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Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Yukides
  • Chapters: 14
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 5.0
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Nymphomaniac police officer Nadia Falcon receives therapy for her interdisciplinary violations. Psychiatric doctor Jason Wolff accepts her case, which turns out to be a little too much to handle for a tainted man himself. The goody two shoes Jason Wolff is not what the world thinks he is. If the Devil were to hear his name, it would shiver reading his life. How does a criminal-police officer fall for her ward specialist? Their love was not destined. She is yet to find out about his dark secrets. [This story is not for the faint hearted. All warnings have been given here. The first chapter is a connection to the story. Thank you for reading]

Nadia is my name

"Red wine is cheaper in France than most countries, did you know?" Asks Nadia to her favorite cousins. They were having a family get-ogether.

Suddenly, the police officer gets a call from her branch, requesting her to come back to the station.

She was draped in the most beautiful silken maroon clothing, the dress just above her knees. She scraped her heels to the floor and expresses distaste with her unusual work calls.

However, she reaches the police station.

Her chief officer eyes her from head to toe.

"Did I disturb your family get together at the bar?"

"Yes, sir. I was having fun with my cousins."

Saying, the woman walks inside with the coat the man gives her. She drapes herself with the trench coat, confident that she will be completing her shift within three hours from the moment she entered inside.

The chief officer leaves for an emergency case, some mishap that happened in the middle of the city. Nadia was all alone now, the station was empty, except for the hungry rats called the prisoners inside the cells.

She takes her cane and draws them across the rods, creating an alarming sound of the officer approaching. At the end of the cells, there was a man who caught her cane, making her turn back to see.

"Say, officer. You look a little too lonely out there. Come inside, join me." The prisoner says.

Nadia stares nonchalantly at the man. He's a prisoner, a person put inside the cell for some crime he did.

Instead, the police officer smirks as she removes the coat from her shoulders and lets the hungry man devour her visually.

They don't say in false statements, that a criminal is fucking good at sex.

Nadia was on top of the bunk bed, being fucked by the prisoner and the cell mate while she chained them to the wall. She can't be too lenient either.

The cells could barely hold her moans inside. The prisoners next to them in their cells were aroused by the lone female's moans in the station. They began jacking off for entertainment, following the rhythm of the woman's sinful sounds.

"What a fucking slut!" Saying, the man bites her nipple, the other man behind her sucking on her nape. She loved it. She loved the feeling of her pu$$y being stretched by two mens' dicks.

They played with her for an hour, until the sounds of the police siren was heard.

As the woman noticed, she told the prisoners she will be back after sending the officers away to their home.

It wasn't new to them.

They always had a chance with her, in turns, every night.

She was a nymphomaniac police officer.

However, the chief suspected her when her naked body rushed out of the prison cell. His widened eyes meet hers.

"Oh fuck, you did not! Arrest her!"

"No, wait!!" She couldn't act out of her league.

She didn't even have her police gear on herself.


"Breaking News!

A young female police officer was arrested on the night of 14th July on the charges of having sex with the prisoners. How astounding to hear from the chief himself." The camera pans towards a reporter on field next.

"Here we are at the judiciary court! There's Mister Salman Ibrahim, the chief officer of our district! Sir, sir! Please answer us—"

A security blocks the reporter from coming any closer to the Chief officer.

"Sir will be taking no questions! Please move aside!" The guard yells. Behind the officer in the police van, Nadia climbs down with her face hidden from cameras with an itchy jute bag over her head.

[At the court room.]

The judge stamps his gavel on the desk, declaring her, "Ms. Nadia Falcon is proved guilty. Any attorney for Ms. Nadia Falcon from today be on grounds, practicing for her innocence, will be linked to Ms. Nadia Falcon and added to their crimes. Court dismissed."

Nadia stares lifelessly at the white wall in front of herself. Her life was all over. Her post has been taken away, her dignity stripped off of her.

She never thought of her actions, which led to these undeniable consequences.

She thought having some fun nights with the prisoners was alright. It was mutual, it was consensual and so, so pleasurable.

She never knew... that having sex with the prisoners on the daily was a crime.

One week passes.

She was put in a cell with a female inmate, about her age but with muscles and dense tattoos.

The woman sat on her regular bed. They were in the central prison, in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The other woman scoffs, looking at Nadia with her eyes boring through her skull. However, Nadia sat on the ground without batting an eye.

"Touch me..." Nadia whispers to herself, in her course voice.

"So you're the bitch who was a police officer, eh? Got caught having sex with those men in the station?" The other woman says, spitting on the ground beside Nadia.

Nadia looks at the substance spat from the woman. She, without a second thought scoops up the liquid and opens her pants. Horrified by what Nadia was doing, the cellmate of her strides towards Nadia. The woman was throwing her head back, moaning in pleasure as she touched herself.

"What the fuck are you—" Suddenly, Nadia grabs the woman whose head hits the corner of the bed as she falls down. Nadia begins to dry hump on the woman whose head was cut by the injury.

She called for help, but the prison heads were out for a walk.

For an hour, Nadia couldn't stop herself from assaulting the half conscious woman.

When the jail handlers were back... they couldn't believe their eyes.

It was declared later, that Nadia Falcon was a nymphomaniac of the highest decree and needed medical assistance as soon as possible.

A/n: This story is not for the faint hearted!

After all, this is just the beginning.

Dr. Jason Wolff

"You are welcome, Mr. Watson. Please take care of your health and Mrs. Watson, do make sure he takes his medicines well." The doctor says, leaving the patients to interact with each other.

Both of them were schizophrenic couples, diagnosed and been together in the ward for around 18 years already. Most of them are. All the in-patients were regular guests at the Fergurson Psychiatric Hospital.

The doctor changes his clothes to go home after a long day at work. He was a psychiatrist, a well established man and 31 years old. He was known all around the country for his heredity of wealth and fane from his late father.

His mother, a heartbroken 65 year old stayed mostly in the huge mansion by herself. Her son would visit her whenever he could spare some time. At least her prayers of meeting him once in awhile were answered by God.

Jason Wolff reaches his apartment, a large penthouse in a rich locale with CEO vibes exuding from his lifestyle. A doctor, a


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