the actual f*ck? Future girlfriend? Hey, Paolo! Can you please not give my brother a hard time? You’re not Ina, you know?! Give up!”

“Nah, KC. I have already given up. You should talk to your best friend instead,” Paolo spilled before pulling the woman next to her by the waist and kissing her as if no one else was there.

“Ew Pao, that's PDL. Get a room!” KC complained.

“PDL?” Kyle asked.

“Public display of lust! I didn't know you guys were still into those kinds of women. Bottom tier!” She snapped, rolling her eyes and shaking her head in disgust, causing Lea, Ina, and Lia to laugh.

“Geez, KC, you have changed a lot!” Lucio stated, shaking his head in disbelief. KC smiled at her friend as memories flashed back to her after what Lucio said.

When KC went to San Francisco, she promised herself she would change. She won't be the same weakling as she was before.

KC believed she shouldn’t be easily persuaded by anything or anyone because it once endangered her life. It may be a little overreacting, but that was the truth. She even tried her best to be more sociable but less friendly.

Even Lea noticed these changes. The way she speaks, moves, how she talks to people, and how she handles herself in certain situations. KC was no longer the quiet and innocent girl. She changed, and she was happy with that.

“And I see you're the same! You’re still faithful and loyal to Lea,” wriggling her brows, teasing.

“Of course! Who won’t be scared of Madam Analea!” Lucio chuckled.

“You go, boy! Don’t be like these men! They’re worse than pregnant women when craving for women and s*x!”

The exchange of stories kept going until they found themselves on the dancefloor. They were all shamefully dancing like idiots, and it was because of the alcohol. Even KC was dancing wildly, although she was sober.

Fortunately, the dancing soon stopped as everyone started feeling tired. Unfortunately, KC only got less than five minutes to rest as Kyle pulled her up. They started making their rounds through the tables so he could introduce her to his friends.

Most of Kyle’s guests were male, and most tried flattering her. Meanwhile, the female wouldn’t stop eyeing her brother. Some even rained her with compliments, and she suspected they were trying to get on her good side.

‘These bitches are pathetic!’

Chapter 2

“Happy birthday!”

KC froze for a second when she heard the awfully familiar voice. And for some reason, her eyes flew over to Jonette, and her reaction confirmed it. The woman’s eyes twinkled, but her expression eventually turned sour.

‘Pfft. No wonder!’

Shaking her head, KC couldn’t stop giggling as she found out why Jonette frowned. And it was because the person he was waiting for came with a plus one.

Meanwhile, the newly arrived guest was even more surprised to see KC. It was written all over his face, especially when the siblings approached them.

“You’re late again, jerk!” Kyle greeted.

“Sorry! It’s just so busy at the office.”

“Busy my ass! You tried for a home run before coming. Admit it!” Kyle whispered, but it was loud enough for KC to hear. His eyes widened, and his face and neck turned crimson.

‘He’s ashamed? I didn’t know he was capable of that.’ “Excuse me, boys! I’ll have to join the squad,” and then she


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